Savings Guide

  Don’t let your gift cards go to waste

We have the ways to turn unwanted or forgotten gift cards into cash

  Goodwill stores gradually reopening under Phase One guidelines

  Grocery store prices soaring

Chesterfield County unveils website with public WiFi access locations

  Federal government says some nursing homes are stealing relief checks from elderly residents

  Make sure your credit report does not include extensions

  Best Scholarships Apps out there for your college bound teens

Continued Coverage

BBB warns of scam targeting people with Roku devices

  Central Virginia malls announce plans to reopen on Friday

  Close to retirement: What about my 401K?

  Ideas to help you pay your mortgage if you are struggling during the pandemic

Breaking credit card rules in an emergency

  Experts: Now is the time to increase 401K if you are able

  Experts: Stocks won’t be down forever

Let’s face it, Wallstreet is up and down, and it can seem scary. But several financial advisors say all hope is not lost.

  Figuring out student loans

Does your teen really understand how much college costs these days? It may be time to have a conversation and show them how they can help in the college decisions.

How the 50-30-20 budget works

Having trouble getting your budget together during the pandemic? In this On Your Side Savings Guide, Rachel DePompa goes over a new way to think about your money during this time.

  Experts: It’s OK to dip into that emergency fund

For years financial experts have stressed the importance of an emergency fund-- and now is the time you may actually need it.

  Heads up! Mother’s Day is around the corner

  Virginia Tax Filing Deadline is Friday

  What are some loan options

Saving on auto insurance during the pandemic

  Using the pandemic to talk about money with children

Know the amount of your loan

  The rush to refinance during the pandemic

With interest rates at record lows-- thousands are looking to lower their mortgage payments Some, to free up cash and others are just locking in low rates.

  Turning a financial crisis into a lesson for children

Children are smart-- and can pick up on your stresses. especially if you are out of work. Which is why you could use this crisis as a lesson.

  Home buying, selling and building still happening during the pandemic

Coronavirus is not stopping the spring housing market from blooming.

  Americans are cutting spending

Americans are cutting back on spending

  Landlord and tenants need to work together during the coronavirus pandemic

In this time of uncertainty, many of you are worried about your housing situation. Can you be evicted for not paying your rent? What if you're temporarily laid off? The short answer is no.

  3 Ways credit cards could help during the crisis

Experts usually tell you to steer clear of credit card debt, but during this health and financial crisis, typical advise goes out the window.

BJ’s Wholesale Club designates Appreciation Hour for first responders, healthcare workers

BJ’s Wholesale Club has designated an Appreciation Hour for all first responders and healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Mortgage relief during the health crisis

If you're having trouble paying your mortgage because of the coronavirus there are things you can do to help.

Bojangles offers free tea to healthcare workers, first responders

Bojangles will be offering any size tea for free to healthcare workers, law enforcement, and first responders to show appreciation to those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Richmond Gas Works customers will see lower natural gas bills

Richmond Gas Works says customers will be seeing lower natural gas bills beginning with utility bills in May.

What to do with retirement accounts if you are close to retiring

If you have a retirement account- we tell you over and over now is not the time to panic. This is a long-term goal. But what about our viewers who are very close retirement? Those-- watching the wild swings in the market with uncertainty?

  Coronavirus and best cleaning tips for your house

We are saving you time with your cleaning this morning in regards to COVID-19. A local company goes over the best disinfectants for killing the virus on surfaces.

  Idle cars? Ways to keep them running when you start driving them again

Gas prices are so low, it's almost like they are taunting us. Most of us are stuck at home and our cars are going nowhere. Before you run into a problem the next time you finally start your car, we have some car care tips to add to those D-I-Y lists.

  Help with taking care of your parents and grandparents during the health crisis

We're all worried about our parents and grand parents during this outbreak. We don't want them leaving the house.

  Reducing your power bill as you work from home or the kids are out of school

Your power bill could be much larger this month, particularly if you have multiple people working from home - coupled with kids no longer in school.

What to do with those vacation plans

It’s official, COVID-19 is starting to infringe on summer, and that means you may have to make a decision on that vacation you booked months ago. So what are you going to do?

Richmond-area restaurants & bars temporarily offering pick up, delivery and curbside service

Mayor Levar Stoney is working with city restaurants to use curbside services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  Small businesses struggling to apply for rescue loans

For thousands of small business owners across the country and right here in Virginia, the 349 billion dollar rescue program just isn’t working.

New numbers show that gun sales are surging in Virginia

The new numbers surpass the state’s previous record from December 2012.

Booze to your door: Virginia ABC to allow distilleries to ship straight to customer

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority is now allowing distilleries to ship directly to in-state consumers.

  Help with canceling or re-booking travel

Did you have an upcoming vacation or event that is now canceled and you need to call the airlines? Here are some travel tips during the pandemic.

  How to protect yourself financially during the COVID-19 pandemic

The impact financially from this pandemic is going to be different depending on your financial situation. But there are very basic steps all everyone can take to protect themselves.

  FBI: Be vigilant online, now more than ever

Scammers are jumping on the COVID-19 panic, trying to take advantage of you.

