Behind the scenes with power company

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - They're the moments familiar to so many powerless parents in the Richmond metro area.

"What can you do with no power? Nothing!" said Shawna Wilkerson who is without power.

Especially-- when it involves a busy 4 year old.

"I just want our power back on. 4 days is enough," she said.

For Dominion Virginia Power lineman, Daniel Neighbors, the need for power is relatable. While he works 14-- sometimes 16 hour-shifts to restore power to families like this one-- his own family is still in the dark.

"The biggest inconvenience for me right now is not seeing my kids. I haven't seen them since really Friday," Neighbors said.

"The folks that are out here doing the work, they have families at home that their lights are out too and they come out here and work long hours in very difficult conditions," said Rodney Blevins, Virginia Power Distribution Operations.

In fact, only one of seven people in this crew has power at home. Neighbors says even though he's not seeing much of his kids, they keep him working hard-- a constant reminder of how important his job is, restoring power to area families.

"I would definitely like to have my power on, but you know I'm here to serve. We gotta get the biggest amount of customers on that we can and we'll just work our way down from there," he said.

And just like the rest of us- he's looking forward to the little things when he finally is able to turn the lights on.

If you want to see if a particular street is on the work list for Wednesday -- Dominion releases it online around 8:00 a.m.

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