Food banks expect to see more people in need amid pandemic SNAP benefits ending

Published: Feb. 19, 2023 at 7:12 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - People who rely on SNAP benefits will now see $95 less each month. The extra money that was helping nearly half a million families many families came from a federal pandemic relief package that passed back in 2020.

Those extra funds were not included in the most recent spending plan approved by Congress.

The last of those extra $95 payments went out on Thursday. Local foodbanks are now expecting to see more people in need of their services.

“Our understanding the benefits ended in February so beginning of March is when it kicks off that people will see the reduction in their services. We are planning for an influx,” said Nicholas Jenkins with Chesterfield Food Bank.

Over the past several months, food banks have already seen an increase in need from the community. Many say high inflation and COVID impacts are to blame.

“We’ve seen people who have come in here for years and needed this kind of help and it’s been something that helps sustain them meet the needs in their household and then we’ve seen people who are only recently started to starve and they’re here and they never thought they would be here,” Jenkins said.

As local organizations try to meet the demand of more people needing food, they’re also struggling and relying heavily on community support to help provide for those who need it.

”It’s really tough because this is also a time where you don’t have as many donations coming in, so the cost of us to purchase food has just skyrocketed and I know from week to week what the prices are because I’m at the grocery store so much,” explained Sudeshna Das-Menezes with Henrico Community Food Bank.

If you’re in need of food services or want to donate, head over to the websites for the Henrico Community Food Bank and Chesterfield Food Bank.