Chesterfield woman fights insurance over refusal to cover chimney damage

Georgette Williams got insurance to make sure she could avoid financial headaches from moments like what she experienced back in late April when heavy winds and rain brought her neighbor’s tree down on her home, across her chimney and roof. Three months later, she says she’s still dealing with the d

  ‘Everything was gone': Black-owned shea butter business suffers after $70k in product stolen

  Richmond water rescue team cautions people to wear life jackets on the James

  Woman wrongly charged for wastewater for 44 years wants $26K refund

  ‘They ought to be respectful of other people’: Man concerned about law enforcement not wearing masks

Richmond City opens weekend cooling stations to combat summer heat

  Know your workplace rights: New laws protect employees during COVID-19 crisis

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  ‘People are dying’: Concern over COVID-19 sparks push for early prison release

  How to delay your COVID-related eviction case for 60 days

  Health care worker gets keys to new home thanks to Habitat for Humanity

  Hospital loses coronavirus patient’s valuables, clothes

  Virginians experience issues when applying for unemployment

  Don’t assume COVID-19 testing is free, BetterMed explains why it’s charging

  Greater Richmond health systems accepting medical supply donations

Local businesses are stepping up to help Virginia health care workers get the supplies they need to take care of patients.

  Are you thinking of buying a home this spring when the market is hot?

Rachel DePompa has a look at what you need to know about a certain type of mortgage with this On Your Side Savings guide.

  Chesterfield library offers free services to trace family history

Ancestor hunting is one of the fastest-growing hobbies, as many people want to know who they are and where they came from.

  10-year-old makes portrait of NBA legend using recycled materials

From clothespins to rocks, feathers or even lego pieces, what may look like everyday objects to the average person is a world of possibilities for Ashlyn Nelson. The Chesterfield 10-year-old uses these items found around the home to breathe life into art. She has a rolling art shelf full of supplies

  Stolen funds returned to disabled Navy veteran

Waffle House holding job fair in Petersburg

  Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Mr. Valentine and his longtime lover

  Driveway pavers who attempted to bully Henrico residents deny any wrongdoing

  Midlothian 65+ tennis team competing in national championship

  Va. bill would extend statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse survivors

  Digital Dialogue: A Moment of Mindfulness

We all have busy lives, but how often do you stop and take a minute to just breathe?

  Cafeteria renamed in beloved Goochland woman’s honor

There was barely any room left to sit in the Byrd Elementary School cafeteria Tuesday evening as hundreds of students, parents and loved ones packed tightly, shoulder to shoulder against each other and all for the chance to honor Connie May Brice, who served as a cafeteria lady at Byrd Elementary fo

  Police search for driveway pavers who attempted to scam Henrico residents

Henrico police are investigating some brazen driveway pavers trying to scam people out of thousands, and they’re working to catch them in the act so they can arrest them.

  Best moments of 2019 with the On Your Side Investigators

Diane Walker gives us a look back at the best On Your Side Investigators moments from the 2019 year.

  Last-minute-shoppers hit the stores before Christmas

Christmas Day is almost here, but many shoppers were keeping the road hot, heading for the stores for last minute shopping for their loved ones.

  More safety measures to be installed on hazardous road

Signs warning drivers of curve could be installed very soon.

  Richmond homeless shelter spreading holiday hope with toy drive, and there’s still time to give!

It’s getting close to the big day, but you still have time to brighten the holidays for children and their families at the Home Again shelter in Richmond.

  ‘I’m not going back at all:’ Army SSgt. surprises children with homecoming after year of deployment

Two Louisa County High School wrestlers and their sisters watching in the stands got a very special, early Christmas present Saturday. Their father an Army Staff Sergeant serving overseas has been scheduled to come home, long term. And he made a very unexpected arrival this afternoon.

  Henrico woman, moving company hit impasse in settlement over damaged furniture

A Henrico woman and a moving company have hit an impasse over money when it comes to the reimbursement of damaged furniture.

What pet owners should know this holiday season

As family and friends travel home for the holidays, there are more pet-friendly travel options than ever before.