Virginia Lawmakers will need to tackle interest when it comes to delayed tax payments

Virginia's delayed state taxes payments until June 1--- but that's not going to stop the interest from piling up if you owe money. We take a look at what lawmakers are considering.

  Six ways to boost curb appeal if you need to sell your house

Thinking of selling your home this spring? In this On Your Side Savings Guide we have a few easy ways to boost your home's curb appeal.

Virginia ABC announces reduced hours for all stores

Starting next week, all Virginia ABC stores in the state will be reducing hours of operations.

Dollar General provides discounts to medical, first responder communities

Dollar General has announced that the company will be providing discounts to medical, guardsmen and first responder communities.

  Help with filing for unemployment benefits in Virginia

A look at filing for unemployment benefits

Kroger Mid-Atlantic gives update on COVID-19 response

Kroger Mid-Atlantic gives customers and staff an update on the response the company is taking amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Free online resources for your children

we have a look at free online learning programs for your kids.

Crocs sending free pair of shoes to healthcare workers

Crocs will be sending a free pair of shoes to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Krispy Kreme offering free donuts to doctors, nurses

Krispy Kreme will be offering free donuts to doctors and nurses every Monday until May.

  Combating credit card troubles during the coronavirus crisis

Around 67 million Americans think they will have trouble paying their credit card bills due to coronavirus according to a new study.

  Be careful when you donate money toward coronavirus causes

A lot of us are wondering how we can help during this crisis. Donating to a charity is a great way to do this-- but you also have to be REALLY careful.

Stores announce changes to shopping hours, dedicated times for seniors

Stores have announced shopping hours dedicated to senior citizens.

Gas drops below $2, down 46 cents from last year

Gas in Virginia has dropped below $2 due to telecommuting and social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Shoppers stock up on distilled spirits amid fears Virginia ABC stores might close

Virginians are hunkering down and stocking up on essentials should the government order a severe lockdown that shutters nearly all commerce.

  EXPERTS: Don’t start a 529 account too late

If you are thinking of starting a 529 for your child to help with the cost of college-- experts say don't wait until they are in elementary school.

  Powhatan distillery making free hand sanitizer for first responders

During what seems like a dark time there’s always a glimmer of hope. People and businesses are going out of their way to help others. Cleaning supplies are being wiped off the shelves inside of stores.

  Cheaper Streaming Alternatives

Love to stream, but don't love to pay a ton of money for streaming sites? In this On Your Side Savings Guide, we have some cheaper alternatives to Netflix.

  'We gotcha’: Dominion Energy crews working to make sure power isn’t an issue while many work from home

Not everyone can work from home, especially those people needed to keep the electrical grid up and running for all of us.

  Watch out for stimulus check fraud

The U.S. Department of Treasury may start sending relief checks to families in the next month. But scammers are using the relief money to find new ways to trick you into giving them money.

  What the Fed rate cuts mean for consumers

The emergency fed rate cuts could mean a lot for you. From student loans to credit cards we go over some of the change.

  Warning: Dominion Service Scam

While the State Corporation Commission took action to block electric, gas, and water companies from disconnecting service for the next 60 days-- that action is not stopping scammers from preying on fears.

Ways to squeeze in more time for exercise

A new survey reveals-- some Virginians consider shopping a form of exercise.

U-Haul offers free month of self-storage to college students

U-Haul will be offering a free month (30 days) of free self-storage to students.

  Cutting Subscription and Streaming Service Costs

Is your Netflix habit costing you? Meaning... Are you paying too much for streaming subscriptions?

Only borrow what you need for college

If it's time to think about paying for college-- There's one rule of thumb you need to know.

  Congress considering regulating the way car insurance rates are set

Congress may consider a ban on linking credit scores to car insurance.

Financial planners urging people not to panic amidst stock market nosedives

Financial planners in Charlottesville are urging people to keep calm in the face of the stock market’s recent nosedives.

  Americans are saving more

Americans are saving more for retirement--- by putting more of their salaries into 401K accounts.

  Watch out for auto pay

It's convenient and makes you feel organized-- but setting up automatic payments for all your bills doesn't get you off the hook.

  Top 5 things to know about student loans

Have a kid going to college soon? We have the top 5 things you need to know about student loans. F

  What if your work doesn’t offer a 401K?

We tell you all the time to save for your future! But what if your work doesn't offer a 401K? Here's what you can do for your nest egg.

  Are you thinking of buying a home this spring when the market is hot?

Rachel DePompa has a look at what you need to know about a certain type of mortgage with this On Your Side Savings guide.

Gordmans’ donating $1,000 to local schools

The Grand Opening Brand Bash Celebrations of Gordmans’ newest stores will take place on March 17 at 9 a.m.

Take the stress out of wedding planning

40% of engagements occur this time of year. Wedding planning can be overwhelming-- especially when you don't know where to start! Which is why we try to take the stress out of wedding planning.

Henrico leaders approve short-terms rentals, like Airbnb, to operate across county

Henrico leaders have approved a change in the ordinance to allow short-term rentals, like Airbnb, to operate across the county, with certain restrictions.