Spanberger honors 9-year-old Markiya Dickson on House floor

In a speech that lasts about a minute and a half, Spanberger described how Markiya Dickson was killed and paid tribute to the girl in a call for action against gun violence.

Virginia Republicans resume call to hold hearing with Fairfax accusers

Virginia faces fine due to food stamp errors

Racist yearbook photo investigation cost nearly $368,000

Northam sets goal for Va. to produce all electricity from carbon-free sources

Lawyer: Virginia’s change to marriage licenses insufficient

Morrissey has ‘no scores to settle’ in Senate, lays out policy

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Chesterfield in need of election officers

Fairfax suit a chance for him to plead own case, analyst says

  Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax sues CBS for $400 million

Report: A million people likely won’t get state tax refund checks

Liberty’s Falwell says he’s target of ‘attempted coup’

Virginia AG argues over court fees in redistricting case

Virginia gov picks panel to remove discriminatory laws

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has named nine people to a new commission designed to eliminate Jim Crow-era discriminatory language in state laws and regulations.

Republican state senator pushes back on Richmond’s proposals to increase diversity at its whitest schools

After the morning bell rang on the first day of school at Fox Elementary in Richmond and the children had filed into their classrooms, four people remained outside the school.

Northam to speak at Virginia War Memorial’s 9/11 ceremony

Gov. Ralph Northam will deliver the keynote address at an annual ceremony to honor and remember those who died during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

  Alabama Governor Kay Ivey apologizes for wearing blackface in college

Governor Kay Ivey issued an apology Thursday on a decades-old skit that featured her wearing blackface.

Northam appointee resigns after derogatory tweets on Catholics surface

Former VP Biden coming to Richmond for fundraiser

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh making longshot GOP challenge to Trump

Renewable energy providers win skirmish against Dominion, but larger war drags on

Virginia officials mark arrival of first enslaved Africans

In Louisville, Trump signs order forgiving student-loan debt for disabled veterans

  Public, advocates present arguments on gun laws to state crime commission

The Virginia Crime Commission is now tasked with considering two days worth of testimony on 78 proposed bills aimed at stopping gun violence.The Republican-led General Assembly sent the bills to the Commission for study after abruptly adjourning the July Special Session.

City sues to remove Confederate monument, citing free speech

Virginia's second largest city is suing the state in an attempt to remove an 80-foot-tall Confederate monument from its downtown

‘Farmer’ Northam says trade war has cut profits for growers

Northam, speaking at a presentation to the Joint Money Committee, owns and leases about 50 acres of farm land on the Eastern Shore.

Governor says Virginia is in a ‘good place’ financially

Gov. Ralph Northam has told state lawmakers that Virginia is starting the new budget cycle "in a good place."

  Virginia Crime Commission begins hearing testimony on gun violence

The meeting comes after a General Assembly special session on gun control ended abruptly in July.

Law allowing health officials to distribute clean needles to expire in 2020

In 2017, Virginia passed a law allowing some localities to launch needle exchange programs, an attempt to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like hepatitis C and HIV.

Why a Virginia Democrat says he launched a political fundraiser off of a mass shooting that was still unfolding

Six police officers were shot in Philadelphia on Wednesday. During the hours-long standoff, Virginia Del. Mark Levine, D-Alexandria, took to Facebook to launch a fundraiser.

LGBTQ-rights group plans heavy spending in Virginia

The largest LGBTQ-rights organization in the U.S. says it's planning to invest heavily to help Democrats flip Virginia's legislature

  Richmond City Council votes against Coliseum question on ballot

The Richmond City Council voted against allowing a November ballot question on the mayor’s new arena and downtown re-development proposal.

  Richmond City Council moves vote on ballot question over new arena, downtown development to Wednesday

The question would allow voters to say whether or not they support the mayor's proposed downtown redevelopment.

  City Council to decide whether to place Coliseum funding question on ballot

Richmond City Council has four days to get that question over to the courts in order to have it printed on the Nov. 5 ballot.

  New rules to deny green cards to many legal immigrants

Federal law already requires those seeking green cards and legal status to prove they will not be a burden to the United States, or what's called a "public charge," but the new rules, made public on Monday, detail a broader range of programs that could disqualify them.

