Undetected water leak destroys couple’s kitchen; insurance won’t pay

Home insurance covers accidental or sudden damages like a pipe bursting and flooding a room in your home, but a slow leak that causes damage over time is not.

  Company fixes gutters for Chesterfield homeowner

  Neighbors step in to help Petersburg woman get new roof

  Company repairs work on faulty gutters

  Homeowners upset over poorly installed gutters

  4-foot deep pothole filled after weeks of complaints

  Community members step up to help family who lost furniture to mold

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  Pharmacy tech’s customer service ‘is the best form of medicine’

‘They had the time of their lives’: 12U softball returns from World Series

  ‘Until I get a rental car, I’m immobile’: Disabled vet’s truck stolen from Henrico apartment

  Key reasons to get a buyer’s agent when purchasing a home

  Petersburg woman loses most of her belongings after finding mold in storage unit

  James River safety: Don’t forget your life jackets

  Tree service company corrects mistake for Chesterfield woman

A tree service company made things right for a Chesterfield woman who said she originally got way less than what her $11,000 payment called for.

  Major retailer to donate $10k to softball team headed to World Series

The team has less than 10 days to raise several thousand dollars in order to get them to the Babe Ruth World Series.

  'He was amazed’: Veteran with cancer gets new deck thanks to community

In January Kevin Maze, 61, was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer with metastasis to his liver. He was unable to fix the deck himself which is why his family contacted 12 On Your Side.

  Mom says she was defrauded out of $1,250 attempting to rent Hopewell home

A mother of three is furious after she paid more than $1,200 to move into a home that may have never belonged to the person claiming it was available for rent.

  Virginia man fighting County over right to keep toilet decoration in yard

  Non-profit which serves low-income families, homeless searches for new home

  Departments urge fire safety over holiday weekend

  Scammers claiming to be Dominion Energy threaten to cut power

  ‘Life jackets save lives’: Marine patrol ramps up enforcement for holiday weekend

  Planning on having lawn care done? How to protect yourself if work isn’t done right

  Veteran receives mortgage-free home through ‘Operation FINALLY HOME’

The retired U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant will soon call Virginia home thanks to Operation FINALLY HOME and dozens of community supporters.

  ‘Don’t drink and kill’: MADD VA launches new victim focused campaign

MADD Virginia launched a new PSA campaign to prevent people from driving drunk by sharing heart-wrenching stories of loved ones who were killed.

Study: 25% of people don’t lock their front door

Home burglaries happen every 13 seconds in the U.S.

  Tens of thousands report new Social Security scheme

The Federal Trade Commission says it has had more than 76,000 reports of a Social Security scam in just the past 12 months.

  Central Va. woman hospitalized in Dominican Republic on honeymoon

Skylar Martin was hospitalized Sunday after several hours of vomiting, a fever and loss of consciousness.

  Tenants with disabilities raise concerns for safety after elevator breaks down

Those living with disabilities at the Shockoe Hill apartments in Richmond are raising concerns for their safety after the elevator in building two broke down and had been out of service a few times the past couple of weeks.

  ‘I’m excited’: Central Va. swimmers qualify for 2020 U.S. Olympic trials

NOVA swimming club's Zoe Dixon, Josephine Fuller, Megan Pulley, and Grace Sheble each qualified for the trials scheduled for June 2020 in Nebraska.

  Community rallies behind Powhatan boy dealing with brain tumor

Cooper Stuart, a 5th grader at Pocahontas Elementary School, suffered a seizure June 6. Through tests, doctors discovered a tumor on his brain.

  Family thanks Henrico firefighters who helped deliver their baby

Henrico firefighters were called to the Elliott's home on April 19 to help deliver their youngest daughter, Julia, who made an early arrival.

  What are your rights as a renter if your home gets flooded?

If you are a renter, you have rights when your home is flooded and your belongings are damaged.

Your typos could end up loading your computer with malware

An investigation by Krebs Security found that scammers have built a huge network of malicious websites playing off common typos in the web addresses for popular sites.

