Richmond Flying Squirrels unveil new logo

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Richmond Flying Squirrels unveiled the new team logo today at a press conference at the Holiday Inn on Staples Mill.

The primary team logo features a sleek, angular flying squirrel in mid-flight. The primary logo utilizes the team's official color scheme, consisting of Radiant Red, Squirrels Silver and traditional Black. The team also unveiled a series of secondary logos and word marks, completing their overall brand.

The Flying Squirrels will utilize a secondary acorn logo, adorned with an "R" to represent Richmond in a variety of color variations. The team will also incorporate two different sets of word marks, one for Richmond, and another for Flying Squirrels. Each word mark will be used in two different color patterns.

"The logo's awesome. I really like the child one. The acorn. I think the mascot should be the acorn," said Michael Banholzer.

"It's cool 'because not many squirrels have wings," Holden Fiedler said.

It was a hit with kids, but how will it play out with Richmond adults? The new team store at the Diamond opened up just 30 minutes after the announcement and it was packed with shoppers.

"I think it's really neat. I thought it was going to be more like a Rocky and Bullwinkle kind of thing but I like this one a lot better. I'm waiting for the jerseys to come out," Burt Villiaume said.

That store is open until 8:00 tonight, but don't worry, there are store hours all the way until Christmas Eve.

The team also announced a "Name the Mascot" contest, which will afford fans the opportunity to submit names for consideration as the official mascot of the Flying Squirrels.  The contest will take place on the Richmond Times-Dispatch website  The contest will begin Monday, December 14 and conclude Sunday, December 20.

In the meantime, tell us what you think of the logo in the comments area below and let us know if you plan to purchase any merchandise.

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