Nile Price prepares to meet donor

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – There's an event, bigger than the Super Bowl, in Texas this weekend: the Prices meet the Kluberts. Nile Price will meet the donor who gave her bone marrow, to cure him of a painful blood disease.

Nile can't wait to get to Houston and hug the lady who saved his life and gave him a new one. I was just at his home a short time ago. His suitcase is packed thanks to his mom, Deborah.

Deborah Price: "Down here behind us his suitcase, almost ready."
Diane Walker: "You're ready to go."
Deborah Price: "We're almost there, we got Nile all packed. Zip it up and we're ready."
Diane Walker: "In Texas, Super Bowl weekend, you get to meet the woman…"
Deborah Price: "This is bigger than Super Bowl, to me an individual who gave part of herself, just a little bit of herself to give my child back…this is bigger than Super Bowl."

Nile flies out of Richmond at 6:45 tomorrow morning, arriving in Texas around noon bearing flowers and gifts he says for Laura Klubert, the Houston, Texas woman who, despite being of another race, was a bone marrow match for 14-year-old Nile. The transplant cured him of sickle cell anemia, a painful blood disease.

Diane Walker: "What do you want to do first when you first meet her?"
Nile Price: "Hug her and tell her thank you for saving my life and giving me a new one."

Other than a mask to help protect him from germs while on the plane, he has no health concerns. He's getting special treatments to improve his skin and, he does have body pain ... And, difficulty walking from stress fractures in both ankles caused by high doses of prednisone.

"Right now I'm using a walker. Sometimes when I go to stores, I windup having to use a wheelchair," he said.

So, he won't be moving around Houston with ease, quite like he wants but, everything he's endured is worth the opportunity to say thank you.

"She donated her marrow to me and helped me live again cause my doctor told me if I had a couple more crisis then and a couple more acute chest then I might have died," said Nile.

Diane Walker: "When you see Laura, what are you going to do? What's your first reaction?"
Deborah Price: "A mother to mother hug. A big mother to mother hug."

Nile's dad, two brothers, and sister will be on a plane arriving in Texas about one hour, after Nile and his mom get there. Nile and Laura will be honored at a special event in Houston tomorrow night. They're thankful to the Richmond community, Freeman High School and the faith community for helping them.

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