April 2: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - From Henrico to Hopewell, 28 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.

Topping tonight's critical list, Nader's Bistro (5401 Glenside Drive) in Henrico with 6 critical violations.  An inspector found roast beef, salami & corned beef kept past their 7-day shelf life.

Staying in Henrico, Mai Sushi (7019 Three Chopt Road) with 5 critical, including raw chicken found in direct contact with ready-to-eat carrots.

Moving on to Chesterfield, Chang's café (1100 Boulders Parkway) with 7 critical violations.  A food employee failed to wash potentially contaminated hands.

Next, to Petersburg, & Jade Garden (101 S. Crater Road) with 6 critical.  Among them, food contact surfaces soiled to sight & touch.

And finally, Bojangles (3519 Oaklawn Road) in Hopewell with 4 critical violations, including hot chicken holding at improper temperatures.

Now for the good news, this week's Hall of Fame award goes to Carolyn's Fountain (7510 Mechanicsville Turnpike) for a perfect inspection February 10th!