Virginia prison staffer says she was fired on suspicion of smuggling after body scan detected tampon

The employee, Joyce Flores, alleged she was interrogated for hours at Augusta Correctional Center on suspicion she was smuggling contraband.

Virginia’s General Assembly moves closer to mandating in-person instruction by this summer

Push to extend minimum wage increase to farmworkers voted down by Virginia Senate

Health officials consider changes to Virginia’s vaccine distribution strategy amid concerns over equity

Bill to ban ‘cyber flashing’ in Virginia fails in Senate committee

Medical marijuana dispensaries get permission from General Assembly to sell un-processed flower

Long deadlocked, Virginia lawmakers reach compromise to seal past criminal convictions

Senators kill legislation aimed at increasing diversity within Virginia’s elite public high schools

Virginia might stop seeking child support payments from parents of incarcerated youth

Virginia lawmakers weigh bill to forgive overpayments by state’s unemployment insurance program


  Using travel rewards once you start traveling again

Safety precautions change due to construction at Capitol Square

Contractors will begin construction to replace the seal on the landing below the portico on March 1.