Bill banning handheld cellphone use while driving clears House, Senate

Some gun laws still alive in Virginia’s General Assembly

  Groups battle over Virginia values in pending LGBTQ legislation

Richmond City Councilor Kim Gray to run for mayor, sources say

$15 minimum wage, paid sick days hang in balance as Democrats debate labor priorities

U.S. Representative Abigail Spanberger convenes two-day tour focused on Civil Rights

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Virginia moves toward banning conversion therapy

Senate advances bill expanding access to renewable energy

  Sen. Amanda Chase launches 2021 governor bid

Lawmakers support raises for teachers, state employees

Over 1,000 Democrat-backed bills pass by crossover, Republican tally trails

Democratic megadonor backs out of fundraising gala, citing party’s decision to let LG Justin Fairfax speak

  Richmond public housing authority hopes renovations will create better place for families

Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority (RRHA) is opening up about a major renovation underway to make public housing a better place for families. That includes streamlining the housing waiting list.

Governor: strong economy means more money for state budget

By law, about $112 million of that extra money is designated for the state’s reserves.

Senators announce more than $94M for affordable housing in Virginia

Nearly $95 million in federal funding will help support affordable housing in Virginia.

Virginia Democrats at odds over terms of Confederate statue removals

House lawmakers called the new rules unnecessary.

House advances bill to allow food stamp benefits at certain restaurants

Stakeholders regroup after tobacco legislation falls short

  Thousands gather at Capitol for March for Life rally

Senators announce more than $47M for programs across Virginia

Bill preventing license suspension over court debt unanimously passes senate

  Marijuana decriminalization bills pass both chambers

In five weeks, Virginia Democrats reshape decades of state policy

At the halfway point of a hectic, 60-day legislative session, Virginia’s new Democratic majorities are dismantling decades of Republican-approved policy and advancing a broad progressive agenda.

How the Iowa caucuses ‘broke down in every way possible’

Democratic Party leaders and activists are describing widespread missteps in planning and implementation that made the Iowa caucuses a historic disaster.

Bill to make pawpaws the state fruit continued to 2021

Countless Virginians remember biting into the custardy sweetness of a pawpaw, the peculiar combination of mango and banana filling their mouths as the drops of juice dribbled down their chins, the perfect treat for a sweltering late August afternoon.

Virginia lawmakers vote to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses

Lawmakers in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly voted Tuesday to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driving privileges.

Judge dismisses lieutenant governor’s libel suit against CBS

U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga in Alexandria dismissed the case against CBS on Tuesday.

Ban on assault weapon sales advances in Virginia

Democratic lawmakers in Virginia are advancing legislation to ban the sale of assault weapons and the possession of high-capacity magazines.

Lawmakers advance bills regulating consumer lending

Del. Mark Levine recalls receiving a $1,000 loan offer from a company with a 299% interest rate buried deep in the fine print.

Virginia lawmakers approve Confederate statue removal bills

Local Virginia governments may soon have the power to remove Confederate monuments in their public spaces under legislation approved Tuesday by state lawmakers.

Anti-tethering bills pass in both Virginia’s House and Senate, will be reviewed

Virginia’s House of Delegates and state Senate have passed versions of anti-tethering bills that could make a life or death difference for outdoor dogs.

Virginia delegates approve increase in minimum wage

Virginia's House of Delegates has passed a bill to raise Virginia's minimum wage gradually to $15 per hour over the coming years.

Bill giving electoral votes to popular vote winner passes state House

Virginia's National Popular Vote bill, HB177, which would give the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes across the country, cleared the Virginia House of Delegates Tuesday.

Va. House Democrats protest opening prayer as conservative pastor condemns abortion, gay marriage

Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, ultimately ended the prayer by banging her gavel and moving right into the Pledge of Allegiance.

Va. lawmakers to vote on major renewable energy bills

Supporters say the Clean Economy Act would take the state from the back of the pack to a national leader in green energy.

‘I just have a libertarian streak.’ Nine House Republicans vote with Democrats to decriminalize marijuana.

Virginia Democrats have made no secret that they planned to use their new majorities to decriminalize marijuana this year.

  New bill aims to establish first ‘recovery high school’ in Virginia

School would help teenage addicts in the early stages of drug and substance abuse recovery.

Pres. Trump claims UVA’s Sabato ‘got it all wrong’

President Donald Trump is calling out University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato on Twitter.

Registration deadline is Monday for Dem presidential primary

The primary will be on March 3.

  Bloomberg’s campaign bus tour makes stop Richmond

Part of the campaign's 'End The Gun Violence' tour.

Exiled Venezuelan mayor visits Richmond to discuss humanitarian crisis

Days before Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó met with U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday, attendees filled a ballroom at The Jefferson Hotel to hear the ‘Venezuela after Chávez’ panel with David Smolansky, an exiled Venezuelan mayor.

Fornication repeal one step closer to law

Lawmakers are closing a legal loophole that could charge unmarried people with a crime for having consensual sex.

Virginia Democrats advance assault weapon ban

It’s the most ambitious measure proposed by Northam and one that’s met the most pushback, including from members of his own party.

Virginia becomes first southern state to pass sweeping LGBTQ nondiscrimination bill

National human rights groups heralded Thursday’s vote as a historic breakthrough that makes Virginia the first state in the South to enact such protections.

  Virginia will not legalize marijuana, talks of decriminalization underway

This year, Virginia will not join the list of states that have legalized marijuana but the idea of decriminalizing possession is gaining momentum.

Va. lawmakers pass bills to end Lee-Jackson Day and make Election Day a holiday

Both chambers of the Virginia statehouse have now passed bills to scrap the state's Lee-Jackson holiday celebrating two Confederate generals in favor of making Election Day a state holiday.

