Parking woes grow in Fan District

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Parking woes are piling up along Cary Street in the Fan. As businesses move in, parking spots are getting harder and harder to find. Folks along South Davis Street called 12 for help.

On weekends, finding an open parking space on South Davis is...

"Impossible," said Kelley Davis.

Davis has lived here for years, but with 16 restaurants in a 4 block radius, she's got a major parking dilemma.

"We want everybody to thrive in this area," said Davis. "We want the restaurants to do well. We want the residents to be happy. We enjoy going to the restaurants, and we want our friends to come in and enjoy the restaurants as well, but the parking is really an issue."

There's no alley behind the homes on Davis and no off street parking.

"We had a no parking sign that was here forever, and pretty much on any Friday or Saturday night, even after 5:00 during the week, this was illegal parking," said Davis.

This week, the city removed several no parking signs, freeing up a few more spots.

"In some areas like this, we've got a parking crisis. And we've got to start acting like we've got parking crisis in the city," said Marty Jewell.

Jewell is the councilman for this section of the Fan. He's checking into whether the city could buy up a few vacant warehouses behind Davis and make parking lots.

In the meantime, he and Davis are now eying the long vacant GRTC site off Cary Street. Jewell even called the head of GRTC Tuesday to ask about using the empty space as overflow parking.

"They've got to get questions answered about insurance and that kind of thing, but otherwise he is very accommodating, and I think we can get a yes very very soon on it," said Jewell.

Marty has a meeting set up next week with GRTC leaders about using the old site as a temporary parking lot.  He says this area of the Fan is booming and changing. More restaurants will be opening soon and parking is only going to get worse.

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