Hundreds gather for women's rights rally

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Men and women across the nation are standing up for women's rights.

Despite the wet weather, a large group turned out for a rally near the Richmond Coliseum.

They brought up several issues including: abortion rights, the Ultrasound bill, and Planned Parenthood.

Even though it was a peaceful protest, you could tell it's a war they're going to keep fighting.

"It concerns me and I want to fight back to push back," said supporter, Bridget Kelley-Dearing.

Roughly 300 people weathered the rain to show their concern. Abortion rights are at the top of Debra Amme's list.

"While I'm not for abortion, I'm pro-choice and people should be able to decide for themselves," said Amme.

For some, the rally was politically charged even as former Governor Tim Kaine showed his support.

The event was much more peaceful than the March protest where police handcuffed and carried some protestors away at the State Capitol.

Victoria Bragunier, President of the Richmond Organization for Women, is urging lawmakers to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and to close the wage gap between men and women.

"Without their fair share of money they're going to be pushed closer to the poverty line," said Braguiner.

Many blame lawmakers and want to see other people take office who have their best interests in mind.

"There's been a conservative movement to try and take abortion rights away," Bragunier added.

To suggest that one group of us or one party speaks for all women is ridiculous," said Senator John McCain.

Supporters out here say they'd like to see their rights represented across party lines. Until then, they'll continue to fight their "War on Women."

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