Jawbone sparks interest in Amy Bradley case

Published: Jan. 4, 2011 at 4:31 AM EST|Updated: Jan. 4, 2011 at 4:32 AM EST
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The discovery of a jawbone in Aruba is now sparking interest in the disappearance of a Chesterfield woman, 12 years ago.

Authorities confirmed the human jaw was not Natalee Holloway, so there's now speculation about whether it could be Amy Bradley. She's the 23-year-old woman who vanished in 1998 while on a cruise with her family.

The cruise line always suspected Bradley fell or jumped overboard. But for years, her family was convinced she was kidnapped.

Amy Bradley was starting a new job and had a new sports car. She was not likely to commit suicide.

Amy was reported missing on March 24th of 1998, as the Rhapsody Of The Seas pulled into port in Curaçao in the Antilles.  The family noticed Bradley missing that morning.  Extensive searches on the ship and at sea have produced no signs of Bradley.

The family keeps a website up and running in the hope that one day Bradley will be found alive. There have been unsubstantiated sightings over the years, the most recent in 2005. The family has never wavered in their belief that Bradley was kidnapped by someone on the ship.

Amy's father, Ron Bradley believes someone onboard the ship at the time of Bradley's disappearance likely has information that can help. "Whether it's a passenger or a crew member, we don't know. We have absolutely no clue as to what happened. That's why we're continuing our investigation."

Even though it's been 12 years, a $250,000 reward is still on the table to anyone who provides information leading to Amy Bradley's safe return. You can read more about the case online at www.amybradley.net.

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