Two school buses are caught on camera driving through flooded roads

SHALER, Pa. (WPXI/CNN) - Video shows a flooded road didn’t stop a school bus from plowing through with three students on board.

Charles Hunter said he actually watched two buses drive through the flooded road.

"We couldn't believe that school buses were coming through there like that and that they made it, actually,” Hunter said.

The bus company, ABC Transit, confirmed they fired the driver for breaking company policy; which prohibits drivers from going over water covered roadways.

WPXI found witnesses and a photo posted on Facebook showing a second school bus driving through a flooded road.

They tried to call ABC Transit. The company didn’t return the calls, but in an email said they are investigating that incident as well.

A spokeswoman for Shaler-area schools said they are investigating both incidents.

"My daughter, whenever she came home, she said about going through flood water. That's crazy, so I know she was a little bit nervous about it,” Becky Linsenbigler said.

The district and the bus company haven't confirmed if any students were on the second bus, the same type Lisenbigler's daughter rides.

"After seeing how bad it was, I'm definitely going to call,” said Lisenbigler. “I'm definitely going to find out what's going on and what's being done about it."

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