New guided tour of Mid-Lothian Mines Park

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - It used to be, to get a history lesson at the Mid-Lothian Mines Park you'd have to rely on these markers. But beginning Saturday, there's going to be an interactive class where you can ask questions and get answers that are much more in-depth than just two paragraphs.

We walk down paved, rocky and winding roads. We search through the high-rise of trees.

"This really is one of the more remarkable historical sites that Chesterfield County offers," said Bryan Truzzie, Chesterfield County's Historic Sites Specialist. "It's been said that nearly 8 out of 10 cannons that were cast from the Confederacy were produced from fuel that came from these mines."

Bryan Truzzie knows that, but do you?

"We walk this path quite a bit and we try to read the historical markers as we walk along," said Joe Tezza, who regularly walks in the park.

The only reason Joe Tezza and his wife Lori know about the mines is because it is part of their weekly routine.

"The markers are good, but I think a personal touch would be even better," says Lori Tezza.

Beginning Saturday, you can learn about the mines through a one-hour tour. Guide Bryan is preparing to answer any questions people like Lori may have.

"The mine shaft would run vertically 600-700 feet deep," said Bryan.

According to Truzzue, the Mid-Lothian Mines can take credit for the Midlothian Turnpike, the first railroads and the symbol for the county's seal.

"It's an interesting place," said Joe Tezza.

"The rocks, the ruins and everything, it's kind of cool," Lori said.

And while the pair do want more people to brush up on Chesterfield's history, they're now reconsidering the tours and the crowds.

"Of course on the other hand, I'd like to keep it to myself," Lori said.

You do need to pre-register for the tours. The next one's coming up in August. Call Bryan Truzzie at 751-4946.

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