Pit bull jumps from 2nd story window and attacks lab

Published: May. 21, 2012 at 9:09 PM EDT|Updated: May. 26, 2012 at 9:48 PM EDT
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Zeus, the pit bull
Zeus, the pit bull
Marley, the lab
Marley, the lab

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A bizarre dog attack in Chesterfield where a pit bull leaps through a second story window to a teenage girl walking her chocolate lab.

Marley has eight stitches in his neck.

The girl wasn't hurt but is now terrified to take Marley outside again.

Melinda Hodges is worried about her daughter, her dog, her neighbor's pets, and children after a pit bull attack right in the street.  The pit bull owner said Hodges is blowing this out of proportion.

The terrifying ordeal left Marley with a physical scar and emotional ones for his family.

"We heard this horrific screaming you know dog noises," said Melinda Hodges, Marley's owner.

Hodges said her daughter was walking Marley out front when her neighbor's pit bull Zeus flew at them.

"He saw my daughter and the dog walking down the street and jumped through the glass and hit the ground and took off and attacked him," said Hodges.

Her daughter got away — Marley wasn't so lucky.

"They gave him eight stitches and sewed him up," said Hodges.

Three days later, Hodges said Zeus got out again.

"He's strong. He breaks chains and stuff so I've had to chase him down a few times. The pound's picked him up a couple times," said Travis Hamme, Zeus' owner.

Hamme said he isn't sure why Zeus jumped through a window screen but the dog may have been antsy from being cooped up after a surgery.

"Who would have thought a dog would jump from a second story window... but he's not aggressive, he's not dangerous," said Hamme.

"(Do you plan to pay the bill?) Yeah, I'll at least do that. I'm not a jerk or nothing. It was an accident, things happen," said Hamme.

Hodges said since the attack she's warned neighbors not just for the safety of their pets but for their kids who catch the bus right at the corner.

"We love our animals, but there's nothing more important than our children. That's the scary part, he tried to bite my daughter," said Hodges.

"They don't have anything to worry about. Measures have been taken to make sure he doesn't get out of any windows or anything in the house," said Hamme.

Chesterfield Animal Control couldn't ticket Hamme for his dog running at large because they didn't see it.

It's up to Hodges to take her case to a magistrate. Something she may consider.

Marley's stitches come out this Wednesday.

We're told the pit bull is up to date on its rabies vaccine.

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