Acts of Kindness

  ’It’s my purpose’: Henrico woman drives disabled to appointments

A Henrico County woman is putting a lot of miles on her car to help the elderly, disabled and those without a lot of money.

  Overcoming tragedy: Student who lost mother in crash gifted school supplies

  Fitness instructor awarded for helping children with special needs

  Pharmacy tech’s customer service ‘is the best form of medicine’

  Richmond woman runs camp to keep kids active, affordable for parents

  Henrico woman runs errands for seniors while caring for disabled mother

  Woman ‘called to serve’ helps feed community through church

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  Circles RVA volunteer recognized for her tireless work

  Richmond pastor spreads message of kindness in simple ways

  Richmond teacher ‘Mr. B’ uses real world situations to teach business concepts

  Taekwondo instructor brings special lesson to students with autism

  Woman reunites family with missing cat

  Man who battled addiction for 30 years now gives back to the community

  School custodian goes above and beyond to spark positive attitudes

There are certain people in life who can light up a room without saying much of anything. For a Goochland community, that person is Connie Brice.

  Cancer survivor helps those in need despite hurt and heartbreak

For decades, Shirley Carter has been giving back to people who are less fortunate.

  ‘In this together’: Teacher awarded for compassion, work outside everyday duties

For the past 24 years- the last 12 at Westover Hills - Janice Grey has been nurturing the lives of countless students.

  Henrico teen making a difference by volunteering at elementary school

A Henrico teenager is making a difference by volunteering a couple of days a week at a local elementary school.

  Richmond woman spreads kindness in honor of late mother

  Teacher awarded for giving special attention to students, teaching them positive habits

  ‘They teach me more than I teach them’: Teacher awarded for helping students connect

  Family thanks pair for helping son with autism overcome new challenges

  Teacher honored for making a difference beyond the classroom

  Behind the curtain: Theater teacher awarded for family-like atmosphere

Local Chick-fil-A raises money for 2-year-old battling leukemia

The Chick-fil-A in Westchester Commons will host a fundraiser on Wednesday, Jan. 30, from 5 - 8 p.m. to help 2-year-old Brynna Kate Allen.

  Purr-fect timing: Family gets new get cat from TN thanks to woman moving to Richmond

A family was devastated after their cat, Snowball, died late last year.

  Second-grade teacher recognized for work in and out of class: ‘I love what I do’

You’re about to learn about a committed, passionate, and dedicated second-grade teacher at Cool Springs Primary School in King William County.

  Firefighter with other part-time jobs rewarded for helping out neighbor

After 23 years of marriage, Diane Wenrick would have to find a new normal, which also meant learning how to care for their 5-acre property.

  'FarmBus’ gives out locally-grown food for free

Local business owner drives bus full of food to hand out to people in Church Hill.

  ’Lauren the Veteran’ gets much needed help at RACC

The hound mix was spotted wandering the parking lot of McGuire V.A. Hospital for months. It’s how she got the name Lauren the Veteran.

  Cancer survivor helping Varina kids reach new heights

If the measure of man is how he handles his responsibilities, look no further than Coach Wendall Tomlin.

  Chesterfield County woman lifting weights and spirits

Chesterfield County woman is lifting weights and spirits at the gym.

  Chesterfield man honored for helping neighbors after Hurricane Michael

The morning after Tropical Storm Michael rolled through, residents were left with a mess to clean up including Kimina Harris and her North Chesterfield neighbors.

  Chipping in to help out those spooky shopping sprees

A new study shows that Americans will spend $9 billion on the holiday - equaling about $90 per person.

  Henrico teacher awarded for her inspiration

Lisa Robinson of Glen Lea Elementary school is "genuinely dedicated and works so hard to improve our students education and our community."

  Part owner of popular Richmond restaurant finds time to rescue animals

Part owner of a popular restaurant in downtown Richmond still finds time to rescue countless animals.

  Woman remembered for generosity: ‘We were really blessed to find each other’

A woman is being remembered for her loving spirit after dying from pancreatic cancer.

