Bike delivery service avoids high gas prices

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Having two wheels instead of four is a big money saver with the rising gas prices, especially for one Richmond delivery service.

Quickness RVA has been in business less than a year. It uses cyclists to bring food orders to your door.

They do have expenses, but they're far less than a typical food delivery service that runs on gasoline. So they can put their hard earned money toward something other than filling the tank.

As gas prices soar toward the $4.00 mark, Frank Bucalo feels the pain, but not while on the job. He owns Quickness RVA, a food delivery service that uses two wheels instead of four.

When the company launched last summer, Bucalo wanted to give restaurants and hungry people in the River City more options.

"Bicycles would be the way to go for it in a city like Richmond, it's somewhat compact," said Bucalo.

He's one of six cyclists who deliver lunch and dinner from The Fan to downtown and up in Church Hill.

"When we're out working it feels great to know you've gone a certain amount of miles in your day and it's cost you a little bit of leg muscle and some tiredness, but other than that it's not hurting your pocket," said Bucalo.

They're paid by the restaurants who use the service, but like their gas powered delivery counterparts, they too rely a lot on tips.

"If your tips get eaten up by gas you end up losing money on a delivery," said Bucalo.

The only money out of pocket for these drivers is for bike repairs so when others are filling up at these prices they're just riding by. Bucalo does shell out cash to fill up his personal car, but uses it as little as possible.

"The money that I have that I made for the day can go toward other expenses such as rent, and bills, and food, and not directly into for me to keep delivering keep being on the job," said Bucalo.

Bucalo said it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to make a delivery. By using a bike, he doesn't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic either.

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