Power restored to 92% of customers

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Of those waiting for the lights to come on, at least 20% are in greater Richmond. Dominion crews still have 6,000 locations to get through this weekend, including Crestview in Henrico County.

One tree took out one utility pole and it cut power to several hundred people, including the Price family.

"Something I've never experienced before, the power being out. No electricity, no way to cook like you usually do. We've had to pretty much cook everything on the grill," said Doug Price.

Crews were back and forth at his neighbor's house this morning, trying to figure out what they needed to fix the situation. Price has neighbors down the road that got their lights yesterday.

Doug: "We heard one of the girls sitting there screaming 'Yeah, we got power!' (laughs) It was nice to see, it was!" 
Rachel: "You would like to be the one screaming?"
Doug: "I would like to be the one screaming."

Only the hum of generators on Hummingbird Lane this week.

"It's been miserable…unbearably hot," said Ashley Finch.

To top it off, Ashley Finch is worried for her brother, Justin Martin. He's diabetic.

"It's a big challenge; I mean you're supposed to keep insulin cold. If it gets warm, it's bad.  It could really mess up your body," said Justin.

And running a generator day and night is not an option.

"He has to keep his insulin cold in the fridge and we can't afford to power the generator," Ashley said.

As we were talking to Ashley and Justin, a Dominion truck showed up.

Justin: "Literally the first one we've seen the whole time in this neighborhood."
Rachel: "Feels a little good right now?"
Justin: "It does feel good; I guess they followed you guys around."

Ashley and Justin got their power back this afternoon.

The largest numbers of outages are in Richmond, Petersburg and New Kent County. Dominion says crews will be working this holiday weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.

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