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Officials: US to send 1,500 troops to Middle East

Earlier this week, officials had said that Pentagon planners had outlined plans that could have sent up to 10,000 military reinforcements to the region. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan later said planners hadn't settled on a figure.

Lineups announced for first Democratic debates

  Trump says he’d ‘of course’ tell FBI if he gets foreign dirt

Dems announce debate candidates: de Blasio in, Bullock out

  Sarah Sanders leaving White House job; governor run ahead?

  Sanders bills democratic socialism as boon for working class

Former Trump aide Hope Hicks agrees to Judiciary interview

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  Jon Stewart lashes out at Congress over 9/11 victims fund

Sex workers push to legalize prostitution in New York

  Trump insists there’s more to Mexico deal than meets the eye

Warren challenges Sanders for progressives’ 2020 support

Hillary Clinton says her youngest brother has died

  Trump says US, Mexico reach agreement to prevent tariffs

Trump signs long-delayed $19.1B disaster aid bill

The bill languished for months amid disputes over Trump's demand for border funding, as well as additional aid for Puerto Rico, which Trump opposed.

  Political clock is ticking as Democrats weigh impeachment

There's increasing pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to at least start an impeachment inquiry into whether Trump obstructed special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Trump ending fetal tissue research by federal scientists

Research using fetal tissue that otherwise would be discarded has been funded by the government, under the leadership of both political parties, for decades — and has led to life-saving advances including the development of vaccines for rubella and rabies, and drugs for the HIV virus.

Biden campaign says his climate plan failed to cite sources

Joe Biden's presidential campaign is fixing his climate policy plan because a handful of passages did not credit some of the sources in the proposal.

  Poor Americans likely to be hit hardest by new US tariffs

Senate report reveals nearly 400 troubled nursing homes

  Joe Biden’s $5T climate plan: Net zero emissions by 2050

  Ceremony, political jibes mark Trump’s first day in London

  Mass shootings transform how America talks, prays, prepares

Transcript of Trump lawyer message in Flynn case is released

Judge says Missouri clinic can keep providing abortions

St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer ruled Friday, just hours before the St. Louis Planned Parenthood clinic’s license to perform abortions was set to expire.

Trump hitting Mexico with 5% tariff in response to migrants

The tariff is effective June 10. The president says the percentage will gradually increase "until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied."

GOP again blocks $19 billion disaster aid bill in House

Rep. John Rose stopped the bill's passage by a voice votes since the full House is not in session.

Trump attacks Mueller, denies Russia helped him win

The president offered mixed messages on Russia's efforts to help him win in the 2016 campaign. Early in the day, Trump tweeted he had "nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected."

New Hampshire repeals death penalty as Senate overrides veto

The repeal takes effect immediately in New Hampshire, following an override of the governor's veto.

Trump denies instructing Navy to move USS McCain during his Japan trip

"USS John McCain needs to be out of sight," according to the email from a U.S. Indo-Pacific Command official, which was obtained by the Journal and whose existence was confirmed to The Associated Press.

Prosecutors push back on enforcing new state abortion laws

Even a few who left open potentially charging doctors said they would not prosecute women for having an abortion, which some legal observers say could be a possibility under Georgia's law.

La. lawmakers approve fetal heartbeat abortion ban

The bill to bans abortions once a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat has passed the Louisiana House.

Another Republican blocks disaster aid in House

A second conservative Republican on Tuesday blocked another attempt to pass a long-overdue $19 billion disaster aid bill, delaying again a top priority for some of President Donald Trump's most loyal allies on Capitol Hill.

  Netflix will ‘rethink’ Georgia shoots if abortion law holds

Netflix is rethinking production in Georgia after the state's heartbeat bill was signed by the governor.

Supreme Court upholds abortion law on fetal remains; rejects appeal on transgender bathrooms

The court is splitting 7-2 in allowing Indiana to enforce the fetal remains measure that had been blocked by a federal appeals court. The justices say in an unsigned opinion that the case does not involve limits on a woman's right to an abortion.

Joe Biden returns to campaign trail

Democratic rivals ran in parades or appeared at other events, but Biden spent Memorial Day weekend off the campaign trail.

  Trump is first head of state to meet Japan’s new emperor

President Donald Trump participates in a welcome ceremony with Japanese Emperor Naruhito and Japanese Empress Masako at the Imperial Palace, Monday, May 27, 2019, in Tokyo.

