Richmond's Church Hill ranked as a top dangerous neighborhood

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - How safe do you feel in your community?  One web site ranks Richmond's Church Hill as one of the 25 most violent neighborhoods in the nation.

Church Hill comes in at number ten in the rankings by The ranking comes on the heels of a much different list for the same neighborhood.

Residents we talked to say they feel safe living there. Chuck Renninger has lived in Church Hill for the last four years.

"My block never had anything happen on it," said Renninger.

But according to, the chances of becoming a victim of crime in Church Hill is one in eight - in one year's time.

The web site ranked Church Hill number ten out of 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation after looking at crime data reported to the FBI from 2005, 2006 and 07. In that time frame, the Richmond Police web site shows three homicides, 7 sex crimes, 37 robberies and 130 assaults.

"Some of the blogs I've seen people respond that there are more areas that are more violent or problem prone than Church Hill. But other people responded who live inside the bounded area it is in fact a problem area," said Dr. Andrew Schiller who helped compile the data for

At the same time Church Hill receives a dangerous neighborhood designation, it's also named by "This Old House" magazine as one of the top places to find bargain homes to renovate.

"I agree that's what I did here found more affordable housing here," said Renninger.

He says he did his own research before moving here and recommends others do the same with any neighborhood.

"Talk to people like you're doing here and then look at Richmond's own statistics too," said Renninger.

Dr. Schiller says the data is collected to help prospective home buyers and business owners become more informed.

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