Savings Guide

  Watch out for wedding loans

The average wedding in America now costs more than $35,000, and that doesn’t include the honeymoon.

  Filing some insurance claims may hurt you

  Booking ‘hacker fares’ can lead to airfare savings

  Student loan debt can lead to divorce

Wheels on popular BOB strollers are coming off while parents are running, but no recalls have been issued

  An excellent credit score can help you save money on bills

  Watching Your Wallet: Spring housing market secrets revealed

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  Tips to save money on beauty products

  How to turn trash to treasure

  Best days of the week to make certain purchases

  Businesses hit by lawsuits over online accessibility for the blind

  Avoiding credit card debt: Have a plan

  How meal planning can help save time and money

  Apps can help you with spring cleaning

If you want to do some serious spring cleaning and organizing, the right app could help make that time-consuming process easier.

Virginia Lottery introduces e-games for mobile app

Virginia Lottery said most retailers allow MobilePlay and some other locations such as restaurants and hotels offer e-games.

  Financial impacts of emergency room visits

A new study finds a single ER visit is the number one financial fear for most people.

  Why canceling gym memberships can be difficult

The Better Business Bureau says contract and billing disputes with gyms are common.

Starbucks recalls french press over cutting concerns

  To buy or lease a car: Financial tips for financing a vehicle

Amazon brings ‘in-car delivery’ to Richmond

  Apps can help you save, stick to a budget

  Shopping for groceries online can pay off

  State officials confirm contaminated gas at Chesterfield gas station

  Life-changing money for millennials may not be as much as you think

The millennials they polled said, on average, that just $5,000 would make a huge difference in their quality of life.

  How to save money for life’s momentous occasions

Here’s how to plan for life’s momentous occasions so they don’t drain your bank account.

Delivery by drone coming to Virginia

The Federal Aviation Administration has given the green light to drone delivery company to start delivering packages in Blacksburg

  Kohl’s to begin accepting Amazon returns in all stores starting this summer

Beginning in July of 2019, Kohl’s will begin accepting unpackaged returns from Amazon customers at no additional cost.

  Thieves marketing Airbnb scam software to other thieves

A lot of families now choose to book vacation rentals, rather than hotel rooms. Unfortunately scammers have figured that out.

Kohl’s starts ‘Military Monday’ discount

Members of the military and their families can enjoy a 15% discount at their local Kohl’s department store

  How to save on airfare as summer approaches

Some of the old ways of thinking about saving money on flights isn't true anymore.

  Don’t carry cash? Here’s some mobile payment safety tips

Move over credit cards. More people, especially the younger generation, are splitting up their bills and paying with apps like Venmo and Zelle. In this On Your Side Savings Guide-- Rachel DePompa has the secrets using mobile payment apps responsibly.

  Make your retirement dreams come true

It's recommended to start saving for retirement early in your career, ideally with your first job.

Mondelēz Global LLC announces limited voluntary recall on Chewy Chips Ahoy

Consumers who have these products should not eat them.

  How to avoid overspending to prepare for spring, summer

If you do need something new, this is the time to start shopping around.

Tax Day deals and freebies

Tax Day is April 15.

  Watching Your Wallet: Experts give advice on reining in your tax refund

Rather than taking a tax refund check and splurging on a quick shopping spree, NerdWallet advises people make smart spending – or saving - plans.

  How to get your unclaimed tax refund

Every year the IRS announces it’s sitting on about a billion dollars’ worth of unclaimed tax refunds.

  Financial scams targeting older Americans quadrupled in 4 years

The data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found older Americans lost more than $6 billion to theft and fraud between just 2013 and 2017.

  Study: Many large companies avoid lawsuits with arbitration agreements

If a product hurts you, or you’re ripped off, you might want to sue to cover those medical bills or get your money back.

Need a job? Attend the Greater Richmond Community Job Fair

If you or someone you know is looking for work, several employers will be at a job fair Wednesday in Richmond.

GasBuddy: These are the best, worst days of week to buy gas and avoid lines

Many metro areas across the nation have seen the largest seasonal rise in prices since 2012, according to GasBuddy.

  Phone scams to watch out for

Criminals are getting smarter and more high tech, and that means phone scams are getting more effective.

  Good ways to start money conversations while avoiding arguments

Sometimes just bringing up money can spark an argument between two people that are sharing a life together.

Target to offer coupon towards new car seat in exchange for your child’s old one

Since the event started in 2016, Target has recycled an estimated 500,000 car seats.

  ‘Unhackable’ alarm systems for cars may not be so smart after all

Security researchers from Pen Test Partners found major security flaws in smart alarms from two makers- Viper and Pandora Car Alarms.