Actor Jon Voight: Trump is the greatest president since Lincoln

The 80-year-old movie star has been a vocal supporter of Trump. In fact, this isn’t even the first time he has likened Trump to Lincoln.

Judge halts plan to build parts of border wall

U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. on Friday immediately halted the administration's efforts to redirect military-designated funds to build sections of wall on the Mexican border. His order applies to two planned projects to add 51 miles of fence in two areas.

Rolling Thunder will ride through Washington DC for the last time Memorial Day weekend

The president of Rolling Thunder, Inc. says it comes down to money, and how much the Pentagon is charging.

  Trump, Pelosi trade insults as their feud heats up

The enmity between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deteriorated Thursday into rude-and-then-some questioning of his fitness for office and her sanity, with personal attacks flowing from both the nation's top elected officials after drama at the White House.

  GOP congressman temporarily blocks $19B disaster bill

Texas Republican Chip Roy, a former aide to Texas firebrand Sen. Ted Cruz, objected to speeding the measure through a nearly empty chamber, also complaining that it does not contain any of President Donald Trump's $4.5 billion request for dealing with a migrant refugee crisis on the border.

ACLU, Planned Parenthood file lawsuit challenging Ala. near-total abortion ban

The American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood are asking a federal judge to block an Alabama law banning nearly all abortions across the state.

US charges WikiLeaks founder with publishing classified info

The new charges go far beyond an initial indictment against Assange made public last month that accused him of conspiring with former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning in a conspiracy to crack a Defense Department computer password.

Trade impasse: Trump pledges $16B to farmers; markets slump

The aid package is another sign that the trade war with China won't end anytime soon.

Congress on cusp of delivering long-overdue disaster aid

Senate passes long-delayed $19 billion disaster relief bill after Democrats force GOP to drop Trump border aid request.

Judge refuses to block Trump bank subpoenas

U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos said that Trump and his company were unlikely to succeed in a lawsuit arguing that the subpoenas seeking records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One were unlawful and unconstitutional.

Beto O’Rourke adjusts campaign strategy

A few months in, the former congressman is adjusting his strategy. That includes reaching a wider audience, as opposed to just meeting small groups of voters on campaign stops.

Judge sides with Congress over Trump in demands for records

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta said Trump cannot block a House subpoena of financial records.

Biden rejects Democrats’ anger in call for national unity

Facing thousands of voters in his native Pennsylvania for the second time as a 2020 contender, the former vice president offered a call for bipartisan unity that seemed far more aimed at a general election audience than the fiery Democratic activists most active in the presidential primary process.

Trump administration rejects subpoena for tax returns

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a letter that he will not comply with a subpoena from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal for six years of Trump's tax returns because the request "lacks a legitimate legislative purpose."

Alaska state legislator introduces bill criminalizing abortion

Under the proposed HB178 the intentional taking of human life “before, during, or after birth” is not protected by a right to privacy under the Alaska State Constitution, thus classifying abortion as murder.

  House approves sweeping bill to expand gay rights

Dubbed the Equality Act, the bill is a top priority of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said it will bring the nation "closer to equal liberty and justice for all."

  Trump launches new immigration overhaul push

The latest immigration effort by the president focuses on beefing up border security and rethinking the green card system so that it would favor people with high-level skills, degrees and job offers instead of relatives of those already in the country.

Saudis blame Iran for drone attack amid calls for US strikes

Recent days have brought allegations of sabotage attacks targeting oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, a drone attack on a Saudi oil pipeline claimed by Yemen's Iran-allied Houthi rebels, and the dispatch of U.S. warships and bombers to the region.

Author of flattering Trump biography gets pardon from president

Conrad Black, who wrote a political biography of Trump, was convicted of fraud in 2007 and spent three and a half years in prison. An appeals court reversed two convictions, but left two others in place.

Trump issues order that appears to target Chinese tech giant Huawei

The president's executive order does not name specific countries or companies, but it appears to target Chinese tech giant Huawei, the world's biggest supplier of network gear used by phone and internet companies.

Looking for climate change info, teachers find propaganda

Climate change education varies across states, and often from one classroom to the next.

AP sources: Panel reaches deal with Trump Jr. for interview

Members of the Senate intelligence committee want to go over answers Trump Jr. gave the panel's staff in a 2017 interview and ask about a campaign meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer.