Northam seeks input on improving child care, early education

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's administration is seeking public input on how to improve early education and child care options in the state.

McAuliffe discusses new book on Unite the Right rally reflections

McAuliffe says book proceeds will go to the Heather Heyer Foundation and the Virginia State Police Association.He also recently agreed to donate a portion of funds to survivors.

Lawmakers concerned about Facebook launching a new digital currency

Social media giant Facebook wants to make it easier for you and people around the world to buy things online using cryptocurrencies.

  Virginia Flaggers banned from Goochland festival; now calling for boycott

The Virginia Flaggers, a group that supports Confederate heritage, believe it was denied renting a booth because of political reasons, and are now calling for a boycott.

Photos on social media raise stakes for McConnell supporters, critics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Monday night asking Mitch McConnell for a response to a photo of his supporters appearing to grope and kiss a cardboard cutout of her.

University of Virginia to offer aid to undocumented students

The University of Virginia has extended financial aid eligibility to undergraduate students who are in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program

Ohio lawmaker blames mass shootings on ‘drag queen advocates’, ‘homosexual marriage,’ ‘open borders’

Ohio GOP leader calls for State Rep. Candice Keller, R-Middletown, to resign

  VIDEO: Punches thrown outside Trump rally in Cincinnati

Inside the rally, President Donald Trump slammed Democrats before crowd of thousands

  ‘Just getting started:’ Trump addresses 400th anniversary of Jamestown assembly

The event marks the birth of American democracy and free speech in Virginia’s House of Burgesses.

  Dueling demonstrations held as Trump visits Jamestown

More than 100 people came out to speak for and against the president as he appeared at Jamestown's 400th anniversary of its Assembly.

  Lawmakers protest Trump’s Williamsburg visit with event to mark ‘evolution of African Americans’

Among those in attendance at the event is Mayor Levar Stoney, who stepped down last week from the Jamestown event’s planning committee when an invite was extended to the president.

Black Virginia lawmakers to boycott Trump’s Jamestown visit

Virginia's black state lawmakers plan to boycott an event this week celebrating the beginnings of American democracy because President Donald Trump is scheduled to attend

Virginia Republicans deny censure of GOP rep. who wed 2 men

The 5th Congressional District Republican Committee held a closed session Saturday to discuss reprimanding Rep. Denver Riggleman.

  Some Virginia Democrats planning to attend Jamestown Commemoration

More Democratic elected officials plan to attend Virginia's 400th Anniversary Commemoration Tuesday, despite a boycott by party leaders over President Trump being invited.

Stoney resigns from Jamestown committee, citing Trump invitation

“A president who labels those disagree with him as un-American and ignorantly advocates for duly elected congresswomen, all United States citizens of color, to be sent back to their countries of origin has no place at this commemorative gathering in our commonwealth this weekend,” Stoney said.

Virginia school’s transgender bathroom ban is back in court

A federal judge in Norfolk will hear arguments Tuesday over whether the Gloucester County School Board violated Grimm’s rights when it banned him from using boys’ bathrooms.

Ex-Virginia governor says he’s contesting harassment probe

Former Virginia Gov. Gov. L. Douglas Wilder says he is contesting an investigator's finding that he kissed a university student six decades his junior without her consent.

Virginia GOP House speaker pushes for another tuition freeze

Virginia GOP House Speaker Kirk Cox says he plans to prioritize education spending if he's still in power next year.

  Goldman aims to put Coliseum opposition question on ballot

If the question makes it on the ballot, voters would choose whether they have more say on how future tax money is generated and where it would go- specifically tax money tied to the Coliseum redevelopment project and other projects like it.

  ‘It makes me angry’: Henrico teen furious after Capitol Police officer forces him to stand for pledge

Plummer, 16, says a Capitol Police officer forced him to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance during the special session on gun control.

  Leave the US, Trump tells Democratic congresswomen of color

Trump's tweets drew sharp rebukes from Democrats, who derided his remarks as racist.

Northam announces preliminary budget surplus of $778M

Northam said preliminary numbers indicate a total budget surplus in the general fund of approximately $778 million.

