Inflation & local artisans, why some say ‘it doesn’t matter’

Lakeside Farmers' Market
Lakeside Farmers' Market(wwbt)
Published: Apr. 16, 2023 at 5:49 PM EDT
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Henrico, Va. (WWBT) - Spring farmers and artisan markets are back to in action on the weekends all throughout Metro Richmond. In Henrico, the Lakeside Farmers’ Market attracts dozens of locals each weekend, some returning customers and some new.

“Got some good stuff, stuff that I didn’t expect to get, but I’m glad I came by. I got some honey, I got some aroma therapy that’s supposed to be organic and them some plants,” said Keiona Moore, a first time customer.

Prices differ for each small business and inflation is forcing some small businesses to raise their prices. One small business, Parallel Nursery, grows and sells native plants in hopes of creating a healthier environment. That company keeps certain tools and products so inflation is having a small affect on it.

“Soil hasn’t changed so much other than of course the cost of transportation and all of that going up,” said Kaity Bevenour, the owner of Parallel Nursery.

Another local artisan, Krystal Barnes, said she’s aware prices of her ingredients have risen but she does what she can to make it fair for her customers.

“It does cost a good bit to make each back but I would rather give the consumer a really good price,” said Krystal Barnes, owner of Pawfect Sweets.

She said she does her best to ignore the rising prices because the smile on the customer, and dog’s, face makes it all worth the extra money.

Keiona Moore said she feels good supporting local artisans and will continue to shop from them.

“It feels good because you get to communicate with them, you know they’re invested in their product and it’s nice, they’re everyday people like you are so it’s like if i were to start a business I know they would support me,” said Moore.