  Montana Gov. Bullock joins 2020 Democratic presidential race

The 53-year-old on Tuesday became the third governor in a race with almost two dozen candidates, but Bullock is the only statewide elected official to win a state that President Donald Trump carried in 2016.

Former US President Jimmy Carter has surgery for broken hip

Former President Jimmy Carter underwent surgery at a medical center in Americus, Georgia.

US moving Patriot missile battery to Mideast to counter Iran

An official said the decision comes after intelligence showed that the Iranians have loaded military equipment and missiles onto small boats controlled by Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

Mueller won’t testify next week, chairman says

Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler said he expects Mueller to appear as they negotiate the terms, though the committee will subpoena him "if necessary."

School fundraiser ruined by Twitter conspiracy involving James Comey’s ‘secret code’

It's an event that was supposed to raise about $25,000 for Grass Valley Charter School in California, until conspiracy theorists made sure it wouldn't happen this year.

Sticker shock: Trump taking aim at ‘surprise medical bills’

Trump wants to make it clear that patients who receive emergency care should not be hit with charges that exceed the amount paid to in-network providers.

  Hero students disarm gunman, not thinking about their safety

Authorities said the actions of Castillo, Bialy and Joshua Jones minimized the bloodshed from Tuesday's attack at the school south of Denver that wounded eight students along with killing the 18-year-old Castillo.

Senate intelligence committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr.

The subpoena is a sign that the panel is still conducting its investigation even after the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

TV ads for prescription drugs will have to include the price

The Trump administration is finalizing regulations that will require drug companies to disclose list prices of medications costing more than $35 for a month's supply, says the Health and Human Services secretary.

  FBI chief: No evidence of illegal spying on Trump campaign

Trump seized on his attorney general's 'spying' comments as part of his allegation that the investigation was tainted by law enforcement bias.

Treasury denies Democrats’ request for Trump tax returns

The administration won't be turning President Donald Trump's tax returns over to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

  EXCLUSIVE: 1-on-1 interview with former VP, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden before SC campaign stop in Columbia

Former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made one of his first stops since he announced he’s running for president of the United States in Columbia on Saturday.

Trump discusses ‘Russian Hoax’ in long call with Putin

During their conversation, which lasted more than an hour, they also discussed North Korea, Ukraine, U.S.-Russia trade and "very, very briefly" special counsel Robert Mueller's just completed report on Moscow's interference in the 2016 election.

  Democrats say Trump agrees to $2 trillion infrastructure tab

"We agreed on a number," said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer about the infrastructure funding meeting with President Donald Trump.

Trump has made 10,000 false statements, fact-checker says

Many of Trump's misstatements are about immigration issues, the Mueller probe, foreign trade talks and his accomplishments, according to the fact-checker.

  Trump tells NRA he’s withdrawing from arms trade treaty

The NRA is “getting stronger & stronger and doing some really great and important work,” Trump tweeted before leaving the White House for the convention.

Massachusetts judge charged with helping man evade ICE by sneaking out back door of courthouse

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said the charges were not meant to send a message about immigration policy. Everyone must be held to the rule of law, even the privileged and powerful, he said.

Dems clash with Trump officials on subpoenas, tax returns

The treasury secretary says he is consulting with the Justice Department "due to the serious constitutional questions raised by this request and the serious consequences that a resolution of those questions could have for taxpayer privacy."

Medicare, Social Security face shaky fiscal futures

Both programs will need to eventually be addressed to avert automatic cuts should their trust funds run dry. Neither President Donald Trump nor Capitol Hill's warring factions has put political perilous cost curbs on their to-do list.

Trump says Herman Cain withdraws from consideration for Fed seat

Cain is a former CEO of Godfather's Pizza who dropped out of the 2012 presidential race amid allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity. The issues resurfaced after Trump said he intended to nominate Cain to the central bank's board of governors.

Rep. Moulton is latest to enter 2020 presidential race

Rep. Seth Moulton, D-MA, is running for the Democratic nomination, according to media reports, including WBUR.

Biden expected to launch presidential campaign next week

The announcement is expected as early as Wednesday and would cap months of deliberation over his political future.

Although the Mueller report is out, ‘it isn’t over’ Van Susteren says

Gray Television's Greta Van Susteren says that Congress could call for their own investigations, but hopes that it's not for political gain.