The Electric Vehicle Fall Festival returns to Dominion Raceway to Celebrate the Excitement of Electric Vehicles

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You’ve probably heard the chatter around electric vehicles. Good, bad, or otherwise… everybody seems to be talking about them these days. It’s a new technology that promises to change the way we live and think about transportation. For the early adopters, EVs have been a way to save money, “go green”, and not worry about the hassle of constant vehicle maintenance.


While those are great reasons to consider an electric vehicle, Zack Hurst with EV Resource says there’s a reason that most people overlook, and it’s the very reason he started the Electric Vehicle Fall Festival.

“I’m a car guy at heart. I just want to go fast and have fun, and that’s why the Electric Vehicle Fall Festival exists.” Hurst said, “I can’t think of a better way to have fun in a car than driving around a racetrack.”

Taking place September 18th from 10am-5pm, the EV owner supported Electric Vehicle Fall Festival returns to Dominion Raceway to give EV owners and non-owners alike the opportunity to have the most fun with these cars in a safe and legal environment.


Members of the public who haven’t made the shift to being an EV owner yet will experience a variety of different EV makes and models. These attendees will be able to take rides around the track in owner-provided vehicles, and speak with our many vendors and EV owners to get a more rounded understanding of EV ownership. The goal is simple, affect change in the mind and encourage EV adoption to those who haven’t made the shift.

EV owners who attend the EV Fall Fest will have a different experience. For these VIPs they will have the opportunity to enter their EV in a car show judged by members of the public, drive at speed around the DR 2-mile Road Course, and launch down the 1/8th mile drag strip. For EV owners, we want a day packed with the thrill and excitement of EV performance. EV owners will also be encouraged to sign up to be an EV Ambassador and share their experience of EV ownership with non-owner attendees.



  • EV Education Zone
  • Track Rides
  • eMobility Zone
  • EV Car Show
  • 2mi Road Course
  • 1/8mi Drag Strip

“If you’re curious about EVs, haven’t experienced an EV yet, or are a long-time owner, we’re going to have something for everyone.” Hurst continued, “What we want more than anything is for the people who attend to leave with a smile on their face that is hard to wipe off… and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

General Admission for the event is just $15, with separate pricing for track activities. For tickets and more information go to