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Richmond-area restaurants & bars temporarily offering pick up, delivery and curbside service

Mayor Levar Stoney is working with city restaurants to use curbside services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  Help with filing for unemployment benefits in Virginia

Kroger Mid-Atlantic gives update on COVID-19 response

Free online resources for your children

Crocs sending free pair of shoes to healthcare workers

Krispy Kreme offering free donuts to doctors, nurses

  Combating credit card troubles during the coronavirus crisis

Continued Coverage

  Be careful when you donate money toward coronavirus causes

Stores announce changes to shopping hours, dedicated times for seniors

Gas drops below $2, down 46 cents from last year

Shoppers stock up on distilled spirits amid fears Virginia ABC stores might close

  EXPERTS: Don’t start a 529 account too late

  Powhatan distillery making free hand sanitizer for first responders

  Cheaper Streaming Alternatives

Love to stream, but don't love to pay a ton of money for streaming sites? In this On Your Side Savings Guide, we have some cheaper alternatives to Netflix.

  'We gotcha’: Dominion Energy crews working to make sure power isn’t an issue while many work from home

Not everyone can work from home, especially those people needed to keep the electrical grid up and running for all of us.

  Watch out for stimulus check fraud

The U.S. Department of Treasury may start sending relief checks to families in the next month. But scammers are using the relief money to find new ways to trick you into giving them money.

  What the Fed rate cuts mean for consumers

The emergency fed rate cuts could mean a lot for you. From student loans to credit cards we go over some of the change.

  Warning: Dominion Service Scam

Ways to squeeze in more time for exercise

U-Haul offers free month of self-storage to college students

  Cutting Subscription and Streaming Service Costs

Only borrow what you need for college

  Congress considering regulating the way car insurance rates are set

Financial planners urging people not to panic amidst stock market nosedives

Financial planners in Charlottesville are urging people to keep calm in the face of the stock market’s recent nosedives.

  Americans are saving more

Americans are saving more for retirement--- by putting more of their salaries into 401K accounts.

  Watch out for auto pay

It's convenient and makes you feel organized-- but setting up automatic payments for all your bills doesn't get you off the hook.

  Top 5 things to know about student loans

Have a kid going to college soon? We have the top 5 things you need to know about student loans. F

  What if your work doesn’t offer a 401K?

We tell you all the time to save for your future! But what if your work doesn't offer a 401K? Here's what you can do for your nest egg.

  Are you thinking of buying a home this spring when the market is hot?

Rachel DePompa has a look at what you need to know about a certain type of mortgage with this On Your Side Savings guide.

Gordmans’ donating $1,000 to local schools

The Grand Opening Brand Bash Celebrations of Gordmans’ newest stores will take place on March 17 at 9 a.m.

Take the stress out of wedding planning

40% of engagements occur this time of year. Wedding planning can be overwhelming-- especially when you don't know where to start! Which is why we try to take the stress out of wedding planning.

Henrico leaders approve short-terms rentals, like Airbnb, to operate across county

Henrico leaders have approved a change in the ordinance to allow short-term rentals, like Airbnb, to operate across the county, with certain restrictions.

  3 things to do with your tax refund

Tax refund checks are starting to trickle in from early filers-- make sure you are making that money work for you!

Rusty Taco celebrates National Margarita Day with two new margaritas

Rusty Taco will be celebrating National Margarita Day with two new margaritas.

  The five C’s to getting a loan

Want to know what lenders look at when deciding whether to approve you? We look at the "5 C's of Lending."

Waffle House holding job fair in Petersburg

The hiring event is Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2020 at Virginia Career Works’ Petersburg Center at 22 W. Washington Street from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Gelati Celesti opening new location in Chesterfield

This will be the Richmond-based and family-owned craft ice cream maker’s seventh location, and the sixth Richmond-based location.

  How Amazon Warehouse deals work

Ok lovers!!!! We look at those Amazon Warehouse Deals-- to find out how they work and if you really save big bucks.

Duluth Trading Co. to open store in Short Pump

The Henrico location will be the second Virginia-based store, and the brand’s 62nd retail location nationwide.

  Don’t go into debt for a wedding

Getting married soon? Have a child tying the knot? Don't let them go into major debt!

Kroger adding plant-based meats, 50 additional plant based foods to stores in 2020

Kroger Mid-Atlantic will bring plant-based meats and 50 additional plant-based foods to stores in 2020.

Buy one, get one free Valentine’s Day sale on Amtrak trips

Amtrak is showing how much they love their customers by having a buy one, get one sale for Valentine’s Day.

  Changes to the way your credit score is calculated

Your credit score determines a lot in life! It can affect buying a car, a house or even get a student loan. Which is why we are zeroing in on a new credit score program launching this year.

Kroger adds Valentine’s Day gift tents for shoppers

The tents offer a variety of floral items and arrangements, balloons, boxed candy and stuffed animals

  Tips to improve your credit score

You need a good credit score for just about everything these days. Which is why we have a Savings Guide full of ways to improve that score.

  REPORT: Female business owners reported strong growth to end 2019

If you're a woman and you own a small business-- 2019 ended on a high note-- with strong growth according to a new study.

  Talk to your teens about protecting their identity online

Your teens are probably online more than they watch TV these days. Which means they need to be extra careful-- so they don't get ripped off or have their identity stolen.

