Family, friends, volunteers continue to search for Cameron Cole

They gathered in a parking lot on Maury Street as a starting point after they say they were told by police that Cole’s phone was last detected in the area.
Published: May. 7, 2023 at 6:20 PM EDT|Updated: May. 7, 2023 at 7:07 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - On Sunday, the family and friends of 23-year-old Cameron Cole continued to search for their loved one.

They gathered in a parking lot on Maury Street, near Commerce Road, as a starting point after they say they were told by police that Cole’s phone was last detected in between those two roads.

His father, Mike Cole, and step-mother, Billie Cole, say they won’t ever stop searching.

“We’re not giving up, we’re out here looking for him. We’ll never give up we’re going to always look for him and even if we don’t find him now we will always look for him and bring him home somehow, one way or the other,” they said.

A volunteer search group from the Chesapeake area drove to Richmond to be another set of eyes in Sunday’s search.

Everyone met in a parking lot between Maury Street and Commerce Road - where the organizer of the search - Jennifer Ivey - says detectives told her this area was the last place Cole’s phone was detected.

“We are actually going to hit the abandoned buildings, then we’re going to go to the river.”

His significant other, and mother to his child, says she last got a text from him saying ‘I love you’ at 4:40 the afternoon of April 28, while he was working for Doordash.

According to Doordash, he never made his last scheduled delivery. While passing out flyers at the search, a passerby says he saw Cole on the street on Friday but he thought he was a homeless person.

“Let us know something so we can bring our son home hopefully safe and alive.”

Both the family and the volunteer rescue team think officials need to be doing more to find Cameron Cole, who is from Prince George.

“I do believe that the police department needs to contact the FBI so the FBI can come in,” said one of the rescue volunteers, Nancy Strickland.

She suggests FBI pull the GPS from his car and surveillance video from his last known location - a nearby 7-11.

“That all needs to come into play right now,” Strickland said.

Cole has struggled with short term memory loss since having amnesia after hitting his head a few months ago His family believes he may not remember anything.

“He might not know who he is, just offer him a bed and get in touch with the police, that’s all we ask. He has loved ones he has a momma and daddy he has a brother and sisters. He also has a new baby that’s 8 weeks old that won’t know his daddy if he don’t come home,” said his father and step-mother.

Contact police, Crime Solvers, the family or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children if you have any information.