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What you should know ahead of Virginia’s tax-free weekend

Here’s some details you need to know if you plan to purchase items during the commonwealth’s tax-free weekend.

Local company searching for ‘passionate’ caregivers during Chesterfield job fair

  Secrets of a Super Saver: Tips to save up to 29% of your yearly income

USDA warns of scams targeting SNAP recipients

Virginia Career Works helps job seekers and businesses affected by pandemic

Building savings during a pandemic

  Saving on your phone bill during COVID-19

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A new stimulus package could be on its way; here’s what you can expect

Virginia Lottery passes $20 million in online game prizes in less than a month

Chesterfield Board of Supervisors approves $50k in rental and mortgage relief

  ‘Everything was gone': Black-owned shea butter business suffers after $70k in product stolen

  How to raise your credit score by 100 points

  Virginia unemployment funds could run out within two months; virtual career fair planned

  Savings tips for single-income families

Not every family has two working parents-- especially in this crisis. Many out there have only one paycheck coming in. Which is why Rachel DePompa has money savings tips for single income families in this On Your Side Savings Guide.

  Buying a used car: Do you know the vehicles history?

If you are looking to buy a used car-- do your research. You could end up overpaying by thousands of dollars on a used car if you aren't careful.

  Help if you are undecided about college

If you're waiting until the last minute to make a decision about college, you are not alone. Even some colleges are trying to figure out what instruction will look like this fall. Rachel DePompa is on your side with 4 options to consider in this savings guide.

  What to know about leasing a car during a pandemic

If you’re in the market for a new car, financial experts say you might want to consider leasing over buying during this pandemic.

  Reminder: Contact student loan holders in August

  Travel reward options during the pandemic

Charleston County man sues hair dye company, claims it causes burns, rashes

Application portal open for Virginia emergency unemployment benefits due to pandemic

  Apps to help with your nest egg

  Ways to go about getting your medical records from Allison Breast Center

  Allison Breast Center patients having trouble getting records | Here’s what you can do

Another woman filed a complaint this month with the Virginia Board of Medicine about a Henrico doctor.

  Virginia Medical Board suspends license of Henrico doctor accused of misreading mammograms

Dr. Michael John Bigg, a radiologist and owner of the Allison Breast Center on Forest Avenue, is accused by the Virginia Board of Medicine of misreading the mammograms at least 18 women - telling them they were fine when they really had cancer.

  How to handle private student loans during the pandemic

All loans owned by the Department of Education have zero percent interest until Sept. 30 of this year.

  ’They had a duty to fulfill and they didn’t do that’: Family upset after cemetery mishap

A family is upset after they went to the cemetery to bury a loved one only to find the wrong plot was dug up.

Virginia housing market to make rebound in summer of 2020

According to Virginia Realtors, the Virginia housing market is set to make a comeback in the summer of 2020 after a significant decrease in sales during the spring.

New state and local tax laws go into effect July 1

Beginning on July 1, new state and local tax laws go into effect in Virginia.

  A look inside how refinancing your home works

In early June, the Federal Reserve left interest rates alone making it more affordable than ever to borrow money. With rates hovering around 3.5 percent, many homeowners are in a position to refinance and lower their monthly costs.

  Last-minute Father’s Day deals

Here's your reminder to scramble if you haven't already started. SUNDAY is Father's Day! But don't worry. Rachel DePompa is here with an On Your Side Savings Guide full of ideas.

  Ways to find hidden deals on Amazon

Amazon doesn't always post its best deals on its home page. Which is why we have a list of where to find the hidden deals in this On Your Side Savings Guide.

Making credit cards work for you

Credit cards can be dangerous if you don’t have discipline. But if you are diligent and careful you can make credit cards work for you.

  New Richmond based company launches in the rental experience space

A new Richmond company, we first told you about in December, is up and running. The Shed is sort of like the Facebook marketplace but delivered right to your front door.

  How to get help with student loans

If you've lost your job or been furloughed, repaying those student loans has probably been difficult. Rachel DePompa looks at what kind of help is out there in this on your side savings guide.

  Ways to get credit card relief if the debt is stressing you out

Twenty-eight million Americans have added credit card debt as a direct result of the pandemic, according to a recent report, and it’s hitting millennials the hardest.

  Ways to get groceries delivered at a discount

The idea of getting groceries dropped off at your front door is a lot more appealing right now than it used to be. Which is why Rachel DePompa is on your side with how to score free grocery delivery-- in this on your side savings guide.

  Talking to your teen about their credit report

It's never too early to learn how the financial system works and why your credit score is so important.

  Ways to get help with rent money

Don't be afraid to ask family members or close friends for help with rent money

Don’t throw away stimulus debit cards

Are you still waiting for your stimulus money? The latest payments are causing a lot of confusion. In fact, some people think the new envelope looks like junk mail and tossed it in the garbage.

  Tips on paying down credit card debt

It’s normal to turn to credit cards in an emergency, which can be stressful, but personal finance expert Kim Palmer with NerdWallet says you can’t let it get to you.

  Looking for extra cash during the health crisis? Check out this popular gas app

Many are looking for ways to get some extra cash during the health crisis-- so we’ve been going over some of the most popular cashback apps.

  What not to buy this time of year

If you are a bargain hunter, there are certain things this time of year it’s better to wait on, so the price drops.

  Don’t let your gift cards go to waste

We have the ways to turn unwanted or forgotten gift cards into cash

  You can now get free WEEKLY credit reports

During the pandemic you can now get free weekly credit reports

  Best Buys this Memorial Weekend

Even though Memorial Day will look a little different this year because of the Pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and save money to kick off the summer. Rachel DePompa is on your side this morning with a savings guide breaking down the best deals to watch out for over the lon

  Goodwill stores gradually reopening under Phase One guidelines

Goodwill stores across Virginia are gradually reopening to the public in a phased approached which started Tuesday.