  Residents concerned about potential truck traffic on quiet Hanover road

On Wednesday, the Cedar Lane Coalition placed an 18-wheeler at the intersection of Route 1 and Cedar Lane with the message, “400 big trucks a day do not belong on Cedar Lane,” drawing the eyes of hundreds of drivers in the area.

  Toys, household items being collected for Home Again Shelter families

To make a difference in a child’s life at Christmas consider picking up a few gifts for a homeless family. Every toy received will end up in the hands of a homeless child.

New Kent County warns consumers about email scam

The New Kent County Sheriff’s Office is warning consumers about a phony email appearing to come from American Express.

  Ways to protect yourself from a bad moving experience

With some research, you can avoid a bad moving experience and easily find a licensed, reputable mover who’s respectful of your time and money.

  Moving company reconsiders woman’s claim after damaged furniture

Patricia Gordon claims “All My Sons Moving and Storage” held her belongings, hostage, until she paid a much higher price than her initial quote. She also says the crew damaged her belongings.

  ‘A warrior’: Cancer survivor hopes more women get genetic tests

A new recommendation could help women fighting breast cancer and help make sure their children know their risks.

  Shelter collecting toys, household items for homeless families this Christmas

The push is on to collect as many new toys and household items as possible for homeless children and their families at HomeAgain Shelter.

  Disabled Montpelier woman gifted new handicap ramp

A Montpelier family says their prayers have been answered after they got the brand new handicap ramp they needed.

  Retired firefighter searches for kidney match via donated billboard ad

Retired Lieutenant Grover Barnett is in need of a kidney after he was placed on the transplant list in September by Henrico Doctors.

  Good Samaritans repair damaged kitchen for grieving Mechanicsville woman

A disabled Mechanicsville woman is moving forward after her husband’s tragic death with some help from some Good Samaritans.

  Things to do when buying a used car

Buying a car is an emotional purchase, and dealers are banking on that emotional purchase rather than a “smart one.” So, there are some things you should keep in mind before driving a vehicle off the lot and ending up with a problem ride.

  Buckling brick sidewalks raise concerns in historic neighborhood

Business owners say several people have tripped and fallen due to the buckling brick sidewalks in the Windsor Farms neighborhood.

  Records show sheriff’s office hasn’t turned in unclaimed money in past 5 years to state

No unclaimed money has ever been given to the State Literary Fund, at least in the past five years, according to the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office’s own records.

  If you find a large amount of money on the street - do you get to keep it?

If you find a wad of cash on the street - do you get to keep it?

  'I’ll be homeless’: Richmond family loses $14,000 in rental home scam, ordered to vacate in 3 days

White agreed to pay $14,200 to live in the house for a year. That money was then supposed to be put towards a down payment to buy the home. It was also a large portion of White’s retirement savings.

  Terminally ill tenant’s wish for apartment repairs comes true

A Chesterfield woman has a much nicer apartment to enjoy during her final days.

  Fake Filters? Made-up addresses, strange receipts and copycat websites reveal knock-offs on the market

After several strange clues, a Michigan father questions whether his water filters are authentic. Experts say counterfeit filters are a growing problem in the United States.

Company to build new wheelchair ramp for Hanover family

A company in Ruther Glen is going to build a new wheelchair ramp for a Montpelier family who is in need of one.

  Virginia family seeks help for deteriorating wheelchair ramp

A Montpelier family is asking for help as a handicapped-accessible ramp rots and crumbles beneath their feet.

  Terminally ill tenant fights for apartment repairs

At 88, the terminally ill tenant at Crystal Lakes apartments says her quality of life is mostly what she thinks about.

  If a rental has bed bugs, who pays? It depends on the circumstance

Treating for bed bugs can be expensive, so who is responsible for paying?

  Chesterfield couple frustrated by delay in construction of crypt

A Chesterfield couple is frustrated by the delay in construction of a crypt they were told would be built by now.

  Thief uses Richmond woman’s identity to shop online

One Richmond woman, Lynda Sharp Anderson, says a thief actually used her identity to order an $1,100 iPhone on Walmart’s website.

  Undetected water leak destroys couple’s kitchen; insurance won’t pay

Home insurance covers accidental or sudden damages like a pipe bursting and flooding a room in your home, but a slow leak that causes damage over time is not.

