Community fridge forced to move because of complaints

Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 7:01 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -A community refrigerator meant to offer food to those in need, is causing controversy.

RVA Community Fridges says they have until Jan. 1 to move their fridge in front of Black Rabbit Tattoo. This comes after complaints were made to the shop’s property manager, saying it’s drawing in a homeless population and making some people uncomfortable.

Black Rabbit Tattoo and RVA Community fridges believe it’s only one business complaining, Belmont Butchery. That’s because of previous conversations with the shop’s owner and because they haven’t heard any other concerns from neighboring businesses.

In a statement to NBC12, Belmont Butchery says most of those using the Community Fridge haven’t caused any problems. But they say a few have, and that’s put the safety of their staff and their ability to do business at risk.

“She’s right to feel her way. I personally do wonder if the issues are specifically correlated to the fridge. It does seem from finding out from community members that things just might have been going on prior to us being here,” RVA Community Fridges head Taylor Scott said.

Black Rabbit is frustrated and said they decided to partner with RVA Community Fridges in the first place because they noticed people started rummaging through their trash for food.

“We’re the trash of a tattoo shop. It’s super unsafe and unsanitary. I was really concerned about that,” Black Rabbit Tattoo shop co-owner Tannis Almond said.

RVA Community Fridges says they don’t have a spot to move the fridge to currently, but they’re hoping to keep it near Belmont Avenue so they can continue serving the homeless and the hungry.

“We definitely have seen a strong need to keep the fridge here, and knowing that the community has found out that it might be moved, more people have expressed that they use the fridge and love that it is here,” Scott said.

They’re currently taking suggestions from the community for where they should move their fridge. If you have a place in mind, you can email them at