Nonprofit expanding support in eastern Henrico to families in need

Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 5:50 PM EST
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HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Neighborhood Resource Center is gearing up to expand its reach beyond the River City.

“We’re seeing such a huge impact of the economy on residents here in Greater Fulton. Unfortunately, many of them are being displaced from the city because of the price of housing,” Neighborhood Resource Center Executive Director Breanne Armbrust said.

The nonprofit will now also serve families in eastern Henrico.

“Into Sandston, Montrose, the Varina area, Seven Pines,” she said.

NRC provides educational, nutrition, housing and financial support to underserved families.

Armbrust says many people are struggling to stay afloat.

“Without the protections that existed in the early parts of the pandemic, for renting, evictions and all of those things, people are really feeling that crunch right now, financially, more than ever.”

Armbrust says NRC currently supports around 250 families and about 90 individuals through their financial opportunity program.

“We’ve had a few residents that really were in such a crisis, that they were close to losing housing, we’ve been able to through barrier removal funds, which help with addressing credit issues, to stop evictions, foreclosures and to be able to stop the loss of cars.”

She says they’ve helped many people get back on track. Families buried in credit card debt are seeing their credit scores improve to an average of 184 points.

Armbrust says this upcoming expansion will help them assist around 400 residents in the region.

“Families are really tired, and with the cost of food and everything that’s been on the rise, it’s just too much for people to have to figure out.”

Families who need help more than ever.

“With a few more staff and volunteers, we will have the ability to support up to 400 coaching participants each month if we can generate the funding or donations to help support us,” said Armbrust.“We are expanding our work into neighborhoods along the Rt. 60/Williamsburg Rd. corridor over the next year, reaching Seven Pines by fall 2023. We hope our resources will have a life-changing impact for our neighbors in east Henrico,” she said.

For more information on their services or how you can help, you can click here.