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Richmond-area restaurants & bars temporarily offering pick up, delivery and curbside service

Mayor Levar Stoney is working with city restaurants to use curbside services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  Deciding on dinner tonight? Here are three options!

  A Richmond burger spot, a chicken joint & an Asian street food place need your help

  Inspector found chicken wings with blood from raw beef at Henrico restaurant

  Two restaurants receive Hall of Fame awards from the health department

  Vietnamese restaurant facing issues with raw chicken

  Woman who honored father by opening food truck gets flawless health inspector reviews

Continued Coverage

  Employee didn’t wash hands between using cash register and cooking, among other violations

  Restaurant Report: Taking a look at our top Hall of Fame winners

  Health inspector finds meat stored in pan with blood at bottom; issue fixed in next inspection

  More than week-old potatoes found at burger place in Southpark Mall

Restaurant Report: Restaurants to be thankful for

  Restaurants receive violations for undercooked chicken, raw food improperly stored

  Flying insects found at chain restaurant has since been fixed, but other violations have not

This week we're looking at a chain restaurant that had flying insects as well as a Chinese restaurant with a few issues.

  Two Richmond food trucks receive perfect inspections

This week we're looking at two food trucks that have had perfect inspections.

  Chain restaurant has 10 food violations; brunch spot quickly fixes all issues

A chain restaurant in Henrico has been dinged by the Virginia Department of Health with 10 food safety violations while a brunch spot in Richmond quickly turned all of their previous violations around.

  A tale of two Glen Allen restaurants: Violations corrected after food stored at wrong temperatures

In this week's Restaurant Report, we're looking at two different Glen Allen restaurants.

  'I’m going to frame this one’: Pizza joint drops to zero violations

  For restaurants, keeping food temps out of ‘danger zone’ can be a challenge

  Health inspections: Food trucks vs. standard restaurants

  Chinese restaurant fixes mouse dropping problem; comedy club deals with flies

  GOOD NEWS: Restaurants with perfect inspections

  Employee seen placing raw chicken on trash cans then on prep table

  Two restaurants combine for 45 health violations

This week's Restaurant Report looks at a sushi restaurant and a halal restaurant.

  Pizza restaurant has repeat violations; mold, dead flies found at Dairy Queen

The two restaurants in this week's Restaurant Report say they have cleaned up since recent inspections.

  Mold or build-up in tea urns found at Henrico breakfast spot

At another restaurant, an inspector had issues with an employee dropping a cloth on the floor, picking it up, and then putting it back on a cutting board.

  Flies, moldy soda gun nozzles at Richmond comedy club aren’t a laughing matter

In this week's restaurant report, an inspector had a bone to pick with a local comedy club, but a Midlothian sports bar is getting this week's Hall of Fame.

  Restaurant with roaches triples its violations

This week's Restaurant Report takes a look back at three restaurants that had numerous violations this past spring.

  Family-owned Henrico restaurant had 25 violations in latest inspection

A family restaurant and a pizza joint both make this week's restaurant report after recent inspections prove they need a little help, though one turned it around.

  Large amounts of mouse droppings found at Henrico Chinese restaurant

A Henrico Chinese restaurant has 20 violations, a Henrico Italian restaurant had 10 violations, but quickly turned it around.

  Japanese restaurant has more than 20 violations in recent inspection

In its last inspection, one Henrico restaurant had 21 violations: five priority, four priority foundation, and 12 core.

  Sports bar receives violations for food at wrong temperatures

An inspector found several issues recently at Home Team Grill on West Main Street in Richmond.

  New Richmond restaurant has 14 violations in recent inspection

Another restaurant with recent violations has changed ownership.

  Lack of soap, grease on utensils lead to violations at two restaurants

This week's Hall of Fame winner is a food truck that has aced its last five inspections.

  Raw eggs, old food lead to violations at two restaurants

This week's Hall of Fame winner has aced 10 straight inspections.

  Restaurant says it fixed issues after roaches spotted near water heater

Also, there is a catering company that's had 10 perfect inspections.

  Restaurant Report: Greek restaurant hit with repeat violations

This week’s Restaurant Report features a Greek restaurant that was inspected seven times in about a month, along with a popular breakfast spot.

  Restaurant Report: Insects coming out of vent, grease debris behind flat grill

NBC12′s Restaurant Report has returned to let you know of some of the best restaurants and some that could use a little help.

  Restaurant owner responds to opossum photos posted online

Some former employees of a popular Richmond eatery posted pictures on Facebook and Reddit, saying they show an opossum, flooding and other problems inside the building.

  RESTAURANT REPORT: Cafe shows off corrected violations, cleaning

A cafe in Henrico that was in the Restaurant Report last month wants you to know everything has been corrected and cleaned.

  RESTAURANT REPORT: Cook reached into stew with bare hand

The inspector reported seeing a cook reach into a pot of stew with their bare hands, pick up a piece of beef, and put it in their mouth for tasting.

Restaurant Report: Coliseum aces inspections while feeding thousands

This week's Restaurant Report Hall of Fame award goes to a place that feeds literally thousands of people every night, while earning perfect scores on its inspections: the Richmond Coliseum.