Powerball Jackpot reaches $245 million

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Wednesday night's jackpot is $245 million. That's the biggest jackpot since June of last year.

In a time when people are hoping to pay off mortgages and mounds of debt, they're hoping those lucky numbers will match the same digits on their tickets.

Since Richmond was ranked one of the luckiest cities in the nation, according to a recent study, expectations are high. People have been snagging up these Powerball slips all morning, hoping to become the big winner.

Bi-Rite cashier, Cindy Chester says more and more people have been coming through the door since the jackpot climbed so high.

"A lot of people," said Chester. "By 10:00 tonight, this place is going to be really crowded."

Regular customer, Warren Branch, bought his ticket early Wednesday morning, hoping and praying he has the six lucky numbers.

"It would be a blessing if it happens like this," said Branch. "If it doesn't, I'm still going to be alright. I'm still going to help people."

While other's are looking to give some of that money away, some people would just like to pay off bills.

"Absolutely, I'm getting ready to pay off bills, and send my daughter to college," said Quiten Nolten. "There are a lot of things I want to do. Just let me win first."

The owner of that winning ticket will have a chance to take home $146 million after taxes. The other option is to receive annual payments over 30 years.

As more than a million tickets are expected to be bought Wednesday, many Virginians enjoy the anticipation of a big win.

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