Spring Allergies: Pollen is the primary cause

By Kevin Jeanes - bio | email | facebook
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In December and January many of us were begging for spring to arrive.  Now it's here. But not without a price. What causes allergies and how you can stay one step ahead of them?

Now that spring has finally arrived, we can begin to enjoy the warmer weather. But you may not enjoy it as much if you have allergies.  So what can you do to prevent an allergy attack?

The first step is to find out what exactly you're allergic too, and then try to avoid it.  It might require you to stay indoors or make sure your window is rolled up in your car when you go for a drive.

For most people during the spring, the primary cause is pollen.

Pollen is an egg-shaped male cell from flowering plants, flowers, and grasses that can blow around in the wind.  When someone who has allergies inhales this it causes their immune system to over react and the reaction is usually a cough or sneeze.

One of the best tools you can find is a pollen count forecast, which actually relies much on the weather forecast.

On a dry windy day, the pollen count can be high because the wind is continuously blowing more pollen into the air. On a cloudy, rainy day, the pollen count is low since most of it is washed away.

So if you want to know when you should take preemptive measures to avoid your allergies, keep your eye on the weather forecast.

The peak of the allergy season in Virginia is typically April through May, when more trees and plants are growing.  If you need more help with your allergies you can always contact an allergist who may be able to prescribe stronger medications.

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