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Diplomat says of Trump Ukraine call: ‘I remember it vividly’

The phone call State Department official David Holmes overheard between President Donald Trump and Ambassador Gordon Sondland lasted just two minutes. But it won’t be easily forgotten.

  Trump suggests he may give written testimony in House probe

Chief justice orders delay in House fight for Trump records

  AP Exclusive: US officials knew of Ukraine’s Trump anxiety

  North Korea says it won’t give Trump a summit for free

Bloomberg apologizes for his ‘stop and frisk’ police practice

Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters

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White House urgently ramps up push for drug cost legislation

Democrat Edwards wins re-election in conservative Louisiana

Democrats hold on to Louisiana governor’s seat

White House: Trump undergoes exam at Walter Reed

  Transcripts highlight Sondland’s role in pressuring Ukraine

Anti-robocall bill likely as House, Senate reach compromise

  Conflicting White House accounts of 1st Trump-Zelenskiy call

The focus of the Democratic-led House impeachment inquiry has been on another call between Trump and Zelenskiy that was made on July 25.

Trump intervenes in military justice cases, grants pardons

President Donald Trump has pardoned a former U.S. Army commando set to stand trial next year in the killing of a suspected Afghan bomb-maker and a former Army lieutenant convicted of murder for ordering his men to fire upon three Afghans, killing two.

  Ousted Ukraine ambassador felt threat; Trump assails her anew

The former ambassador was testifying on the second day of public impeachment hearings, just the fourth time in American history that the House of Representatives has launched such proceedings.

Trump asks justices for temporary block of House subpoena

President Donald Trump wants the Supreme Court to keep House Democrats from getting his financial records at least until the justices resolve a broader fight over efforts to subpoena a sitting president’s records.

  Roger Stone guilty of witness tampering, lying to Congress

Twitter details political ad ban, admits it’s imperfect

Trump wants Supreme Court to block subpoena for his taxes

10 Democrats qualify for next week’s presidential debate

  Ex-Gov. Deval Patrick announces 2020 presidential bid

  Pelosi says Trump’s Ukraine actions amount to ‘bribery’

  Pastor: Jimmy Carter ‘up and walking’ post brain surgery

The Rev. Tony Lowden of Maranatha Baptist Church visited Carter in an Atlanta hospital Wednesday and told reporters that the 95-year-old was in good spirits.

Court rejects Trump’s appeal in fight over financial records

A federal appeals court will not take up President Donald Trump’s appeal of a ruling that his accounting firm must turn over financial records to Congress.

US budget deficit surges to $134.5 billion in October

The Treasury Department said Wednesday that the deficit last month totaled $134.5 billion, up from a shortfall in October 2018 of $100.5 billion.

  Diplomats accuse Trump as impeachment hits Americans’ TVs

Wednesday’s account from a pair of career diplomats was a striking though complicated one that Democrats say reveals a president abusing his office, and the power of American foreign policy, for personal political gain.

  US and Turkey have friendly talks but differences persist

President Donald Trump says he and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are “very good friends,” but their meeting Wednesday at the White House failed to resolve an issue that has badly strained relations between the two NATO allies.

Supreme Court says Ginsburg home sick with stomach bug

The 86-year-old Ginsburg was absent when her colleagues took the bench just after 10 a.m. Wednesday.

  Mark Sanford suspends GOP primary challenge to Trump

The former South Carolina governor and congressman centered his Republican primary challenge to President Donald Trump on warnings about the national debt. But he struggled to gain traction.

  Split Supreme Court appears ready to allow Trump to end DACA

Sharply at odds with liberal justices, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority seemed ready Tuesday to allow the Trump administration to abolish protections that permit 660,000 immigrants to work in the U.S., free from the threat of deportation.

Supreme Court lets Sandy Hook shooting lawsuit go forward

The justices rejected an appeal from Remington Arms that argued it should be shielded by a 2005 federal law preventing most lawsuits against firearms manufacturers when their products are used in crimes.

  Former President Carter out of surgery, no complications

A statement from a spokeswoman said the former president experienced no complications from the procedure.

US held record number of migrant kids in custody in 2019

Some of these migrant children who were in government custody this year have already been deported. Some have reunited with family in the U.S. About 4,000 are still in government custody, some in large, impersonal shelters.

  Impeachment witness: Ukrainians asked about holdup of aid

The concern was clear for the young democracy battling an aggressive Russia.

