Republicans outraising Democrats ahead of Virginia fall elections

Democrats are behind with about $11 million raised so far.
Published: Jul. 20, 2023 at 3:54 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Republicans in Virginia have generated about $13 million ahead of Election Day. Democrats are behind with about $11 million raised so far.

That information comes from campaign finance disclosures complied by the Virginia Public Access Project.

“I just find it interesting that the GOP, they’ll take money from anywhere, so, of course, they’re doing okay because they take money from everyone from MAGA cronies to organizations that are hell-bent on banning abortion,” said Democratic Leader Don Scott, (D) 80th District.

Scott is working to help Democrats keep control of the state senate and make gains in the House.

He says the money flowing to Republicans comes from outside the state, which he says is to support an extreme conservative agenda over abortion, among other issues.

“The economy in Virginia is doing extremely well. We’re exceeding our forecast. Our job numbers are very strong,” said Gov. Glenn Youngkin, (R) Virginia.

Virginia’s governor focuses on what he says will be a significant factor in voters’ minds: economics.

Youngkin raised a record $5.75 million last quarter through his political action committee. He hopes for a red wave and encourages the base to embrace early voting.

“I fully embraced early voting in my campaign in 2021. It was a cornerstone of our efforts. And I just view it as common sense. There’s 45 days to vote, and we should encourage voters to get out and use all 45 days,” said Youngkin.

The governor wouldn’t say if he would support measures to roll back early voting like Republicans tried to do earlier this year at the statehouse.

Democrats say they need help at the ballot box to stop a GOP total takeover.

“They’re three years behind in early voting, and they’re further behind on values, especially those values that matter to Virginians,” said Del. Scott.

Election Day is Nov. 7, with early voting starting Sept. 22.