Savings Guide

  Wants vs. needs: Try the ‘50/30/20’ budget plan

he “50” is taking 50% of your after-tax dollars on necessities like your rent or mortgage payment, food, utilities, insurance and child care.

Hummus sold at stores nationwide being recalled due to possible bacteria contamination

  Planning a summer trip? Take these steps to avoid being scammed

  Why you need to educate teens on using credit cards

Amazon Prime Day: Deals and steals you’ll find online

  Families fight for cemetery to install paid-for headstones

  Watch the retirement fees on your account

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  Why paying credit with credit is a big red flag

  Amazon shoppers can now return orders at Kohl’s

  Several apps can help you save, but which is best?

  Start small: Save $5 here and $10 there

Children’s pajamas recalled for violating flammability standards, posing burn risk to kids

  Fourth of July: Best items to buy

  Watching Your Wallet: Experts say to shop around for the best deals on car insurance and cell phone plans

A NerdWallet financial expert offers tips on saving money on car insurance and cell phone bills: Watch this and don't pay for what you don't need.

  ‘Resort fees’ now common in popular U.S. tourist spots

If you ask about the fees, you'll be told they cover things like local telephone calls, internet access or even the coffee maker in your room.

Woman who ran nationwide Facebook scam sentenced

Two years ago, Zee, as she called herself to her clients, was running a Facebook group called 'Zee’s place; where she advertised discounted baby items.

  4 things to do before you travel

Among things to do, throw out any food that may spoil while you're gone.

Regulators warn of higher Dominion rates

Fisher-Price recalls over 70k infant sleepers due to risk of death

Target offering teachers discounts on school supplies

  Millions switching to banking from their phones

Study: 25% of people don’t lock their front door

  3 credit card rewards you often miss

  Tens of thousands report new Social Security scheme

The Federal Trade Commission says it has had more than 76,000 reports of a Social Security scam in just the past 12 months.

  Ways to cut back on food waste

Between 30% and 40% of food in the U.S. goes uneaten according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Ceiling fans under recall due to shock hazard

Hunter has received one report of damaged light kit wires, but no injuries have been reported.

  Free fitness apps aid in summer health

If you’ve sidelined your fitness over the winter, your phone and some great free, fitness apps could help change that.

  Know how to avoid travel-related scams this vacation season

When you travel, take only the IDs and credit cards you need and make copies so if someone steals your bag you’ll know what was taken.

  The sandwich generation: Having the money talk with your parents

There's a group of Americans really feeling the stress these days. They're not only caring for their aging parents, they're also supporting their own children.

  2 new credit score programs to know about

These are two new programs to watch as they roll out in 2019.

Fire, burn hazards prompt Amazon space heater recall

The company says 337,000 units were sold in North America.

  Generation Z to begin saving for homeownership

The newest generation is learning a valuable lesson from the cash-strapped millennials. Apparently, they are making it a goal to save up for a house.

  Food containers shrink, but prices stay the same

Tropicana, for example, quietly made its clear plastic jugs 12% smaller, but the price stayed the same.

Your typos could end up loading your computer with malware

An investigation by Krebs Security found that scammers have built a huge network of malicious websites playing off common typos in the web addresses for popular sites.

  Ways to avoid credit card debt

The number one way debt sneaks up on you is a lack of a budget.

Analysts: Gas prices could fall below $2-per-gallon this summer

We may be in for some good news at the gas pump over the summer, analysts with GasBuddy say.

  Watching Your Wallet: Make the most of your summer vacation

A frequent traveler and financial expert give their tips for saving money when booking flights and hotels.

  How to find deals at amusement parks

Try to stay away from weekends and only plan your time at the parks for during the week - say a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

  Signs your smartphone is overheating

If you’ve been struggling in the heat this early summer hear - your phone is feeling your pain too! Smart phones and heat just don’t mix. Here are the signs your phone’s at risk for serious heat damage.

  12M Americans plan to sell their home in the next 18 months, survey says

More than 12 million people are planning to sell their homes in the next 18 months.

  Best home renovations for your money

But before you sink a lot of money into a project, you should know which have the best payoff.

  Summer travel procrastinators: Book early to save money

NerdWallet found that 49% of Americans book their summer travel within a month of their trip dates.

  Federal government issues malware streaming warning

Before you think about finding even more content to download, the government has a big warning about the spread of malware.

  How to maximize savings on deal websites

For those of us who’ve used deal websites, like Groupon, you know how helpful they are in saving money, but you can maximize their benefits to save even more.

Virginia for wine lovers? Carytown Kroger tops chain’s wine sales

Four of the top 10 Mid-Atlantic Kroger stores for wine sales are in the Richmond area.

  'Cope Notes’ designed to turn your smartphone into a support group

The messages come at different times so you aren’t expecting them, and each subscriber gets a different message.

