Monument Avenue to close for "Lincoln" filming

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Hollywood will soon be moving into Monument Avenue. The historic Richmond thoroughfare is among the next stops for the Lincoln production.

Director Steven Spielberg and the crew needed something to resemble Washington, D.C.'s Pennsylvania Avenue in the 1860's, so neighbors like Bill Montgomery will have to do a little cleaning up.

Pumpkins? Gone. Car? Outta here, along with anything on his porch that's not period appropriate.

"That is correct, yeah this is actually quite modern, so this will go inside," Montgomery said, pointing toward his porch furniture.

Bill lives on the westbound side of Monument Avenue, the same side the Lincoln cast and producers will use for filming in two weeks.

ANDY: "What did you think about the idea of turning this into Pennsylvania Avenue?"

BILL: "Well, we thought it was a great idea."

The crew is scheduled to be moving in November 17th-20th, blocking both sides of the roadway between Allen and Davis Avenues. They're closing down several blocks for three days, all for a scene in the movie that's no longer than 30 seconds.

Neighbors were told the scene will involve Lincoln, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, riding in a carriage from the White House to the Capitol. Monument Avenue will be covered in dirt and mulch which the film crew will then have to clean up.

"What they're going to do with the mulch and dirt they have yet to decide. Who knows? People may want to come down and grab some. It could be historic dirt at that point!" said Betsy Coffield, president of the Fan District Association.

So, say goodbye to the traffic cones and street signs. Or, even this American flag with all 50 stars. If it's ahead of it's time, it'll have no place in Hollywood's version of the 1860's.

"I think it's more cool than an inconvenience. Parking off the street, we do that for the Easter parade and we all enjoy that, and moving a few pieces of furniture off the porch is not that big a deal," Montgomery said.

The city had to grant a permit to allow the filming. Members of the production team also said they would make a donation to the Fan District Association.

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