Community garden opening up

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A community garden is sprouting up in Shockoe Bottom, and it's the newest addition to the 17th Street Farmers' Market.

Work will continue throughout the weekend to get this community garden ready for it's grand opening next Thursday. That's when boxes will start to fill up with fruits and vegetables.

The sound of progress and distribution of dreams. A home for many seeds to be planted.

"We are going to have cucumbers, tomatoes, and pole beans," said George Bolos.

George Bolos is the manager of the Farmers' Market. He, along with the other organizers, are excited that this community garden will be another way to entice people downtown to see it and the other things the market offers.

"It's certainly drawn a lot of interest. We put the community garden in as a way to get people to come on down and take a look and see what we are doing," said Bolos.

"That's part of the idea to bring the community back to the farmer's market. To get them involved and say hey guess what, you still have a farmer's market down here and we are for you," said Farmers' Market Vendor Coordinator Linette Bond.

Good for the entire community, but geared toward teaching the area's youth about where food comes from and nutrition, organizers say children who come to the community garden can walk away with long-term lessons.

"Hard work, pride and a job well done. When the kids can come out and grow something and see it through, and then have something to take home and cook themselves or cook with their families, it's something to be absolutely proud of," said Bond.

Venture Richmond worked with the farmer's market to fund this project. A spokesperson says they are proud to be involved.

"What really feels good is to see all the interest. The grass roots interest in making it happen.
Just that whole sense of community that you get around the kind of project, it just makes good sense," said Venture Richmond Spokesperson Lucy Meade.

If you want to learn more about the community garden, you can contact the farmers market at their main number. It's 646-0477. For more information click here.

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