  Moving company pays to replace Henrico man’s damaged hardwood floors

A moving company has agreed to pay a man to repair his hardwood floor after it was damaged by movers.

  'She isn’t at peace’: Family upset with cemetery’s empty promises

Since Lorain Slaughter's death her family has encountered one problem after another with Forest Lawn Cemetery.

  Company fixes gutters for Chesterfield homeowner

A company has fixed all the issues with a Chesterfield homeowner’s gutters after he called 12 On Your Side.

  Neighbors step in to help Petersburg woman get new roof

Anna Sease-Bey says a contractor took her money and left supplies at her house, without doing any real work.

  Company repairs work on faulty gutters

One homeowner said Leaf Filter fixed the problem with his new gutters, but another homeowner featured in the story says he’s still having issues.

  Homeowners upset over poorly installed gutters

Homeowners in Chester and Mechanicsville are upset after a company poorly installed new gutters, promised to fix it and then never showed up to redo the job.

  4-foot deep pothole filled after weeks of complaints

Some neighbors said their cars were damaged after running over the pothole.

  Community members step up to help family who lost furniture to mold

Two community members are stepping up to help a Petersburg mom and dad and their children.

  Pharmacy tech’s customer service ‘is the best form of medicine’

Instead of greeting her customers at the drive-through with the standard, 'Welcome to Walgreens,' Judy Tucker says, 'Hey Sweetheart,' or 'Hey Ladybug.'

‘They had the time of their lives’: 12U softball returns from World Series

The team was able to make it to the tournament after Walmart saw NBC12’s On Your Side story about the financial troubles the team faced and donated $10,000.

  ‘Until I get a rental car, I’m immobile’: Disabled vet’s truck stolen from Henrico apartment

The truck was equipped with an automatic step-side that when activated allowed Kilgore to get in and out with greater ease.

  Key reasons to get a buyer’s agent when purchasing a home

There are several reasons to get a buyer’s agent when purchasing a home.

  Petersburg woman loses most of her belongings after finding mold in storage unit

A Petersburg mother says she lost most of her belongings to mold she found growing on everything including her furniture, kids’ toys and even inside storage boxes at her Cube Smart climate control storage unit.

  James River safety: Don’t forget your life jackets

Over the past month, there have been three deaths at the hand of the James River in the Richmond area.

  Tree service company corrects mistake for Chesterfield woman

A tree service company made things right for a Chesterfield woman who said she originally got way less than what her $11,000 payment called for.

  Major retailer to donate $10k to softball team headed to World Series

The team has less than 10 days to raise several thousand dollars in order to get them to the Babe Ruth World Series.

  'He was amazed’: Veteran with cancer gets new deck thanks to community

In January Kevin Maze, 61, was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer with metastasis to his liver. He was unable to fix the deck himself which is why his family contacted 12 On Your Side.

  Mom says she was defrauded out of $1,250 attempting to rent Hopewell home

A mother of three is furious after she paid more than $1,200 to move into a home that may have never belonged to the person claiming it was available for rent.

  Virginia man fighting County over right to keep toilet decoration in yard

During the winter months, the toilets and urinal can be seen displayed with lights coming out of them, but in the summer Cassick sad he converts them into improvised flowerpots where he houses his cactus plants.

  Non-profit which serves low-income families, homeless searches for new home

The Way Outreach serves 3,000 people every month from a 1,000 square foot space on Williamsburg Road. Now the non-profit is searching for a new home to continue its work.

  Departments urge fire safety over holiday weekend

Fireworks are illegal in most areas across central Virginia, with some exceptions like Hanover County.

  Scammers claiming to be Dominion Energy threaten to cut power

A representative said these scams tend to occur more frequently during the winter and summer, when people are using the most electricity.

  ‘Life jackets save lives’: Marine patrol ramps up enforcement for holiday weekend

So far in 2019 12 people have drowned from boating-related accidents. The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries states those victims were not wearing life jackets.

  Planning on having lawn care done? How to protect yourself if work isn’t done right

If the work you’re considering is valued at $1,000 or more, the contractor should be licensed.