  Hanover woman honored for helping the homeless

For years, one woman in Hanover County has been doing her part to feed the men and women facing homelessness. Now, the volunteers around her are putting a spotlight on her selfless ways, in this week's acts of kindness.

  Richmond man lends neighbor his car for 2 months

Would you let someone you barely know drive your car? What if they were your neighbor, would that make a difference? Well, that's exactly what a Richmond man did for his neighbor so she could get to work.

  Paying it forward ahead of a Hurricane

NBC12′s Anthony Antoine decided to pay it forward ahead of the storm.

  Richmond couple takes in ailing minister

If the saying is true, this home is filled with more love than money can ever buy.

  15 years of mowing grass is one man’s gift to his friend’s widow

For a Petersburg man, cutting the grass is not a chore - it's a simple act of kindness.

  Nurse rewarded for her kindness, compassion

A nurse gained custody of a patient in hard times and her kindness was rewarded.

  Acts of Kindness: paying it forward to families for indoor activities

In this weeks Acts of Kindness, Anthony Antoine wanted to do something a little different: he brought a little bit of sunshine to some random families across Central Virginia.

  Veteran rewarded for helping others through Life Lessons

Some of life's most valuable lessons can come after a difficult time in your life. That's where Owens comes in at Life Lessons Family Services.

23-year-old gives kidney to choir director

You may want to grab some tissues, because emotions overflow when a church choir director comes face-to-face with her kidney transplant donor.

Acts of Kindness: Couple honors dad's rehab nurse

Placing a loved one in a nursing home, assisted living or rehabilitation center can be an agonizing decision for many families.

Acts of Kindness: Deputy chief honored for saving boy's life

When a little boy suddenly stopped breathing in the middle of the night, his desperate parents made a frantic call to a friend and neighbor they credit with saving their son's life.

Pastor honored for mentoring students

A former teacher-turned-preacher is this week's Acts of Kindness honoree. A big part of his ministry is providing students in some of the city's most economically-distressed areas with the tools and resources they need to achieve.

Acts of Kindness: Honoree devotes decades to animal advocacy

Marsha White has run the non-profit St. Francis Animal Humane Society - a unique, all-volunteer group that fosters kitties until they can find them forever homes.

Acts of Kindness: Teen handcrafts hope for cancer patients

We're passing on $300 to a teenage scholar and artist, whose handcrafted designs bring comfort and joy to family, friends, teachers and especially patients dealing with a life-changing diagnosis.

Acts of Kindness: Chesterfield woman helps neighbor in big and small ways

Love Thy Neighbor - most of us would agree that's a good way to try to live our lives. We're recognizing a Chesterfield woman who puts those words into action in big and small ways.

Mom and wheelchair-bound son with cerebral palsy honor gym manager

Michael Whitten has cerebral palsy, but his skills and personality have made him an asset at Planet Fitness. Michael's mom credits gym manager Brooke with helping Michael achieve his goals.

Acts of Kindness: 'Miss Cat' keeps kids safe, excited on school bus

Today's Acts of Kindness recognizes a Henrico school bus driver affectionately called Ms. Cat. Parents say she keeps their kids safe, happy, inspired and excited to get on board Bus 277 each day.

Acts of Kindness: Woman honored for work with food bank

Allison Anderson leads a small staff of volunteers who shop, transport, sort, stack and give out as many as 100 bags of food each day, making sure families have enough for every meal for several days.

Acts of Kindness: Artists honor retired nurse

"If you're stuck in the house, wondering what to do with yourself, get out and help somebody."

Business woman honored for inspiring others

Lois Jolley launched her business out of  her garage, then moved to a local flea market, before opening the doors at her first brick and mortar location in 2010.

Double transplant recipient thanks his 'guardian angels'

It has been a year since Earl Fleming received a new heart and kidney. He says he is feeling like a million dollars.

Acts of Kindness: Pet detectives searching for 'Layla' after family flees hurricane

A hurricane forced a Marine Corps father, his pregnant wife and young kids to flee their home. While stopping in Ashland, their beloved 4-year-old Dachshund, Layla went missing.

