Chesterfield park to close for movie production

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Hollywood is taking over a local park. The Colonial-era love story "To Have and To Hold" will be filmed at Henricus Historical Park next month. That means part of the park will be off limits!

This is one of the busiest times for the park. Henricus Historical Park brings Colonial Virginia to life for 20,000 school children a year. For the third time, Hollywood is using it as a backdrop. Field trips are still on with the added bonus of seeing Hollywood in action.

On this morning, no school children, only set design teams. The site of the second permanent English settlement in the New World is getting a Hollywood make-over.

"What they tell us is our site is the most authentic and less contrived," said Henricus Historical Park Acting Executive Director and Operations Manager Charles Lewis Grant.

The film is based on the 1900 novel by Mary Johnston. Christopher Judge, from "Stargate SG-1", Aiden Turner from "All My Children", Kelly Greyson and Rusty Joiner have been cast.

Henricus Historical Interpreter, John Daniel Pagano, has been tapped to check the script for accuracy.

"If there's any obvious, glaring mistakes we're going to help them out with some of their quality knowing what's right what's wrong," said Pagano.

Filming begins October 3rd through the 18th. The Dutch Gap trails will be open for hikers and joggers. But the historic town, the James River Bluff and floating dock won't be.

Grant said the production crew will work around school field trips.

"That is our bread and butter and the relationship we have with the school districts and the school groups is very important," said Grant.

This also means a big boost for Chesterfield's economy. About 125 people will be working on site, which means, they're staying in local hotels. They've even rented a local warehouse to build sets. All parking will be in the overflow parking lot adjacent to the paved lot.

There will be signs alerting visitors where to park.

Pagano may have a role aside from his colonial-era expertise.

"Our staff might show up in it somewhere along the way. It all depends on how nervous they get," said Pagano.

Along with Henricus Historical Park, the production will also take place in the Williamsburg area.

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