Former Fan meth home goes on the auction block

Published: Jul. 27, 2012 at 1:39 AM EDT|Updated: Aug. 1, 2012 at 3:10 AM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A quiet neighborhood in the Fan, once rocked by a drug bust, will have a chance to start over. A Park Avenue home that was once the site of a former meth business goes on the auction block Saturday.

The opening bid starts at just $100,000, for a home that was once listed for almost $625,000. But drugs were distributed and stored there, so the buyer will be responsible for any and all clean up.

The home's former owner Stephen Hahne, Jr. is now living behind bars, where he'll stay for two and a half years. He was sentenced in September for storing, distributing and using methamphetamine in the two-story house.

The listing on the auctioneer's website says the buyer is responsible for all remediation and one neighbor tell us off camera, the home is filthy. But that's not the only thing a potential buyer may have to worry about.

Hahne was never convicted of making meth in his home, but the drug is extremely potent and permeable.

"I've heard of hotel rooms being knocked down that were used as meth labs," says Blake Hegeman with the Virginia Association of Realtors. "I've heard of homes being gutted and completely reconstructed. It just depends on how long it's been going on for and how bad the contamination is."

Plus, meth lab homes are on the rise, along with the popularity of the drug.

"A family might be living in a house for several years or for several months, and start getting rashes and start getting sick and they weren't aware that the house had methamphetamines manufactured there," says Hegeman.

He also says, a seller doesn't have to tell a potential buyer if the home was a former meth lab, but real estate agents do, if the agent knows.

The auction listing doesn't say anything about meth, and judging from the outside, a buyer may never know.

NBC12 did reach out to the auctioneer to get their take on the home, if there are concerns the drug may have permeated the walls, but never heard back.

2240 Park Avenue goes up for auction on Saturday at 6:00pm.

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