Acts of Kindness: Honors for Federal Reserve analyst

Jessica Cotman has worked for the Federal Reserve Bank here in Richmond for 31 years.

Acts of Kindness: Honoring a longtime Richmond Animal League volunteer

Sharon Hooper started volunteer fostering with RAL seven years ago - if you've seen the NBC12 puppy cam, you've seen her house!

Acts of Kindness: Richmond student honors principal

While some students dread going to the principal's office, honor roll student, Alexis Gresham likes to visit several times a week.

Family honors Chesterfield sheriff's deputy

Barbara Kidd says she has lost a lot of friends since battling lung cancer and congestive heart failure.

Acts of Kindness: Henrico outreach founder honored

A Henrico mother wanted to get her children involved in helping the area's homeless.

Acts of Kindness: Grateful for gift of mobility

Melody Thorpe was brought to tears by the donation a complete stranger made to her and her wheelchair-bound son.

Bus driver nominates young passenger for Acts of Kindness

When she's not volunteering in the NBC12 Call12 Center, Retiree Patsy Hughes drives the school bus in Amelia.

Hanover teen honors youth football coach

Thirteen-year-old Hunter Robbins is a tackle and linebacker with the Darbytown Gators. The team is part of the Excel To Excellence League.

Acts of Kindness: Leading 'The Way' to better living

Linda Hanna nominated Brian Purcell - founder of "The WAY", a Henrico non-profit - for Acts Of Kindness recognition.

Once homeless vet honored for giving back to people in need of food and shelter

Military veteran and grandmother Rhonda Sneed knows what it's like to be homeless. Now she spends four or five days a week preparing and delivering meals and water throughout metro Richmond.

Acts of Kindness: Blind student honors mobility instructor

Cynthia says mobility instructor Becky Keller helped her become comfortable walking around town without a guide, going to stores, crossing intersections, riding the bus and train.

Acts of Kindness: Downtown Richmond Outreach

Civic engagement and community service are a big focus of a nearly two-decade-old urban ministry in the heart of downtown Richmond.

Acts of Kindness: Congregation honors parish nurse

Lois has been a nurse all her life, working in different positions in several hospitals. This active 89-year-old still drives all over town comforting the sick and shut-in.

Acts of Kindness: Cancer survivor honored for hospital donations

Beth, a breast cancer survivor, quit her job to attend to her daughter's healthcare needs. They remain passionate about helping others, donating toys, movies and gifts to hospitalized children.

Acts of Kindness: Mom honors her son's Special Ed. Teacher

Long-time Special Education teacher Kristina Adams is commended for going above and beyond for every one of her students and for keeping up with them after they graduate.

Acts of Kindness: Volunteer delivers homemade desserts to senior center

While most of us are asleep, it's very likely Dorothy Whipple is awake, in the kitchen and baking some scrumptious dessert to give away.

Acts of Kindness: Gracie's Gowns supports children with illnesses

Having a personalized hospital gown in their favorite color, with their favor activity, animals or characters can help make kids feel less like patients and more like children.

Acts of Kindness: Next door neighbor honored

Michelle Latney lives with her 73-year-old mother. Ever since her father passed away, Michelle says her next door neighbor and his son have stepped up to help her family.

Acts of Kindness: Stranger gives local Teacher of the Year $2.3K

Rahoma Sims says her class doesn't have the basic audio equipment to put on a production, so a local stranger stopped by with a surprise.

Acts of Kindness: Flea market ministry

Ida Bynum has built several careers helping people look and feel good. She started off as a beautician and certified nursing assistant, then became a cookbook author, pastor and professor.

Acts of Kindness: Chesterfield teacher honored by former student

When a former student put out a Facebook call for help, a Chesterfield teacher was there to assist with a big move, even though they hadn't seen each other in over a decade.

Acts of Kindness: Young leukemia survivor helps kids still battling cancer

I went to Goochland's Randolph Elementary to meet the amazing Savanna Anchell. She told me why she is so committed to helping bring some joy to cancer-stricken children.

Acts of Kindness: Man rushes to help fight fire at neighbor's house

A Henrico woman is honoring her neighbor's kindness and courage over the holidays.