  Tax preparations to make now

Have you started getting your tax returns ready-- because you think you're getting a refund? It's also time to think about preparing for your tax refund for NEXT year.

  Spending less on beauty products

Beauty products can be expensive. A $30 moisturizer, here, a new lipstick there. Add in some mascara and before you know it-- you've dropped a hundred bucks. Don't worry, a new Richmond based beauty company has found a way to help you curb the urge to splurge.

  Try to avoid taking out a 401K loan

You know you've thought about it! You see that retirement nest egg growing-- and you want to take a little now-- to help you get through a tough spot.

Rent on the rise in Charlottesville; median 2BR rent up 2.2% in the past year

A new study finds rent in Charlottesville has continued to rise over the past year and there are several reasons why.

  Super Bowl deals: Time to upgrade that TV?

This is the time of year to buy a new TV if you’re going to pull the trigger. You may see some of the lowest prices of the year. But before you buy, we have some tips that could help you save money.

Amtrak offering discounts for ‘National Plan Your Vacation Day’

Amtrak is offering discounts for National Plan Your Vacation Day.

Bar Louie location in Short Pump closes down

Bar Louie’s location in Short Pump has closed down.

  Study: Does owning a home really make you happier?

They say home is where the heart is, but does owning one really make you happier? A new survey says yes!

  Finding cheaper car insurance

We all do it. Get car insurance-- and then never think about it again. But in this morning's On Your Side Savings Guide-- Rachel DePompa looks at why you really should shop around.

Virginia Credit Union designs upcoming financial workshop for couples

The Virginia Credit Union designed a financial workshop for couples the week before Valentine’s Day.

  Managing money through divorce

It's not a fun topic-- but it's a necessary one these days. Divorce not only takes an emotional toll on people, it's financially traumatic. We have a savings guide for those navigating the world of separation.

Jenna Bush Hager coming to Richmond for national book tour

Jenna Bush Hager will be coming to Richmond for her national book tour on her first solo book “Everything Beautiful In Its Time: Seasons of Love and Loss”.

Ben & Jerry’s creates new ice cream flavor

Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream has created a new flavor, with a familiar name.

  New parent spending don’ts

There's no end to the baby gear companies want you to buy--when you're expecting! Unfortunately, there is an end to your budget!

  RRHA Board approves demolition of Creighton Court

Big changes could be on the way for Creighton Court. This comes after the RRHA Board of commissioners voted Wednesday to approve a resolution to demolish the buildings.

  Ways to clear up that holiday debt hangover

Did you spend too much over the holidays? Feeling a bit of a financial hangover? The real holiday is when you pay it all off.

  Best advice you can give your child for their first job

You did it! You raised a child to an adult-- and they are about to get their first real job! So, what's the best advice you can give?

  Pitfalls of the 7-year auto loan

Looking for a new car? Be careful how LONG you finance that purchase. That vehicle could cost you way more than you expect.

  Apps to help with your financial New Year’s resolutions

Money is usually a top new year's resolution. If you've struggled with saving in the past -- there are some apps that can help you!

Group wants lawmakers to raise Va. minimum wage to $15/hr

Raise The Wage Virginia says the commonwealth ranks as the nation’s best state for business, but dead last for workers

  How to find real secret shopper programs

Did you spend too much over the holidays? Are you dreading going shopping again? But what if you could get paid for your time at the store? Secret Shopper programs are real, but, scammers are using the opportunity to take your money.

  Being cheap isn’t always the answer

There’s a big difference between something that’s a bargain and something that’s just cheap. The later can get you into real trouble.

Police are informing individuals not to abbreviate ’2020′ on documents

This advice has been shared across social media and the Harrisonburg Police Department is also reminding everyone to be cautious in order to protect themselves and prevent legal issues.

  Major leadership changes at Byrd Theatre; More could be on the way

Schall-Vess had been the general manager for 21 years but one simple vote by the board changed it.

  It’s the New Year! It’s time to check up on your 401K

It's the dream right? Retiring early, having enough money to cover your expenses until the end of life.

  A step-by-step guide on what to do if you’ve been scammed

Here’s a step by step guide on what to do if you’ve been scammed through an email or phone.

RECALL: Egg in veggie ramen may be contaminated with listeria

A particular brand of veggie ramen is being recalled because the egg in the product may be contaminated with listeria.

  What new parents really need to buy

There’s no end to the baby gear companies want you to buy new items when you’re expecting. Unfortunately, there is an end to your budget.

  Fun ways to save money in the new year

Now's a good time to start tackling any holiday debt you've maybe accumulated. One good way to do that is to free up as much cash as you can to throw at the debt. Here are some fun money challenges to help you save.

Virginia ABC introduces 47 new products for 2020

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority will add 47 new products to its extensive catalog of more than 3,000 distilled spirits, Virginia wines and mixers.

The secrets to smooth gift returns

Did you wake up this morning and get a gift you aren’t that excited about? Tis the season of returns.

  Last-minute-shoppers hit the stores before Christmas

Christmas Day is almost here, but many shoppers were keeping the road hot, heading for the stores for last minute shopping for their loved ones.

Gift cards are popular Christmas gifts to give, receive and scam

The National Retail Federation found the top five favorite gift cards are for restaurants, department stores, coffee shops, Visa or MasterCard, and entertainment.

  Out-of-network ATM fees reach new record high of $4.72

There are ATMs all over the place—but use the wrong one, and you could pay more than four bucks—just to access your own money.