Digital Dialogues

  Digital Dialogue: A Moment of Mindfulness

We all have busy lives, but how often do you stop and take a minute to just breathe?

  Digital Dialogue: A Moment of Mindfulness

  RATC offers new career paths

  Digital Dialogue: Arthur Ashe Boulevard Celebration

On Wednesday, June 19 at 7 p.m., Karla Redditte will host a digital dialogue all about Arthur Ashe’s life and legacy.

  Digital Dialogue: NBC12 launches ‘How We Got Here’ podcast covering Virginia’s history

“How We Got Here” launched Monday, June 3. It’s a podcast highlighting Virginia’s rich history, told one week at a time. We jump back in time to things that happened around us, you never learned in school.

  Digital Dialogue: 'How We Got Here' podcast launches

  Digital Dialogue: Swim safety

Experts say fun and safety should be at the forefront of every person's mind.

  Digital Dialogue: Lupus Awareness Month

For Lupus Awareness Month in May, NBC12 will host a Digital Dialogue Tuesday night featuring advocates and specialists in the Lupus field, treatment, coping with the disease, finding a cure and new advancements being pioneered right here in Virginia.

  Digital Dialogue: The truth about human trafficking

Human trafficking is a dangerous reality happening all over the nation, and right here in the Commonwealth.

Digital Dialogue: Autism Awareness Month

On Thursday, April 18 at 11 a.m., Rachel DePompa will be joined by three panelists for a conversation on this mysterious disorder.

  Digital Dialogue: Autism Awareness Month

  Digital Dialogue: A conversation about organ donation during Donate Life Month

Jasmine Turner will moderate an informative and personal conversation with a heart transplant recipient, the father of an organ donor, and representatives from United Network for Organ Sharing, and Donate Life Virginia.

  Digital Dialogue: The Gift of Life

  Digital Dialogue: Honoring Women in Virginia

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re doing something different – a digital dialogue featuring some of the women of NBC12.

  Digital Dialogue: Honoring Women in Virginia

  Digital Dialogue: Black History Month

  Digital Dialogue: A look at Virginia’s past, present & future for Black History Month

NBC12 is celebrating Black History Month with a special Digital Dialogue looking at Virginia’s past, present and future.

  Digital Dialogue: A conversation about race, politics in Virginia

Wednesday at 11 a.m., NBC12 is hosting a digital dialogue on issues surrounding race in Virginia, including the blackface photos that triggered the crisis at the capitol.

  Digital Dialogue on race and politics in Virginia

  Digital Dialogue: Flu season, vaccines

  Digital Dialogue: A discussion about flu season, vaccines

At 11 a.m. Thursday, you can join our Facebook Live conversation and ask your questions to our panel of experts.

  Breaking the Silence: A Digital Dialogue about sexual assault

Speaking up about sexual assault is one of the most difficult things a victim will ever have to go through.

  Digital Dialogue: For the love of animals

NBC12's next Digital Dialogue is at 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 18 on animal rescuing and adoption.

  Digital Dialogue: For the love of animals

  Digital Dialogue: Holiday Grief

If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, you can rewatch our Digital Dialogue on dealing with holiday grief on Facebook.

  Digital Dialogue: Holiday grief

  Digital Dialogue: Financial shock of widowhood

  Digital Dialogue: Financial shocks of widowhood

Women are more than three times as likely as men to lose their spouse, but many wives are not keen to manage their finances if their husbands die.