Savings Guide

  Cutting back your budget as your spending changes during re-opening

As we start to add more things back into our budgets like buying more gas for our vehicles or planning vacations, you may be looking for areas to cut back. Rachel DePompa is on your side with some good places to start.

  Best buys in May

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash-testing electric vehicles

  Spring cleaning your finances

  Mother’s Day ideas for last-minute shoppers

Free Coffee Tuesdays returning to Wawa

  Ways to prepare for buying a home, next year

Continued Coverage

  The things that affect how much you pay for home owner’s insurance

  Purchases that lead to buyer’s remorse

  Freelancing & how to save for retirement

  Remember to look at reviews when ordering online

  How to sell electronics for extra cash

  When do you need a financial advisor?

  Here’s a look at some of the best buys in April

April is the best time buy lots of things on your list. We have the deals you should be looking for and the specific items you should avoid buying in April in our on your side savings guide.

  Making sure you budget for “Fun Goals”

It’s great to pay off your debt, but sometimes you need a little motivation right? Something fun on the horizon to keep you going. Rachel DePompa is on your side with a savings guide all about planning for fun.

More Baby Boomers are deciding to retire in the pandemic

Close to 30 million baby boomers retired in the third quarter of 2020… according to recent Pew Research Center analysis.

Virginia explained: What’s a triennial review and why should you care?

For the first time in six years, Virginia’s largest utility, which serves two-thirds of Virginia’s residential customers, will submit to a review of its base rates.

How your power company is combatting squirrel-related outages

  How to teach your teens about budgeting

  Ways to keep your student loan payment low after the September deadline

  The pandemic isn’t hitting everyone hard financially

  Start looking at what can go back in your budget

Hanover Co. to hold e-waste recycling event

  Prioritizing Debt in a pandemic

Even with all the relief options being offered to borrowers, so many Americans ended up taking on more debt this past year.

  11 million recalled Takata airbags still on US roads

There are 11 million vehicles in the US, ranging in age from 2002 to 2015, that still have deadly Takata airbags inside the steering wheel.

  Report: 42% say financial situation got worse during the pandemic

Whether you lost your job, or took a pay cut, a lot of folks are hurting financially during the pandemic.

JCPenney announces closing date for Virginia Center Commons location

A closing date has been announced for the JCPenney store at Virginia Center Commons.

  The pandemic has changed our financial habits

Have you changed how you handle your money since the pandemic first started? Most Americans have made some kind of change.

  2021 may be a good time to convert to digital banking

You are not alone, and you can move into the digital age with some training.

  Small Businesses can still apply for Dominion EnergyShare grants

If you are a small business in the area struggling in this pandemic-- there is a grant available to help you keep the lights on. It’s through Dominion Energy and it could help you pay your energy bill.

  New program launches in Virginia for access to fast cash

One thing we’ve all learned in the pandemic is how an unexpected emergency can quickly shake up your finances. Rachel DePompa takes a look at a new product designed to help you get cash-fast.

Should you refinance?

Rates are so low right now-- a lot of folks are investigating whether they should refinance their home. But how do you know if it’s a good idea for you?

  Fees to watch our for when refinancing

It’s a good time to look at refinancing some of your debt right now because interest rates are so low. On Your Side Investigator Rachel DePompa found out the three fees you should immediately ask about-- before signing any dotted line.

  Report: Black adults twice as likely to be denied credit

Black adults are more than twice as likely to be denied credit than white adults. Just one of many findings in a new report from Lending Tree on racial disparity when it comes to finances.

  Here are some of the hottest deals in March!

It’s time to find out where to get the hottest deals in March.

Spanberger calls on IRS to extend 2020 tax filing deadline to July 1st

7th District Representative Abigail Spanberger is calling on the IRS to extend this year’s tax filing deadline by three months.

  Ways to make your mortgage application attractive

If you’re thinking about buying a home in the next year - there are steps you can take now to get your financing an order. And it could make your mortgage application more attractive to lenders.

  Smart ways to establish credit

Having good credit is important to being able to get a loan or buy a house. Lenders, landlords and employers may check your credit history. So, if you’re thinking it’s high time you establish some credit for the first time-- we have some ways you can do that.

  Virtual Home Buying tips

The pandemic has forced many realtors to use virtual tools to show their homes for sale.

BBB gives tips for planning weddings during pandemic

BBB says be flexible when planning a wedding this summer

Make sure you know what mortgage you can afford when shopping for a house

If you are ready to buy a new house and you’ve begun looking-- makes sure you aren’t looking at homes at the higher end of you budget. You don’t want to end up with a mortgage that's more than you can really afford.

  Old school budgeting with a pen and paper is still a good way to go

You want to budget-- but you are not a fan of apps and gadgets. Rachel DePompa is here to tell you, “It’s ok!” because “old school” budgeting is still popular!

  Study: 28 million people plan to buy a home next year

28 million Americans say they plan to purchase a home in the next 12 months- according to Nerdwallets new annual home buyer report.

Newport News Shipbuilding announces layoffs for 300-plus employees

The largest industrial employer in Virginia is laying off 314 salaried staff employees and moving about 120 managers to lower-level positions.

Chesterfield County to administer over $10 million to rent, utility relief programs

Two local nonprofits in Chesterfield are set to receive more than $10 million in federal coronavirus relief funds after the Wednesday approval from the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors.

  Here are some ways you can have fun goals in your budget

A stimulus check-- a raise at work-- even a tax refund. If you get a windfall in money it can be stressful to figure out the best way to use it.