  Grocery store prices soaring

With restaurants closed and more of us cooking at home, you’ve probably noticed that grocery prices are soaring. Rachel DePompa is on your side with a savings guide about what’s more expensive and how to curb the costs.

Chesterfield County unveils website with public WiFi access locations

The new website also provides details on where citizens can park, stand or sit to get the best coverage

  Federal government says some nursing homes are stealing relief checks from elderly residents

Some nursing homes are stealing relief checks from elderly residents

  Make sure your credit report does not include extensions

If you've extended one of your loans, there's an important thing you need to do, to make sure you keep your credit in good standing. Rachel DePompa explains in this On Your Side Savings Guide.

  Best Scholarships Apps out there for your college bound teens

Have a student about to go to college? It's never too early to think about how you're going to pay for it. From scholarships to grants and loans. In this On Your Side Savings Guide Rachel DePompa has the apps that can make finding those scholarships a lot easier!

BBB warns of scam targeting people with Roku devices

The BBB is warning people of a new scam that's targeting people with Roku devices

  Central Virginia malls announce plans to reopen on Friday

Southpark Mark announced that they will be reopening later this week. Protective measures will also be put in place.

  Close to retirement: What about my 401K?

We've heard from many of you-- who are close to retirement and scared about how the stock market's been going. In this On Your Side Savings Guide, Rachel DePompa breaks down why investors say-- you still have to look at this as a long term goal.

  Ideas to help you pay your mortgage if you are struggling during the pandemic

aving a hard time paying their mortgage. Rachel DePompa has several suggestions on what you can do with this on your side savings guide.

Breaking credit card rules in an emergency

Need a little extra financial help right now?-- Experts say don't overlook your credit card in an emergency. Rachel DePompa explains in this on your side savings guide.

  Experts: Now is the time to increase 401K if you are able

It may seem counter intuitive as many are running from stocks-- but now is actually a good time to increase your 401k contributions-- if you can.

  Experts: Stocks won’t be down forever

Let’s face it, Wallstreet is up and down, and it can seem scary. But several financial advisors say all hope is not lost.

  Figuring out student loans

Does your teen really understand how much college costs these days? It may be time to have a conversation and show them how they can help in the college decisions.

How the 50-30-20 budget works

Having trouble getting your budget together during the pandemic? In this On Your Side Savings Guide, Rachel DePompa goes over a new way to think about your money during this time.

  Experts: It’s OK to dip into that emergency fund

For years financial experts have stressed the importance of an emergency fund-- and now is the time you may actually need it.

  Heads up! Mother’s Day is around the corner

Mother's Day is around the corner-- did you forget? Don't worry- we are on your side with a savings guide from Rachel DePompa that is packed with ideas.

  Virginia Tax Filing Deadline is Friday

In the midst of COVID-19, it's easy to forget that it's still tax season. The Federal Deadline was extended to July 15th, but what about Virginia?

  What are some loan options

If you still have a job and maybe your hours were cut or your worried about it's future-- there are some loans you could consider during the pandemic.

Saving on auto insurance during the pandemic

Are you looking to free up more cash because of the a job loss or loss of hours? We look at one way to make that happen-- through your auto insurance.

  Using the pandemic to talk about money with children

Are you kids at home driving you nuts? How about turning the crisis into a lesson plan about the value of money?

Know the amount of your loan

Ask most college students how much they will owe when the graduate-- and about 2/3rds can't answer that question.

  The rush to refinance during the pandemic

With interest rates at record lows-- thousands are looking to lower their mortgage payments Some, to free up cash and others are just locking in low rates.

  Turning a financial crisis into a lesson for children

Children are smart-- and can pick up on your stresses. especially if you are out of work. Which is why you could use this crisis as a lesson.

  Home buying, selling and building still happening during the pandemic

Coronavirus is not stopping the spring housing market from blooming.

  Americans are cutting spending

Americans are cutting back on spending

  Landlord and tenants need to work together during the coronavirus pandemic

In this time of uncertainty, many of you are worried about your housing situation. Can you be evicted for not paying your rent? What if you're temporarily laid off? The short answer is no.

  3 Ways credit cards could help during the crisis

Experts usually tell you to steer clear of credit card debt, but during this health and financial crisis, typical advise goes out the window.

BJ’s Wholesale Club designates Appreciation Hour for first responders, healthcare workers

BJ’s Wholesale Club has designated an Appreciation Hour for all first responders and healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Mortgage relief during the health crisis

If you're having trouble paying your mortgage because of the coronavirus there are things you can do to help.

Bojangles offers free tea to healthcare workers, first responders

Bojangles will be offering any size tea for free to healthcare workers, law enforcement, and first responders to show appreciation to those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Richmond Gas Works customers will see lower natural gas bills

Richmond Gas Works says customers will be seeing lower natural gas bills beginning with utility bills in May.

What to do with retirement accounts if you are close to retiring

If you have a retirement account- we tell you over and over now is not the time to panic. This is a long-term goal. But what about our viewers who are very close retirement? Those-- watching the wild swings in the market with uncertainty?

  Coronavirus and best cleaning tips for your house

We are saving you time with your cleaning this morning in regards to COVID-19. A local company goes over the best disinfectants for killing the virus on surfaces.

  Idle cars? Ways to keep them running when you start driving them again

Gas prices are so low, it's almost like they are taunting us. Most of us are stuck at home and our cars are going nowhere. Before you run into a problem the next time you finally start your car, we have some car care tips to add to those D-I-Y lists.