Two Klu Klux Klan robes auctioned off in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Two complete sets of Klu Klux Klan robes were up for auction at Alexander's Antiques, in Chesterfield where every Thursday night, big crowds gather to usually buy antique lamps, chairs and dressers.

The robes sold for $170 each.

"I think it was fair, I think it was very cheap," said highest bidder, Whitman Sink.

Sink of Wirtz, Virginia drove three hours just to bid on the KKK robes. But don't think he's a part of the KKK, he's an auctioneer who says he can sell it more money. For him, it's just about the money and preserving history.

"This is just a part of history and when we sell something like this, we make a statement that this has nothing to do with our attitude toward that period," Sink said.

He says he's never seen a complete wardrobe so well kept.

"It's even got the cap that's over the shoulders. This is extremely rare to find," he said.

Like many other items auctioned at Alexander's Antiques, owner Keith Smith, said he didn't know these robes were mixed in with the furniture he agreed to sell for a family in Charlottesville.

"We couldn't believe it, we were shocked," Smith said.

Others were too.

"I was very shocked when I saw it," said Pam Maxey who showed up looking for rugs.

"It's a turn off because of what it is, but as a collector if I'm just looking at it as a collector then, yes, it's a rare item, extremely rare item," said another attendee, Billy Stephenson.

The commission for Alexander's Antiques is 35 percent of everything they sell here, but with the robes, 100 percent of the commission will be going to the Greater-Richmond Urban League.

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