AP sources: Deval Patrick mulling Democratic White House run

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is considering making a late run for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to two people with knowledge of his deliberations, underscoring some Democrats’ deep uncertainty about the party’s current crop of contenders.

  National security officials objected to stopping Ukraine aid

The view among the national security officials was unanimous: Military aid to Ukraine should not be stopped by the White House.

Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit against NY over tax returns

A federal judge on Monday dismissed President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against New York officials that was aimed at preventing the release of his tax returns.

  Trump kicks off Veterans Day tribute in NYC

Trump spoke at the opening of the 100th annual parade organized by the United War Veterans Council in Madison Square Park

  Arlington National Cemetery running out of room for veterans’ burials

For more than 150 years, these hallowed grounds have recorded the history of America’s veterans. But time is catching up.

  After push from Energy Secretary Perry, backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine

Perry's efforts to influence Ukraine's energy policy came earlier this year, just as President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's new government was seeking military aid from the United States to defend against Russian aggression and allies of President Donald Trump were ramping up efforts to get the Ukrainians

Bolivia’s president resigns amid election-fraud allegations

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation Sunday under mounting pressure from the military and the public after his re-election victory triggered weeks of fraud allegations and deadly protests.

In memoir, Haley alleges some on Trump team urged resistance

In "With All Due Respect," Haley said then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and then-White House chief of staff John Kelly told her that they were trying to "save the country."

  Problems at Fort Gordon’s military housing has Rep. Rick Allen’s attention

Rep. Rick Allen, R-Ga., spent some time at Fort Gordon this week, and he asked leaders there about some of the issues.

  Watergate redux? Trump impeachment inquiry heads for live TV

When the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump begins its public phase on Wednesday, people will be watching on screens large and small.

  Justices take up high-profile case over young immigrants

It's the third time in three years that the administration is asking the justices to rescue a controversial policy that has been blocked by several lower courts.

  Trump soaks in Deep South cheers at college football matchup

His reception at the showdown between Louisiana State and Alabama contrasted with the scene at Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, where he was booed, and the mixed response to his appearance at a martial arts fight in New York.

  Trump tried hard to win Ukraine Biden probes, officials say

Speaking to reporters as he left on a campaign trip to Atlanta, Trump said he was "not concerned about anything" that has been disclosed so far.

  Trump says he’ll release transcript of another phone call with Ukraine ‘probably’ Tuesday

President Trump said he first spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in April. Another phone call in July has been the focus of the impeachment inquiry.

Facebook is deleting the name of the potential whistleblower

The company said Friday that mention of the potential whistleblower's name violates Facebook's "coordinating harm policy," which prohibits material that could identify a "witness, informant, or activist."

Top Iowa aide to Steyer’s campaign resigns after AP report

A top Iowa aide to businessman Tom Steyer resigned Friday, a day after The Associated Press revealed he had privately offered campaign contributions to local politicians in exchange for endorsing Steyer's White House bid.

Michael Bloomberg files to run in Alabama primary

Michael Bloomberg has filed to run in Alabama’s Democratic primary, but he hasn't decided whether he will actually run.

Sessions, an Alabama icon, announces he’s running for Senate

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he wants to reclaim his old Senate seat from Alabama, where he's been a conservative icon and dominant vote-getter since the 1990s.

Michael Bloomberg opens door to 2020 presidential campaign

Michael Bloomberg has not made a final decision on whether to run, according to advisers, but he is taking steps toward a campaign.

Kamala Harris proposes keeping schools open until 6 p.m.

California senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris has introduced a bill that aims to help working parents by aligning school hours with the normal workday.

  The words Trump had to hear: Investigations, Biden, Clinton

Numerous current and former Trump officials have testified that the president was conditioning U.S. aid on Ukraine publicly investigating Democrats including his potential 2020 political foe Joe Biden and Biden's son.

NY judge fines Trump $2 million for misusing charity foundation

A New York judge ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit alleging he misused his charitable foundation to further his political and business interests.

  GRAPHIC: Mexico farm town buries 3 of 9 Americans slain

As Mexican soldiers stood guard, a mother and two sons were laid to rest in hand-hewn pine coffins in a single grave dug out of the rocky soil Thursday at the first funeral for the victims of a drug cartel ambush that left nine American women and children dead.

