Winter Storm: Updated Road Conditions

It all happened so quickly. Rain, then sleet, then a lot of snow very quickly. It made for an interesting project for VDOT crews.

They couldn't pre treat the roads, because of the early afternoon rain which would have washed the chemical away, making it useless.

Once the snow started quickening, they were poised to start putting down salt and snow, then about an inch of snow later they started plowing. That's normal procedure. They have to have something to plow first.

But for drivers, it was tough out there on the roads.

"I was just in there maybe five minutes and my car is covered," said Regina Rush who was making a quick stop at the convenience store on her way in to work.

"Coming down even harder than when I first went in there," added Exzaviera McGowen,

All along Midlothian Turnpike, our cameras caught cars turned around and stuck in the ditch. One driver got a lucky break. Two men headed home from church in a Jeep stopped to help. 

"So we just saw this car on the side and he was like, ahhh, let's do this," Paul Kang explained to us, speaking of his friend Sidney Williamson. "Let's help him out. So we just got his cables, hooked it up, and we just dragged that car out of there."

But that's not all. The drivers only spoke Korean. Luckily, so did Paul.

 "So we translated and kind of problem solved and worked out some something-I'm not sure what we did, but we pulled him out of the snow," added Williamson.

But VDOT, and the drivers we spoke to warn, don't test your luck Sunday night. If you can, wait at home.  

"I say stay in, don't go out. Stay in! These roads ain't right!" said McGowen.

VDOT officials say the storm came as no surprise to them, and they were prepared for exactly what happened. Luckily, since the weather has been so nice, they also have lots of salt and sand to use to treat the roads.

They expect to have roads cleared by the morning rush hour.

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