Two Richmond Officers fired after comments made about Obama

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two Richmond police officers are out of a job over what they said about President Obama during his last visit to the area.

The investigation started at a Richmond police station in the city's North Side.

The commander at the 4th Precinct handled the case for a few days before calling internal affairs.

"More interviews, more witnesses coming forward, finding out exactly what happened," said Gene Lepley, Public Information Officer with the Richmond Police Department.

It didn't end there, internal affairs then called President Obama's Secret Service.

"They came down, we cooperated with them, they conducted their own investigation," said Lepley.

The Secret Service wanted to know if there were any criminal wrong doing.

"Any comments about the President and First Lady we're going to take seriously," said Lepley, "The Secret Service took a long look at those comments and decided no criminal wrong doing, the matter's resolved, they're fine with it, they've gone away."

But internal affairs wasn't finished with the two officers yet.

"We were taking a look at a broader range, was it conduct unbecoming an officer and there are different penalties that can result in that from and some pretty severe from suspension to termination," said Lepley.

Police won't give up the two cops. They won't identify them, nor elaborate on how these comments came about. The two were not working on an assignment related to the President's visit to the Siegel Center in May.

The office of Mayor Dwight Jones also confirmed the two officers are no longer working for the city.

"We did decide there were penalties involved here, recommendations were made to our C.A.O. Mr. Marshall and he agreed and it's been carried out," said Lepley.

Lepley added that the official records of what was said and where, most likely will never come out.

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