Panel kills bill allowing Virginia college athletes cash from endorsements

A House bill that was shelved this week would have made Virginia the second state to allow its college athletes to make money off of their names, images and likenesses.

Virginia lawmakers to debate assault weapon ban

Democratic lawmakers in Virginia are set to try to advance legislation to ban assault weapons despite pushback from members of their own party.

General Assembly closes the door to marijuana legalization until 2021

The General Assembly shut down proposals to legalize marijuana for the year, but lawmakers said this week they would study the issue and potentially move forward when they reconvene in 2021.

Bill advances to grant undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses

Legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to possess a driver’s license advanced in the Senate Wednesday.

Would Virginia’s red flag law withstand constitutional scrutiny? In other states, similar laws already have.

Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have some form of a red-flag law, many of them adopted after the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Virginia lawmakers consider increase in minimum wage

Different versions of the minimum wage legislation are expected to advance in the House of Delegates and the State Senate.

Va. Senate passes bill to end driver license suspension due to unpaid court fees

On Monday, the Virginia Senate unanimously passed a bill that would end the practice of suspending driver's licenses for unpaid court fees and costs.

General Assembly taking steps to control insulin prices

The Virginia General Assembly is taking steps to bring down the cost of insulin. HB 66 passed the House of Delegates with bipartisan support on Monday.

Virginia lawmakers advance plan to legalize casinos

Advocates say large-scale resorts with casinos in economically disadvantaged areas will create new jobs and boost tax revenues.

Bill aims to save lives during overdose

Cullen Hazelwood died of an overdose last year 2 miles from the hospital because his friend was scared to call for help, according to his mother Christy Farmer.

Kaine, Warner announce intention to vote for impeachment conviction

Kaine and Warner will both join other Democrats in voting to convict the president on both articles of impeachment.

Senate panel rejects bill stiffening penalties for letting minors access guns

Even after changes were made to keep the misdemeanor classification and add a clear exemption for youth hunting, the bill failed on a 7-8 vote.

  City council committee votes to strike proposed legislation on Navy Hill project

The Richmond City Council Organizational Development Committee voted 5-4 to strike proposed legislation on the Navy Hill development project.

Bill fails that would award electoral votes to popular vote winner

Legislation seeking to guarantee the presidency to candidates who earn the popular vote in national elections has again failed to advance in the General Assembly.

Richmond City Council throws its support behind possible casino

Councilors heard that casinos could bring in $187 million for the city.

Va. Senate unanimously passes bill to lift state tax on menstrual products

The Virginia Senate voted unanimously on Monday to make menstrual supplies sold in the commonwealth tax-free.

Senate committee advances bill to give Virginia localities control over monuments

A controversial bill that would grant local governments in Virginia the power to move Confederate monuments is moving forward.

Virginia Senate blocks Northam-backed gun bill

The legislation is one of eight gun measures that the governor has urged lawmakers to adopt.

Gun bills advance, debate continues in Richmond

The debate this week in the House of Delegates was passionate and predictable, with seven on the eight measures Governor Northam proposed before the special session last summer winning approval in the House of Delegates.

General Assembly bill would require Legionella testing in Va. public schools

Last year, cooling towers at several Chesterfield schools tested positive for the legionella bacteria

Virginia House bill protecting student journalists advances

Students, faculty and advocates lined up at the podium Wednesday to voice support and concern for a bill that would extend free speech protections to student journalists.

Nonprofit urges lawmakers to protect domestic worker rights

The speakers appeared at a news conference held by Care in Action.

Traffic stop focuses attention on state lawmakers’ immunity from arrest

The traffic stop involving Delegate Chris Hurst has focused attention on the Virginia Constitution, which grants immunity from arrest to members of the General Assembly during the legislative session.

House Bill could adjust school crime reporting laws in Virginia

Virginia is looking to change laws that have made it the number one state in the nation for reporting students to police for criminal acts at school.

Va. Democrats have passed most of their gun-control bills. A big one is still missing.

Both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly have passed major gun-control bills creating universal background checks, a red-flag law and reinstating the former one-handgun-a-month rule.

  Richmond makes changes to tax program, pushes for more affordable housing

On Monday, councilors voted to end the “citywide rehabilitation program.”

Climate takes center stage in sweeping federal infrastructure plan

U.S. House Democrats this week unveiled plans to spend $760 billion over five years on infrastructure upgrades throughout the country.

Senate subcommittee rejects energy competition proposals

A Senate subcommittee on Wednesday voted down proposals to expand retail competition in Virginia’s energy markets.

Democratic AGs sue to force US to ratify ERA

Three Democratic state attorneys general are suing a U.S. government official seeking to force him to recognize Virginia’s vote this week to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and certify the measure as part of the Constitution.

Virginia Senate passes bill increasing reckless driving threshold to 85 mph

The Virginia Senate recently passed a bill that would increase the reckless driving threshold from 80 to 85 miles per hour, and people we spoke with today had mixed opinions about the idea.

Democratic AGs plan to file lawsuit over ERA

The announcement came two days after Virginia became the critical 38th state to ratify the measure, which would prohibit discrimination based on sex.

Virginia House advances gun restrictions

Democrats in the Virginia House are advancing a package of gun-control measures they said are needed to improve public safety.

Bill to allow physician-assisted suicide sparks discourse

Opponents of assisted suicide held a press conference Wednesday to disavow legislation that would allow patients with terminal illnesses to request a life-ending substance from a physician.

Virginia Senate OKs undoing GOP-backed abortion restrictions

Each chamber still must pass the other’s version.