  Ways to avoid being bitten by a tick

Ticks can carry serious illnesses, such as Lyme Disease, so it’s always best to do everything you can to avoid being bit by one.

Veteran’s family seeks help repairing deck for loved one with cancer

Kevin Maze was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer in January with metastasis to his liver. The Marine Corps veteran can no longer fix the deck himself.

  Watching Your Wallet: Make the most of your summer vacation

A frequent traveler and financial expert give their tips for saving money when booking flights and hotels.

  ‘Carpenters for Christ’ help build new centerpiece for Hopewell church

Carpenters for Christ originated out of Alabama and has now helped build dozens of churches in its 35 plus years.

  Safe, fun environment ‘No. 1 priority’ for Flying Squirrels

“Number one priority is fan safety, and a fun environment, where we can make memories for people."

  ‘Fix the unit’: Shockoe Hill residents swelter as temperature soars

Tenants at Shockoe Hill Apartments have been saying for years they freeze all winter and suffer from the heat all summer.

  See kids or animals in a hot car? Here’s how to react

There's one important thing you need to do before you begin smashing windows.

  Henrico Co. offers free classes on use of anti-overdose drug

The Henrico County Health Department is partnering with Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services to offer free classes on how to administer the life-saving drug Naloxone, also known as Narcan.

  Digital Dialogue: Lupus Awareness Month

For Lupus Awareness Month in May, NBC12 will host a Digital Dialogue Tuesday night featuring advocates and specialists in the Lupus field, treatment, coping with the disease, finding a cure and new advancements being pioneered right here in Virginia.

  Small piece of paper marks $15,000 grave site, 7 months after purchase

A Goochland woman says she paid nearly $15,000 for her father’s grave site, but seven months later, only a piece of paper marks his site.

  Couple relieved after yard damaged by postal service repaired

Ethel and Bill Brooks say a mail carrier’s truck left grooves and deep tire tracks in their yard, after it got stuck in the mud taking a short-cut to drop off their mail.

  ‘Feels like yesterday’: Va. boy struck by lightning in 2009 sets sights on new path

Jonathan Colson spent 23 days in a coma at 11 years old after he was struck by lightning.

  New scam tricks phone users into changing PIN

Police say the thieves emailed Verizon customers and said there had been fraud on their accounts. Those emails included a callback number.

  Hopewell Moose Lodge demolished; plan to rebuild underway

Fire officials ruled the cause of the fire as "undetermined," but believe it started in either the kitchen or the laundry room.

  Henrico approves to study pedestrian, bicyclist safety on Parham Road

"There is nowhere for anyone to walk safely, especially if you are in a mobility assisted device,” said Henrico County Public Works Director Steve Yob. “You have a very difficult time navigating this area.

  What to look out for when signing a contract

You sign contracts with many things in life and might not be reading every part of it, but here is what you need to know about liability waivers before accepting your next contract.

  ‘Today is about success that comes from opportunity’: Henrico, YMCA break ground on aquatics center

The $10 million facility will help Henrico County's mission to curbing unintentional childhood drowning deaths.

  ‘It impedes our business’: Employees upset over ‘creeping’ potholes bordering driveway

A Richmond business is upset due to what they say are huge potholes that continue to spread in front of their driveway.

  Moving company accidentally sells Chesterfield family’s storage unit

A Chesterfield family says they rented two, 16-foot storage units from “Pack Rat” moving and storage and filled them with everything they own.

  Man who battled addiction for 30 years now gives back to the community

Joey Matthews has been clean and sober for more than two years.

  DNA Detectives: Scientists combining forensics with genealogy break ‘unsolvable’ cases

Scientists are using forensic genetics to help solve decades-old cold cases.

  Dirty tongs, mold found at Richmond Chinese restaurant

Another restaurant had issues with chicken and small insects.

  New robotic surgery used for kidney transplant at Richmond hospital

A new type of robotic surgery is a milestone in kidney transplantation, and VCU Hume-Lee Transplant Center says Dr. Chandra Bhati is the first on the East Coast to perform it.

  Digital rollbacks: Millions of cars have false mileage on odometers

Carfax experts say there are potentially more than one million cars on the roads with false odometer readings - meaning their mileage has been rolled back to make the vehicles look like they have less wear and tear.

