Boulevard Bridge maintenance

By Beth Danziger - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It may only cost 35 cents to cross the Boulevard Bridge, but some residents say starting Tuesday morning that small price may not even be worth it.

"It's going to make my commute about 30 minutes longer it's going to be a pain," said resident Mike Vancuern.

"I can only imagine in the morning when commuters come up and they're stopped for ever and ever," said Bill Sweeny.

At nine-thirty in the morning crews will begin doing scheduled maintenance on the 84-year-old connector. The Richmond Metro Authority warns the work will cause alternating traffic patterns which means drivers will have to stop for periods of time.

But although the maintenance work is supposed to start Tuesday you wouldn't know by looking at the north side or even on the southside of the river. No where near the toll plaza or the bridge are signs warning drivers the work its about to happen.

"Normally you get a flashing sign when they are doing it on the Huguenot Bridge saying it will be bridge work at this time but here there is nothing," said Sweeny.

"No forewarning to all these people that use this bridge daily it's going to be crazy and they are going to hear a of complaints," said resident Jenny Bannister.

Now that these residents know they're not wasting anytime and already planning they're commute around it. But although it's been scheduled to happen many residents are just hearing about it Monday.

We did try to contact the RMA, but our phone call wasn't returned. Once again the work crews will start on the maintenance repairs at nine-thirty in the morning. The project is expected to take until June 16.

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