Richmond ranks 2nd most obese city in U.S.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond is the second most obese city in the country, according to a Gallup survey.

Perhaps it's abundant temptation that's got nearly 30 percent of Richmonders classified as obese. We're the second fattest city in the nation behind Memphis, according to a Gallup survey. One big enemy, of course, is our love of fast food.

Another study last year shows that Richmond has the third highest ratio of fast food places, to people. There's also resisting Virginia's southern, down home cookin' and some widely revered restaurants in Richmond.

"Lots of people eat fast food, and just proportions are out of control," said Mary Margaret Watson, who said she works out regularly on campus at the University of Richmond..

Finding easy access to fresh produce is also a problem for certain areas in Richmond. Several neighborhoods don't have any grocery stores within a mile's distance.  Back in February, Richmond launched a shuttle service to drive those people to stores with veggies.

Carrie Lewis, a fitness instructor, said it's not just about what you eat, it's also about what you do.

"People just aren't as active as they should be. People jump in their car and drive down to the store when they could probably walk," said Lewis, who owns Fitting It In Personal Training and Nutrition.

If you do decide to ditch the car for a more active walk, try not to pass any fast food places. There are 274 in the city as of last year.

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