Auto workers strike could mean higher costs and longer waits for repairs

A local auto repair shop manager explains what could happen if the auto workers strike continues.
Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 6:32 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The auto workers’ strike out of state is expected to impact local repair shops. The store manager of Certified Auto Repair in Henrico, Robbie Althizer, broke down why workers are on strike.

“They want higher pay, with inflation everybody’s needing a little more in their paycheck, they’re wanting shorter hours and pension ... they’re wanting some sort of retirement pay,” he said.

Now that thousands of people aren’t making cars and parts, it creates a drop in supply when there’s not a drop in demand.

“Parts prices have gone up a lot for the last few years and if they stay on strike for a while, it’s probably going to go a lot higher, so we’re going to see a lot higher bills at automotive shops for your newer cars, not older ones.”

He said it would impact drivers of newer cars because of what’s being currently built in those Detroit auto manufacturing buildings.

“Specialty parts, programmers, computers, that’s stuff that’s going to take a long time to get because you can only get it from a dealer, and it’s going to be more expensive,” Althizer said.

Not only will it cost you more, but it could also put you without a vehicle for a longer period of time.

“As far as us here locally, higher parts prices, longer time to get the parts, you’re going to see higher car prices on higher demand cars,” he said.

The best way to prepare is to make sure your car is up to date on all maintenance so you’re less likely to break down.

“Spark plugs (and) belts help prevent breakdowns, so that’s the most important part, is preventative maintenance to keep the car going. We need to prolong the life of the cars we have now as long as we can when it comes to cost,” said Althizer.