Reaction to video of drunk woman claiming to be Henrico teacher

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - We first brought you the video of the woman's outburst Monday at 5 p.m. In the video, which is posted on the internet, the woman claims to be a teacher at Hermitage High School.

The woman in the video uses explicit and sexual language and at one point even kicks one of the men surrounding her.

Henrico police say they arrested a woman, 43 Natalie Clark, after an incident at the Sheetz on Broad Street. The same spot the video was taken.

Henrico school officials would only confirm that they have a teacher named Natalie Clark who works at Hermitage High.

Patric Depew and Travis Gibson say they had never seen the woman before that morning when they stopped off at a popular hangout, the Sheetz on West Broad. They say it turned an otherwise boring night into something entirely different.

Patric Depew and Travis Gibson admit this woman's wild behavior and vulgar mouth early Saturday brought them a lot of laughs.

"I thought it was a little ridiculous cause it said FBLA on her shirt, Future Business Leaders of America, and I didn't think she was living up to that," said Patric Depew.

They say they had just pulled into the Sheetz when they spotted the woman, who claimed to be a Hermitage High teacher, having it out with another group.

Gibson says at one point, the woman grabbed his cell phone and the two exchanged words. Then he says she got physical.

"She kneed me in the groin area," said Travis Gibson.

Depew called 911.

"I told her I was calling her a ride and then she got scared and left," said Depew.

Police arrested Natalie Clark. She was charged with being drunk in public. Henrico public schools say there is a teacher by that name who works at Hermitage but wouldn't say whether she was the one arrested.

"I don't believe this," said Johnnie Hogue.

Henrico parent Johnnie Hogue doesn't think it's a laughing matter.

"I feel really sorry for her but I feel sorry for the kids out there as well because when they saw that they should've gotten away from that. She was wrong but don't be a part of it," said Hogue.

Our attempts to reach Ms. Clark went unanswered. She did not return our e-mails and her phone number is unlisted.

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