Virginia abortion clinics reveal unclean records

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - For the first time ever the state is involved in inspecting abortion clinics before issuing a license for them to operate.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, hundreds of pages of documents were obtained. The Family Foundation wanted to see exactly what the inspectors saw.

"We're just starting to go through it and already the results are shocking and it's so disappointing that this industry has been standing up claiming safety," said Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation.

Out of the 20 abortion clinics in Virginia, not one walked away with a clean report card.

According to Cobb, the most notable violation happened in Norfolk - where the discovery of improperly stored fetal remains and blood was found at the Tidewater Women's Health Clinic.

We took a closer look at Richmond area clinics.

Documents show one or more had expired medications, dried blood on recovery recliners, chemicals stored with "clean" supplies, rust on machines, and reusable equipment not properly cleaned.

However, Shelley Abrams the director of Henrico's A Capital Women's Health Clinic says this is just another attempt to tarnish their reputation.

"It definitely feels like abortion clinics are held to a higher standard than any other medical facility...I don't have a problem with the health department...the fact of the matter is the clinics were inspected they were given deficiencies, whatever deficiencies were listed were corrected," said Abrams.

But according to Cobb, that's not good enough.

"I don't think Virginia women will be ok with that the industry may try to defend itself I think they will fall short with the women of Virginia," said Cobb.

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