  Iran alleges UN inspector tested positive for explosives

The allegation made by Iranian representative Kazem Gharib Abadi came as Iran injected uranium gas into centrifuges at its underground Fordo nuclear complex early Thursday, taking its most-significant step away from its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

AP exclusive: Tom Steyer’s aide offered money for endorsements of presidential bid

The overtures from Pat Murphy, a former state House speaker who is serving as a top adviser on Steyer's Iowa campaign, aren't illegal — though payments for endorsements would violate campaign finance laws if not disclosed.

  US: Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on critics

The criminal complaint detailed a coordinated effort by Saudi government officials to recruit employees at the social media giant to look up the private data of Twitter accounts.

Voters choose to remove King’s name from street in Kansas City, opening wounds, discussion

On Tuesday, Kansas City voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to rename a 10-mile boulevard from King's name back to The Paseo, which it has been called since it was completed in 1899. The vote came less than a year after the city council approved renaming the boulevard for King.

AP sources: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce that he is entering the race for his old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, two Republicans with direct knowledge of his plans said Wednesday.

  Diplomat had ‘clear understanding’ of Ukraine quid pro quo; public impeachment hearings set for next week

William Taylor told impeachment investigators that Trump had been holding back military aid for Ukraine until the country agreed to investigate Democrats and a company linked to Joe Biden's family.

Judge rejects moral-objection rule for abortion providers

A federal judge on Wednesday struck down a new rule, not yet in effect, that allowed health care clinicians to refuse participation in abortions and other services on moral or religious grounds.

Senate passes bill making animal cruelty a federal crime

The PACT act, which stands for Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture, passed the Senate with unanimous, bipartisan support.

  GRAPHIC: Deadly ambush shows Mexico lost control of area

When drug cartel gunmen opened fire on American women and children in northern Mexico, the Mexican Army, the National Guard and Sonora state police were not there to protect them. It took them about eight hours just to arrive.

Dems flip Virginia; Kentucky governor race too close to call

A year before the presidential election, the results offered warning signs for both parties.

  Impeachment probe: Diplomat says he knew why US aid withheld

In a striking reversal, a top diplomat revised his testimony in the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump to acknowledge he understood that U.S. aid to Ukraine was being withheld until the country promised to investigate corruption.

  Roger Stone leaves Day 1 of trial early over food poisoning

Stone is accused of lying to lawmakers about WikiLeaks, tampering with witnesses and obstructing a House intelligence committee probe into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to tip the 2016 election.

Iran to fuel centrifuges in new step away from nuclear deal

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations' nuclear watchdog now monitoring Iran's compliance with the deal, declined to comment on Iran's announcement.

Lawyer: Trump’s phone records back details of former ‘Apprentice’ contestant’s claim

Records filed in Summer Zervos' defamation suit and obtained Monday by The Associated Press indicate that Zervos got a call from Trump's phone on a day in December 2007, when she says he rang to invite her to dinner. She says she went hoping for career advice and ended up being sexually assaulted.

US tells UN it is pulling out of Paris climate deal

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that he submitted a formal notice to the United Nations that the United States is pulling out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Columnist sues Trump for calling her sex assault claim a lie

E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit, filed Monday in New York, says Trump "smeared her integrity, honesty and dignity — all in the national press" when he responded to her allegations, first broached in a New York magazine article this past June.

Diplomat lays out White House campaign to oust her

The panels released testimony from former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich and Michael McKinley, a former senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Appeals court agrees Trump tax returns can be turned over

The ruling by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals came Monday. It is certain to be further appealed.

  Iran spins more centrifuges on 40th anniversary of US Embassy crisis

The announcement — which also included Iran saying it now has a prototype centrifuge that works 50 times faster than those allowed under the deal — came as demonstrators across the country marked the 40th anniversary of the 1979 U.S. Embassy takeover that started a 444-day hostage crisis.

  Trump: Whistleblower ‘must be brought forward to testify’

The surprise proposal comes as Trump stepped up attacks on the whistleblower as lacking credibility, tweeting Sunday that the person "must come forward."

  Smugglers in Mexico cutting through border wall’s new sections with saws, report says

Smugglers are using reciprocating saws to cut through steel and concrete portions of the wall, the Post reports.

  Lawyer: Whistleblower willing to take written GOP questions in impeachment inquiry

The surprise offer, made to Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, would allow Republicans to ask questions of the whistleblower, who spurred the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry, without having to go through the committee's chairman, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Trump now has opening to pull US out of Paris climate pact

The terms of the deal say no country can withdraw in the first three years. So Monday is the first time the U.S. could actually start the withdrawal process.