New details emerge in rape case against Richmond officer

According to the transcript, prosecutors say the officers told the woman to get into the back of his police vehicle, and after some time told the victim he was
Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 4:59 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A 16-page transcript details how prosecutors believe an off-duty Richmond police officer raped a woman.

“The allegation is that the accused took advantage of her state of intoxication. The allegation is that she was so intoxicated she was incapable of communicating her unwillingness to participate in the sex act,” said Steven Benjamin, NBC12 legal analyst.

During a November bond hearing, Richmond prosecutors say the victim left the Tobacco Company Restaurant and encountered Jean Assad, who was running off-duty security at the business.

“The officer administers a field breath test, which indicates she had a breath alcohol content of .23, which is very intoxicated. She was drunk,” said Benjamin.

Then, according to the transcript, prosecutors say Assad told the woman to get into the back of his police vehicle, and after some time told the victim he was taking her home.

Once at her house, prosecutors say the officer used the bathroom and left, only to return.

“He went back out to his police car, took off his police equipment belt and then retrieved a condom from a police medic kit, which is perfectly, it’s inexplicable why there would be a condom in a police medic kit,” said Benjamin.

That’s when prosecutors say the alleged rape happened, followed by the officer sending a text to himself from the victim’s phone.

“His phone apparently shows a text from her phone with her number and I think a heart emoji. The prosecutor says the accused took possession of her phone at some point and sent that text to himself,” said Benjamin. “It represents, if true, a complete betrayal of trust.”

Assad’s attorney, Richmond police and the commonwealth’s attorney all declined a request for an interview.

Assad will go to trial for his two felony charges on March 16.