  State officials confirm contaminated gas at Chesterfield gas station

The questionable fuel has stopped the pumps from flowing at the BP Gas Station and Corner Mart on Midlothian Turnpike near Winterfield Road.

  After lengthy delays, fire-damaged home being repaired

Nationwide and the Wilton Construction told the Weakleys they want to resolve their problems with the house, but that they would leave as long as NBC12 was there.

  It’s snake season, and this could be one for the books

They are slithering their way onto your property!One snake expert believes this is the worst snake season Virginia has seen.It’s not the news most want to hear.

  Restaurant says it fixed issues after roaches spotted near water heater

Also, there is a catering company that's had 10 perfect inspections.

  Couple fires back at insurance, construction companies that repaired home

Robert and Nancy Weakley are firing back at their homeowners’ insurance company and the construction company that repaired their home after a fire.

  Thieves marketing Airbnb scam software to other thieves

A lot of families now choose to book vacation rentals, rather than hotel rooms. Unfortunately scammers have figured that out.

  After 9 months, woman gets resolution to Nissan dealer’s insurance mistake

Kathryn Robinson said she has been trying to collect the claim for nine months, but was unsuccessful until NBC12 made persistent calls Nissan Corporate and Dealer Motor Services.

  Tree trimmer took woman’s $1,200, but didn’t finish the job

Says she has not been able to get in touch with contractor since February.

  Doctors: Allergy season expected to get worse

Dr. William Hark feels this allergy season is worse than in years past thanks to the huge amount of rainfall Virginia saw in 2018 and the solid cold temperatures throughout the winter leading up to blooming time.

  Restaurant Report: Greek restaurant hit with repeat violations

This week’s Restaurant Report features a Greek restaurant that was inspected seven times in about a month, along with a popular breakfast spot.

  Watching Your Wallet: Experts give advice on reining in your tax refund

Rather than taking a tax refund check and splurging on a quick shopping spree, NerdWallet advises people make smart spending – or saving - plans.

  Restaurant Report: Insects coming out of vent, grease debris behind flat grill

NBC12′s Restaurant Report has returned to let you know of some of the best restaurants and some that could use a little help.

  Kidney donor meets man whose life she helped to save

The two hugged each other for the first time Wednesday since a kidney transplant at VCU Hume-Lee Transplant Center three weeks and three days ago.

  Craigslist scam uses picture of Henrico home to mislead tenants

The woman believes people are stealing photos of homes on short-term rental sites, like Airbnb, and posting them on other websites like Craigslist in order to get your money.

  Financial scams targeting older Americans quadrupled in 4 years

The data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found older Americans lost more than $6 billion to theft and fraud between just 2013 and 2017.

  Law enforcement warns of tax letter scam

The letter references the garnishment of wages, bank accounts and property seizures as a method of collection if the debt is not paid.

  ‘Unhackable’ alarm systems for cars may not be so smart after all

Security researchers from Pen Test Partners found major security flaws in smart alarms from two makers- Viper and Pandora Car Alarms.

How did winter affect your car? AAA says to get it checked out

AAA recommends also having your vehicle checked by a professional because not everything that needs to be monitored can be inspected in your own driveway.

  Petersburg fixes sewage backup that spilled over into man’s yard

A Petersburg man, who has been at odds with the city since last December over a nasty sewage backup, no longer has to worry about it spilling into his yard.

  Homeowner at odds with city over sewage backing up into his yard

The homeowner believes the problem is with the city’s sewer line is improperly installed and said has done everything the city asked of him.

  Sound too good to be true? Police warn of scams as weather warms up

In the spring and summer, you may get a knock on your door for someone asking to do some sort of service, such as resurfacing your driveway.

  Goochland man getting nowhere after getting wrong marker for mother’s grave

Don Murr spent $600 on a plaque to mark his mother's final resting place, but it misspelled her name and he can't get anyone to help him fix it.

  Henrico mom receives handicap accessible van for daughter

"It's a life changer," Jennifer Reinhardt said.