Farmville residents mourn murder victims

Published: Sep. 22, 2009 at 9:41 PM EDT
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By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Chris Berdoz - email

FARMVILLE, VA (WWBT) - We continue to learn more information following the discovery of four bodies inside a Farmville home. Today, authorities confirmed the victims' identifications and a cause of death. This, as more charges are expected.

Pastor Mark Niederbrock, Professor Debra Kelley, their daughter Emma and a friend Melanie Wells, those are the identities authorities confirmed today. The close knit Farmville community was expecting the news. What it didn't know is how the four died. The medical examiner says blunt force trauma to the head killed each of them.

Almost all Dawn Polsinello's childhood memories involve Emma Niederbrock. When Polsinello heard police found four bodies at the Kelley home, she called to find out what was going on.   She says the home phone was forwarded to the Farmville police department.

"It just hit me like a brick." said Polsinello.

As the coast to coast investigation continues, the commonwealth's attorney says he won't release much more information about the murders or suspected killer Richard "Sam" McCroskey.

Four days later, this quiet neighborhood is still a crime scene. Now that friends and neighbors are sure of who the victims are, they're beginning to mourn, placing flowers and candles near the home.

The things dawn Polsinello loved about her friend Emma Niederbrock keeping popping up in her head.

"She was just very, very good at expressing what she wanted, how she wanted it and just herself, being herself." Polsinello said.

Many of her favorite memories include their love of "horrorcore" music. We're told Niederbrock and Melanie Wells had gone to this kind of concert just before they were killed.

"We took pictures together with like the fake halloween blood and stuff. And we would photoshop the pictures to look all hardcore and whatnot. When Emma and I walked through Walmart, we got people looking at us like 'wow cool' or 'oh my god.'" Polsinello said.

Polsinello still can't believe the entire family is gone.

"It's going to be hard missing them, but, I mean they're gone. And it's just really, really hard to deal with." said Polsinello.

There's still a lot we don't know. Today the commonwealth's attorney would not hint at a motive, what weapons may have been used in the murders, where the bodies were found, or even if the four were killed on the same day.

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