More Henrico schools imposing age restrictions at football games

More schools are imposing tougher rules at their football games.
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 6:56 PM EDT
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HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - More schools impose tougher rules at their football games.

Henrico High School joined Hermitage and Highland Springs in requiring anyone under 18 to have an adult over 21 with them at all games.

There are nine high schools in Henrico, and now one-third have enacted tighter protocols.

HCPS cites an alarming uptick in rowdy behavior, not just locally but nationwide.

HCPS Spokesperson Eileen Cox says these decisions are not from the district but from the principals of the three schools.

“Whether that’s fights in the seats or stadium or altercations around the field as people are loitering or walking around the field continuously, we feel that by having an adult come to the game with their child or students, it’s another set of eyes and ears,” Cox said.

There are other elements to the policy.

The supervising adult must present a photo ID with their birthday but will not be allowed in if the information doesn’t match the name on the game ticket.

Everyone must remain in their seats; concessions and restrooms are the only exceptions.

Tickets will now be sold online, and everyone must leave as soon as the game ends.

“These are temporary measures that are in place,” Cox said. “They will evaluate every week after games to see what’s working and what may be pulled back.”

Hermitage and Highland Springs both adopted the rules and policies last week.

“We’ve overwhelmingly had a positive response. I believe that most of our families understand this is a precautionary measure,” Cox said. “It’s not meant to be punitive in any way.”

However, not all of the comments on social media were positive.

Some say this is too extreme, punishing all students for the actions of a few and ruining the fun of the Friday night lights.

There are general rules for every school in the district as well. Anyone entering a stadium must walk through weapons scanners and go through a screening process.