  Using travel rewards once you start traveling again

The progress in the COVID-19 vaccinations has consumers a little less worried about traveling in 2021. Rachel DePompa is On Your Side to explain how travel credit cards will help folks get away.

Experts: Get your documents together and file your taxes as soon as possible

There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty with filing taxes this year, and the pandemic has certainly complicated things. People may have lost or started new jobs or gotten unemployed.

  Just because you’re driving less doesn’t mean you can skip vehicle maintenance

Millions of Americans are staying home more often during the pandemic. On Your Side Investigator Rachel DePompa looks at why you still need to maintain your car-- even if you're driving less.

  Make sure you hire a professional realtor when selling your home

Having a friend as a realtor is great, but sometimes is not easy to mix business with friendship.

  Getting ready for a big-ticket purchase takes time

Michael Joyce with the Richmond financial firm Agili says saving for big goals takes time.

  How to give yourself a break, reset goals

It's been a long several months and as we turn the page on this chapter, Rachel DePompa has a good reminder in our on your side savings guide: Give yourself a break.

  Tip: Find out now if you owe taxes this year

If you owed taxes before, or think you could again, you might want to figure it out so you can best plan for the spring. On Your Side Investigator Rachel DePompa has some good reminders this February.

Gas prices jump in Va., nationwide

Virginia gas prices have increased by six cents per gallon in the last week — bringing the average cost to $2.40/g.

  Ways to improve your credit score

If one of your goals this month is to improve your credit score, we’ve got you covered. Rachel DePompa has a step-by-step from the experts in this On Your Side Savings Guide.

  Ways to save on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be an expensive holiday: the flowers, candy, gifts, cards and dinners out can make the price of love staggering.

  STUDY: 42% of Americans say their financial situation has gotten worse in the pandemic

Negotiate new credit card terms. Call and ask for a lower APR.

  Update your retirement contributions

It’s time to give your retirement accounts a check-up. Rachel DePompa is on your side with advice from the experts on why it’s a good idea to take another look at how much money you are contributing.

  If you are not holding yard sales just yet we have a few ideas for your stuff

With the pandemic yards sales have been a lot trickier. So, if you’re looking for ways to continue to make extra cash, but steering clear of up close contact-- Rachel DePompa has some ideas in this On Your Side savings guide.

  If you are looking for a new TV, this is the time of year to find the best deals

If you skipped Black Friday sales and waited until now to buy a new tv, you’re a pretty savvy shopper. Super Bowl weekend is the time to buy. Rachel DePompa has some ideas anyone can use to save even more money in this On Your Side Savings Guide.

  What to know about filing your taxes this year

A lot of viewers have asked us about those stimulus payments this year.

  Dominion Energy offering home assessment that could lower your bill

If you are a Dominion Energy customer, there’s a free program you can sign up for that may help you lower your bill slightly.

  Ways to boost your income from the experts

Did you spend more than you wanted to over the holiday season? Would a little extra cash help you right now? Rachel DePompa has some ideas from the experts on how you can make more money in 2021.

  Paying off debt in 2021

If you built up debt last year, don’t let it ruin your 2021. Let’s get serious about making a plan to pay it all off.

  Get organized around your debt

January is the perfect time to look at where you want to be financially by the end of 2021 And after the year we’ve all had-- it’s ok to start that process now- late in the month.

  Should you wait to file your taxes or file right away?

Tax season is upon as W-2s start to get delivered.

  Find ways to shop smart!

As we continue the trend of shopping online-- we want to help you be smart about it. Rachel DePompa has some simple ways to keep the crooks at bay in our on your side savings guide.

  Make sure you don’t overspend in 2021

As the vaccine becomes more widespread and restrictions are lifted-- take one lesson you learned in 2020 and keep it going. Experts say don’t start overspending once you can finally do more activities and travel.

  What to do if you can’t transfer credit card debt

Not everyone has the ability to transfer credit card debt to an interest-free card. It’s difficult to do if you don’t have good credit, meaning a FICO score of at least 690.

  Ideas for paying off credit card debt

It happens all the time. A car breaks down or the AC Unit goes out. A big expense you never saw coming. It’s a new year and a new time to tackle debt.

Hopewell accepting applications for community development grants

The City of Hopewell is accepting applications for community development grants, which are provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  Why the MLK holiday is one of the best times to buy a car

If you’re in the market for a used car, you’re in luck. This is a good holiday weekend to shop!

  Rebuilding your emergency fund

The pandemic really opened up a lot of people’s eyes to how essential an emergency fund is as a safety net.

  How to hunt down your $600 delayed COVID stimulus payment

The IRS confirmed early in the month that there are some snags with the second round of COVID-19 stimulus payments.

  Protecting your family from computer viruses

With your kids online nearly every day during virtual learning, it’s important to make sure they are wary of clicking on unsolicited emails and links.

  Let’s introduce you to Budgeting 101...

New Year, new money situation! It’s time for a little budgeting 101.

  Hacking the 52 Week Money Challenge

This week we told you all about the 52 week money challenge-- to get you to save in 2021. Now, Rachel DePompa is on your side with a savings guide to teach you how to “hack” it. And save even more money!

  Ever heard of the 52-Week Money Challenge? Here’s an easy way to save money!

If you follow through, you could have an extra $1,378 dollars saved up by the end of the year.

  Financial planning before a divorce is finalized

This next topic isn’t an easy one to talk about, but it’s necessary.

Winning numbers announced in Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle - 4 worth $1 million each

On Friday, the Virginia Lottery released the $1 million winning numbers drawn.

  Stimulus direct deposits starting to arrive

The IRS has a Get My Payment website so you can track your money-- but it's currently offline.