News to know for Wednesday, March 1.

Police have not released the name of the towing company at this time.
Police have not released the name of the towing company at this time.(PPB)
Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 7:32 AM EST
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Here’s a look at your top stories for Wednesday, March 1.

Richmond Police Warn About Possible Towing Fraud

Potential victims have been sent a letter alerting them to the possible fraud with instructions for contacting the Richmond Police department.

Richmond police say a towing company has been overcharging residents and towing cars from private lots all over the metro Richmond region.

After officers obtained a search warrant for the company and the business, officers have been attempting to contact possible victims.

Letters have gone out to roughly 500 people who may have been impacted by the potential fraud.

Police say, a driver should never be charged more than $135 for an initial tow and no more than $40 when the car has been hooked up but not yet towed away.

Trial For Tynashia Humphrey Murder

Today, two of the five men who were charged in the murder of Tynashia Humphrey will stand trial.

Six months ago, police say Tynashia was gunned down after being caught in the crossfire while walking to a neighborhood corner store in Richmond.

Ramil Coley Pettiford, Rashard Jackson and three other men were charged with Tynashia’s murder.

Pettiford and Jackson will stand trial today while the other three men Mitchel Hudson, Savonne Henderson and Tyree Coley will face the judge at a later time.

Hudson will be due back in court on Monday for a hearing while Henderson and Coley are set to go to trial on June 14.

City Council Considers Program To Give Residents Ring Doorbell Cameras

As crime continues to spike in Hopewell, city leaders discussed a program to provide Ring doorbell cameras to residents.

In an effort to reduce crime in Hopewell city leaders are considering a program to increase surveillance around the city.

Hopewell’s city manager presented research on creating a ring camera program with city residents.

Though the plan may come with limitations including homes without wi-fi, Hopewell’s city manager suggests leaders create a criteria for residents to be a part of the program including a signed agreement with citizens enrolled to allow police to access the footage when needed.

To go through with the program, the city says it could spend more than $3000 for 30 cameras or more than $22,000 for 200 cameras including a service fee to store the footage which can range from $300 to nearly $10,000 based on camera usage.

Richmond Police Department Down 153 Officers

Acting Chief of Police Rick Edwards announced Tuesday during a city council public safety meeting that the Richmond Police Department is down 153 officers.

He says because they have prioritized staffing the major crimes unit other sectors of the department are feeling the impact.

After more than 20 fatal car crashes last year, R-P-D is attempting to increase its traffic unit to train more officers on radar.

Currently, only 17% of Richmond police officers are radar certified.

Mostly Sunny & Warm after patchy morning fog

The morning will start with patchy fog, then mostly sunny with highs in the mid-60s.