Attorney says witness will testify Fairfax did not commit rape

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax's attorney says there's an eyewitness willing to testify that Fairfax did not rape Meredith Watson at Duke University in 2000.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax says eyewitness backs up his story

An attorney for Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax says there's a witness who can corroborate his story that he did not rape a woman while they were students at Duke University nearly 20 years ago

Virginia is now election battleground in fight over gun laws

Virginia is now a key battleground in the long-running fight over gun laws

  General Assembly adjourns Special Session without considering any gun bills

The Governor's Special Session on gun control came to an abrupt end. Lawmakers adjourned after just two hours without considering any proposed gun control measures.

  More action outside Capitol than inside after special session fizzles among hundreds of demonstrators

Large crowds of demonstrators made their voices heard and carried signs throughout Bank Street, up the Capitol steps and throughout the grounds.

Virginia Senate leader spikes his gun ban bill after majority whip resigns in protest

A Virginia Republican senator has resigned his leadership role to protest a top Republican’s push to ban guns in government controlled buildings.

  General Assembly set to meet in special session on gun control Tuesday

Many people across the Commonwealth are gearing up for a heated special session at the General Assembly Tuesday as lawmakers debate gun laws.

  ’There really are a lot of misconceptions about suppressors’: NRA says on gun silencers Northam aims to ban

Virginia lawmakers return to the state Capitol Tuesday with one item on their agenda: Guns.

  Trump sticks to patriotic themes at July 4 event

Trump is speaking at the Lincoln Memorial during a special Fourth of July "Salute to America" event.

  Virginia Senator faces criticism after online rape comment

Virginia Senator faces criticism after online controversial rape comment.

On This Day: The deaths of three U.S. presidents

On this day, America declared its independence, but it's also the day that marks the the passing of presidents Adams, Jefferson, and Monroe.

Polls show Virginia voters support gun control measures

The polls show a deep divide between registered voters along partisan lines when asked about gun control generically. However, the divide is much less prominent on specific gun control measures.

  Trump says tanks will be part of his July Fourth celebration

He said Monday that a display of U.S. military tanks will be part of a special event he's headlining July 4 in Washington, and an Associated Press photographer saw at least two M1A1 Abrams tanks and two Bradley Fighting Vehicles on flatcars in a railyard at the southeastern edge of Washington.

  Richmond City Council symbolically votes to ban guns in government buildings, parks

The Richmond City Council symbolically voted to ban guns in government buildings and parks.

  Fairfax leaving law firm after its investigation finds no wrongdoing

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax is officially leaving the northern Virginia law firm where he worked after it announced its own investigation found "no allegations or evidence of wrongdoing" during his time with the firm.

  At DMZ, step into history for Trump as he offers hand to Kim

What was intended to be an impromptu exchange of pleasantries turned into a 50-minute meeting, another historic first in the yearlong rapprochement between the two technically warring nations.

On edge: 2020 Dems face prospect of being cut from debates

Short on support and money and bound by tough party rules, once soaring politicians may soon be seen as also-rans. They include Julian Castro, who is seeking to capitalize on his strong debate performance last week; Kirsten Gillibrand, one of her party's most outspoken feminists; and Cory Booker, wh

  Several new laws now in effect in Va.

The new laws cover travel, alcohol, tobacco and education.

  G-20 leaders clash over values, face calls to protect growth

World leaders attending a Group of 20 summit in Japan that began Friday are clashing over the values that have served for decades as the foundation of their cooperation as they face calls to fend off threats to economic growth.

  Bill gives harsher punishment for murder against law enforcement officers

Senate Bill 1501 demands that any person, 18 or older, who is convicted of capital murder of a law enforcement officer or public safety official must get a mandatory minimum sentence of no less than life in prison.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders to take center stage in second Democratic primary debate

The debates will be held in Miami on June 26 and 27.

Poll: Support for a Democratic majority in the General Assembly falls

A plurality of respondents said they preferred Democrats to take control of the two chambers Republicans narrowly hold, but the number dropped nine points since last July.

  Work zone, move over laws set to begin July 1

If you’re caught in a highway work zone using your phone, the fine will cost you $250.

  Democrats rail against economy-for-the-rich in first debate

Democrats are unified in their deep desire to beat President Donald Trump but divided on what kind of candidate is best positioned to do so.