Warning issued to parents for Fisher-Price baby product after reports of infant deaths

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price have issued a warning about the Rock 'n Play infant swing due to several reported deaths.

  How to keep prom costs down

The average teen now spends about $1,000 on prom, including an average of $325 on the “promposal.”

PetSmart offers free Easter photos for pets

Pet parents can bring their fur babies into participating stores across the U.S.

  Know your money triggers: what makes you spend too much?

Understanding why we buy what we do can help us make better decisions in the future.

Airbnb issues scam warning for UVA fans

Airbnb warns UVA fans about potential scams in Minneapolis ahead of the team's Final Four appearance.

  Study: People spend more using mobile payment apps

Researchers have found that using mobile payment apps leads to more people overspending.

  Are credit card rewards worth it?

The average annual fee for a rewards card is about $60

  The financial burden of emergencies

It’s recommended you save up six months’ worth of living expenses, just in case.

22,000 baby socks recalled due to ornaments detaching, choking hazard

Consumers should immediately take the recalled socks away from children.

  Debate over what is considered milk and how to label it heats up

If you walk through the dairy aisle, there’s quite the variety: two percent, whole milk, almond, and soy milk. Those last two are now in question as the battle over what is considered “milk” is heating up.

  Why paying attention to sale cycles is important

Simply paying attention to the sale cycles at your grocery store could save you serious money.

Two male enhancement supplements recalled due to presence of sildenafil

The active ingredients in both supplements may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs and lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

  Watch out for home buying scams

A new report finds digital photo manipulation - or so called "virtual staging" is now widespread - likely because it’s much cheaper than real renovations or home staging.

Sausage recalled due to possible metal contamination

Over 2,500 pounds have been recalled.

Recall Roundup: Here’s everything recalled this past week

It seems as though just about every day there is a new recall causing you to sift through your pantry, fridge, medicine cabinet or your child’s toy chest.

  Shaquille O’Neal named new Papa John’s spokesman

The pizza giant issued a statement Friday morning announcing that the four-time NBA champion will join the company’s board of directors, invest in nine stores in the Atlanta area and “be an ambassador for the Papa John’s brand.”

Children’s globe recalled due to fire and burn hazards

About 3,000 globes have been recalled.

  Teaching a toddler about money promotes future financial success

Simple concepts can teach children the idea of savings at a young age.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition expands recall of dog food due to toxic levels of vitamin D

Hill’s initial recall involved 675,000 cases—or 13.5 million cans—and led to an unknown number of pet illnesses and deaths.

Baby cough syrup recalled due to bacteria contamination

Those at risk for more severe forms of the illness include infants, young children and those with weakened immune systems.

Zero turn mowers recalled due to fire hazard

The mower’s throttle cable can make contact with internal electric wiring.

Electric bike recalled due to crash and injury hazard

The bicycle stem can break, posing crash and injury hazards.

Riding saddles recalled due to fall hazard

Around 1,600 saddles have been recalled.

  Best time to sell your home is May

A new study from Zillow shows homes that hit the market in May sell for more.

Another hypertension tablet recalled due to impurity

This is the eighth recall.

Virginia Tech Helmet Lab releases youth football helmet ratings

The ratings allow consumers to see which helmets best help to reduce concussions.

More lots of blood pressure medications recalled due to impurity

43 lots in total have been recalled.

  Research shows lack of savings could lead to poverty by retirement

A lot of people now in their 30s or 4s0 will still barely be scraping by in what they’d hoped would be their “golden years.”

Mystery charges? It could be from a new game kids are playing

Apex Legends has only been out a few weeks, but it’s already blowing Fortnite records out of the water.

  Health care costs causing majority of bankruptcies

The report says that 44 percent of American families faced an unexpected medical expense last year

  Children’s sports impact parents’ savings

A survey says 34 percent of parents were confident their child would make it to the Olympics or turn pro in a sport, but statistics show only about 2 percent of elite athletes win college scholarships.

78,500 HP batteries recalled due to fire and burn hazards

One minor injury has been reported with property damage totaling $1,000.

Lumber Liquidators to pay $33 million for securities fraud

Lumber Liquidators knowingly filed a false statement to investors broadly denying the allegations featured in a March 2015 episode of 60 Minutes.

Pillsbury flour recalled for possible salmonella contamination

Winn-Dixie announced a voluntary recall for for two codes of its Pillbury all-purpose flour for possible contamination of Salmonella.

Harley-Davidson is looking to attract younger customers with electric bikes

These vehicles max out at roughly 10 mph and cost between $649 and $699.

Most Virginians to get credits on electric bills

The State Corporation Commission announced that Dominion Energy customers will get a one-time customer credit by July 1. Customers of Appalachian Power will get their credit by Oct. 1.