VCU conducting full emergency alert system test

Virginia Commonwealth University to conduct a full test of its emergency communications and...
Virginia Commonwealth University to conduct a full test of its emergency communications and alerting systems at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 6.(WWBT)
Published: Sep. 5, 2023 at 4:30 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -Virginia Commonwealth University will fully test its emergency communications and alerting systems at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

The test will include a one-minute siren activation, text messages, Alertus boxes, mass email, digital signs, desktop alerts, the LiveSafe app, the VCU Mobile app, the VCU Facebook page and the VCU Alert website information.

At 11:50 a.m., VCU Alert emergency text and email subscribers will receive a message that testing begins at noon and a text before the test starts. VCU Police will send out a third message once testing is over.

The list below has more information about each of VCU’s alerting technologies:

Outdoor sirens: Sirens on the Monroe Park and MCV campuses and at VCU Police headquarters are activated to alert people outside buildings that there is an active threat to their safety. 

Text messages: Messages will notify VCU Alert emergency text subscribers about the type of emergency occurring and the actions you should take immediately. 

Mass email: VCU Alert text message subscribers may also subscribe to receive the same alert messages via email. (Following certain types of emergency events and criminal incidents, those with VCU and VCU Health email addresses will automatically receive a VCU Alert email.)

Alertus boxes: These devices are in classrooms, residence halls and other high-traffic areas throughout campus. They are designed to provide an auditory and visual alert when a threat has occurred or is imminent. Much like text messages, information would scroll on the screen during an emergency.

Social media: Emergency alerting information will be posted to the VCU Facebook page.

Digital signage: Digital emergency displays are throughout campus, especially in high-traffic areas.

Desktop alerts: Most VCU-supported computers (and many “Mac” products) provide full-screen notifications on workstations in offices, laboratories, classrooms and study spaces. These messages would display emergency alerting information.

LiveSafe & VCU Mobile notifications: All VCU LiveSafe and VCU Mobile users would receive a “push” message through the VCU LiveSafe application, including emergency alerting information.