Family battles major illness & other challenges

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - For a Chesterfield family, this summer has been a season of heart-pounding changes and major challenges. They battled a life-threatening illness that meant hospitalization for two of their four children. Through the struggle, they've grown closer and stronger and they credit "Faith and Family." That's the name of their church and it's where we begin this week's Acts of Kindness.

"We've been taught here at Faith and Family to be a family, they're our family and we are here to help them out," said Frazell Hampton.

"People who understand what it's like day in and out to deal with a child that has a life threatening illness," said Venus Bolton.

For Team Bolton the past few months have been a whirlwind of endless hospital trips, transfusions, surgeries, chemotherapy and a transplant.

"We were admitted several times because of high fevers," said Quentin Bolton.

"We went from having a diagnosis on June 4th to a bone marrow transplant on July 6th," added Venus.

The medical drama began with 4-year-old Mireya's mysterious markings.

"She had these bruises on her neck, bruises on her body. How scary was that, very, because she's the princess of the family/crew," she said.

"It was unusual and the number of them," Quentin added.

Tests revealed a blood disorder.

"They said straight down to VCU Hematology Oncology," Venus said.

The diagnosis - severe aplastic anemia.

"Your body isn't producing enough red blood cells," she said.

The Bolton's learned it was life threatening, and that the only cure, a bone marrow transplant typically takes months to arrange.

"Our son was a 100% donor match for his sister, and that's unheard of. Unheard of...100%, that's God," Venus commented.

Last month's transplant was a success!

"She left 2 weeks earlier than was expected," said Venus.

The Bolton's are thrilled to have their warrior princess and her super hero big brother back home.

"He looks at those little marks on his back as that's how much I love my sister," Venus said.

"Every day is a miracle for Mireya whose name means miracle in Spanish," said Frazell.

The congregation has rallied raising money, making meals.

"Set up play dates, cleaning, shopping, errands," she said.

Frazell Hampton contacted us within days of her own hospitalization.

"I'm a single mom with two kids. No parent wants to see their child lying there going through all this," she said. "Venus and Quentin are just great parents, just great people all the way around. I just want to see them smile"

SABRINA: "$100, $200, $300. We hope it makes the Bolton's smile."
FRAZELL: "Thank you and it will."

We soon found out, when the couple arrives to a chorus of shout outs.

FRAZELL: "Hi Quentin."
SABRINA: "Hello."
VENUS: "Oh my goodness." 
SABRINA: "We're with Channel 12. You are this week's Acts of Kindness recipients. Your church member contacted us."
FRAZELL: "I did. I just want to let you guys know how much I love you, your strength, you're amazing people, I wanted to pay it forward with $300."
VENUS: "Oh my God."

Sometimes, especially with family there's little need for words, hugs, tears and laughter express the bonds.

"The love, the meals, the messages, standing in the gap, that's taking standing in the gap to a whole another level," Venus explained.

After months of hospitalization and isolation, faith and family rejoice!

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