Security heightened throughout Manchester as thefts increase

Security heightened throughout Manchester as thefts increase
Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 8:14 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Manchester residents have been on high alert as more people are seeing their cars and homes broken into.

Recent data from the Richmond Police Department showed a 22% jump in reported thefts from a vehicle from last year to now. In Manchester, there were 15 reported thefts in August and September so far.

The president of the Manchester Alliance says that she’s seen, through her security camera, thieves in action at her property as well as construction sites.

“People have gotten ladders, gotten up on the roof and stolen copper tubing from HVAC systems ... Fences are going up around construction sites,” said Glenda Kotchish, the president of the Manchester Alliance.

Kotchish says it looks like private security may be patroling those areas.

Now, security officers drive through Manchester to help patrol the area and keep the community safe.

“Last meeting, we said we would set up a committee to address this and find out what we can do,” Kotchish said.

The organization plans to talk with Richmond Police and council members to figure out the next steps.

“There’s no easy solution but putting your voice to it and putting your mind to it, we’ll find something,” she explained.

A Dominion Energy spokesperson told NBC12 that copper wire was stolen from one of their Manchester properties just last week.