Educational Editorial: Back to school

By Dr. Bill Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This is an exciting time of the year... young people are heading back to school. Some are experiencing the anxiety of leaving the security of home, while others are returning with a sense of confidence and excitement.

What should we as parents say to them as they launch into a new year?

Be careful of the friends that you select because "you will be judged by the company that you keep". Show deference to adults because they deserve to be respected no matter what position they might have or clothes that they might wear. Be sure to eat all of your lunch because you need your nutrition… and remember that starving young people around the world who would love to have what you have.

Study hard because, not unlike your Mom and Dad, this is your job and your grades are your compensation. Pay attention in class because the teacher deserves your respect and your effort will determine how well you do.

Behave yourself. When you are in school, the way that you act and speak represents you and your family. Do not say or do anything that you would not want to do or say in front of your parents. Know that there are always consequences for your behavior.

Play fairly with others because your classmates will know your values by the way you treat them. Don't borrow or loan anything because you need to be a careful steward of what you have. Be respectful of other people's things.

When you get on a bus, take care to sit with those that you know and show respect for the driver.

Remember that your Mom and Dad love you and support you while our expectations for you are high. Keep clean, wash your hands, and don't eat with your mouth open. And remember, we will always have your room ready for you when you come home from college.

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