  When travel insurance is important

Travel insurance will cost about 5 to 10% of the total trip cost depending on your plan.

  Watch out for wedding loans

The average wedding in America now costs more than $35,000, and that doesn’t include the honeymoon.

  Data shows millionaires also love to save when shopping

One in three people with a net worth of more than $5 million shops at Walmart on a regular basis.

  New scam tricks phone users into changing PIN

Police say the thieves emailed Verizon customers and said there had been fraud on their accounts. Those emails included a callback number.

  Filing some insurance claims may hurt you

If something happens in your home, filing a claim may not always be the smartest move!

  Booking ‘hacker fares’ can lead to airfare savings

Booking something known in the industry as a ‘hacker fare,’ instead, could mean serious savings.

  Student loan debt can lead to divorce

One of the biggest sources of stress in a marriage is money, but new research shows a specific kind of debt is particularly toxic.

Wheels on popular BOB strollers are coming off while parents are running, but no recalls have been issued

BOB strollers, made by Britax, are the subject of a Consumer Product Safety Commission investigation, but no recall has been issued.

  An excellent credit score can help you save money on bills

Pay your bills on time, and shoot for using less than 20% of your total available credit to boost your score.

Watching Your Wallet: Spring housing market secrets revealed

Want to get top dollar for your home this spring? Or are you looking to buy your first home? NerdWallet gives tips for those on both sides of the equation.

  Tips to save money on beauty products

If you’re a die-hard fan of pricier products, there are still ways to save.

  How to turn trash to treasure

Some surprising things that are likely in your house right now are also valuable to the right person.

  Best days of the week to make certain purchases

Getting into the habit of making certain purchases on certain days will save you money.

  Businesses hit by lawsuits over online accessibility for the blind

Over the last two years, businesses in Virginia and across the country have been slapped with a sea of lawsuits.

  Avoiding credit card debt: Have a plan

It's easier than ever to spend money in the digital age - from Apply Pay to online banking, credit cards and debit cards.

  How meal planning can help save time and money

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who plan their menus and shop with a list for those meals, save, on average, 23 percent on their grocery bills.

  Apps can help you with spring cleaning

If you want to do some serious spring cleaning and organizing, the right app could help make that time-consuming process easier.

Virginia Lottery introduces e-games for mobile app

Virginia Lottery said most retailers allow MobilePlay and some other locations such as restaurants and hotels offer e-games.

  Financial impacts of emergency room visits

A new study finds a single ER visit is the number one financial fear for most people.

  Why canceling gym memberships can be difficult

The Better Business Bureau says contract and billing disputes with gyms are common.

Starbucks recalls french press over cutting concerns

Starbucks has received eight reports of the appliance breaking.

  To buy or lease a car: Financial tips for financing a vehicle

The answer often depends on your personal circumstances, but there are issues to consider, especially with leasing.

Amazon brings ‘in-car delivery’ to Richmond

Starting Tuesday, April 30, Amazon Prime members in Richmond who own eligible Ford or Lincoln vehicles can use Key by Amazon in-car delivery to have packages delivered right to their car.

  Apps can help you save, stick to a budget

Some apps will let you set aside a little bit of money at a time to help you out.

  Shopping for groceries online can pay off

When it comes to non-perishables like snack foods, cereals and more, shop around, including looking around online.

  State officials confirm contaminated gas at Chesterfield gas station

The questionable fuel has stopped the pumps from flowing at the BP Gas Station and Corner Mart on Midlothian Turnpike near Winterfield Road.

  Life-changing money for millennials may not be as much as you think

The millennials they polled said, on average, that just $5,000 would make a huge difference in their quality of life.

  How to save money for life’s momentous occasions

Here’s how to plan for life’s momentous occasions so they don’t drain your bank account.

Delivery by drone coming to Virginia

The Federal Aviation Administration has given the green light to drone delivery company to start delivering packages in Blacksburg

  Kohl’s to begin accepting Amazon returns in all stores starting this summer

Beginning in July of 2019, Kohl’s will begin accepting unpackaged returns from Amazon customers at no additional cost.

  Thieves marketing Airbnb scam software to other thieves

A lot of families now choose to book vacation rentals, rather than hotel rooms. Unfortunately scammers have figured that out.

Kohl’s starts ‘Military Monday’ discount

Members of the military and their families can enjoy a 15% discount at their local Kohl’s department store

  How to save on airfare as summer approaches

Some of the old ways of thinking about saving money on flights isn't true anymore.

  Don’t carry cash? Here’s some mobile payment safety tips

Move over credit cards. More people, especially the younger generation, are splitting up their bills and paying with apps like Venmo and Zelle. In this On Your Side Savings Guide-- Rachel DePompa has the secrets using mobile payment apps responsibly.

  Make your retirement dreams come true

It's recommended to start saving for retirement early in your career, ideally with your first job.